Felix Harvey
Felix Harvey

Player: OutOfSync

Position: Field Medic/General Surgeon

Demeanor: Bright, and a smidgen theatrical. Felix keeps a level temper and has an air of confidence in his interactions. Felix keeps a cane with him at all times. He can be found twirling and tossing the tawdy thing. He's quite animated and is known to add alliteration and a dash of rhyme to his speech.

Nature: A genuinely kind and sympathetic man, Felix is a man willing to look at the sunny side of life. As he is now, Felix wants to see the anomalous world and learn just what's been hiding behind the veil all his life. He is self-serving to an extent as his loyalties aren't quite solidified. He's in no way a traitor waiting to happen, he's just new to the anomalous world. He's new to the Foundation.

He's prone to manic glee but is far from a ditsy and daft toddler. While it seems his father's upbringing had the most effect on him he is still able to be serious and quick-witted.

Description: Felix is the picture of refined, that is if refined had been dragged through a carnival and dyed to match the colors of the carnies. Standing at a solid 5'8, Felix has a lean build and olive skin. His hair is an untamed mess of dirty blond hair that frames his sharp features.

Harvey tends towards purple and pink as his main colors, partnered with black and white formal attire. A top hat, gloves, purple-tinted glasses, a walking cane, these are all staples of Felix's wardrobe!


  • Physical Health: 13
  • Mental Health: 13
  • Strength: 1
    • Athletics
    • Melee
    • Ranged (heavy)
  • Toughness: 3
    • Resilience
    • Determination
    • Antipsychic
  • Speed: 0
    • Acrobatics
    • Stealth
    • Ranged
  • Charm: 0
    • Persuasion
    • Bluff
    • Intimidation
  • Intelligence: 1
    • Perception
    • Insight
    • Logic
  • Education: 3
    • Science
    • Engineering
    • History
    • Survival
    • Medicine
  • Interworkings: 3. All of the time spent designing and conceptualizing anomalies with his father has given Felix a peculiar insight into anomalous phenomena and the way they work. Man-made machinations and their magic are within his reach. +3 to analyzing and understanding how man-made anomalous machinations function.
  • Beyond the Veil: 3. Felix is never one to go in blind unless there is no option. As such, he has dedicated himself to researching the various organizations behind the veil. +2 to History rolls regarding; Foundation, GOC, MC&D, and Dr. Wondertainment. +1 to all others
  • Conservation: 2. You cannot waste supplies when you're out in the field. You need it for more serious injuries, so save stock! Felix can cut two of his six healing die in half. This gives him 4 d2's and 4 d4's. They cannot be used in conjunction, so 2 d2's cannot be used together to get a guaranteed +2 or more.


Standard Gear:

  • Colt CAR-15 (Normal)
  • Flashlight
  • Radio
  • Utility knife (Light)
    • Kept separate from his Combat Knife. Can still be used for combat.
  • Medics kit
  • Combat Knife (Light)
  • Camera
  • Notepad and pen

Gear for covert or missions requiring subtlety:

  • M1911 (Light)
  • Walking Cane (Normal)
  • Radio
  • Flashlight
  • Folding Knife (Light)
  • Medics Kit
    • Kept stowed in a messengers bag
  • Camera
  • Journal and pen


  • Framed photos
    • Family photos
    • Group photos with friends
  • Ringleader outfit
  • Potted plants
    • Forget-me-nots
    • Aloe Vera
  • Letter from Terrence/Taffy
  • Gardening tools
  • Paints
    • Acrylic and Face Paints
  • Makeup
  • Ideas Journal

Personal History:

A product of a mothers refinement and a fathers mania; Felix Harvey was born in the early morning of February 17th, 1949. The family resided in Manchester, England. The odd tug-of-war that was his upbringing was nothing more than a clash of different parenting styles; his father cared more for creativity and fun while his mother decided that manners and knowledge were important at the tender age of six. Life was unremarkable.

These starkly different styles of parenting did not damage him as one might assume. Hand-in-hand, they helped to raise a man confident in his academic ability while still able to relax and enjoy the hand that life had dealt to him.

In his later life, Felix chose to pursue a medical degree.

It was during his time at University when his mother and father split for reasons unknown to him at the time. They all kept contact, remaining on good terms despite the mothers choice to remarry immediately after.

With his mother focused on her new family, Felix began spending his time solely with his father. The two would brainstorm and plan out toys and trinkets, not mundane by any means. Felix saw this all as a joke, or perhaps the process of planning out items for a story of sorts. He never took it seriously. How was he to know that his father was building these in the late hours of the day?

At the conclusion of his time in University, Felix bid farewell to his classmates and planned a move to the States. His father protested, insisting that it was best Felix stay for a short while. Felix saw no harm in this. He was amiable to begin his medical career in England while staying near his father. The two continued planning out trinkets and toys; Felix grew wary of this as the days went on. He loved his father and did enjoy their time together; but, this madness began to concern him. What began as a joke in his mind turned to concern that his father may be losing his.

Yet… Felix could never deny that somewhere within him, a “what if?” existed.

His father, Terrence, was never mad. The man always held himself with a degree of certainty. If you left out the long hours plotting and designing the mad ideas that were plastered along his workspace, you’d never guess that glimmer in his eyes was dead set on such a manic endeavor. He was a kind soul. He was Felix’s father. Mad malice did not exist in him. He had never hurt Felix. He never hurt his wife. There were no fights between the family.

Felix would search in his own mind for a thread of mania that could confirm his fathers. He jumped through the offices of various doctors and psychiatrists to confirm his own hypothesis.

They all sang the same song; “you are sane.”

In 1982, Felix finally confronted his father on the matter. “Why spend your time plotting out ideas that will never be? Why create products of fantasy that will never see the light of day? Surely, something must be going on. You’ve no job I’ve seen aside from these designs. How do you live? What am I missing?”

When the forget-me-nots began to sing, he realized that his moment of “What if?” was correct.

Like a child waking the morning of Christmas, Felix shone with a childlike wonder that had long since been lost to time. Part of it was the realization that the world hid magic in its wake.

Most of it was the realization that he had a hand in such fantasy. The singing forget-me-nots had been the first idea he’d ever shared with his father. A simple idea. A notion brought forth by a small child used to his fathers singing as they tended to a small childhood garden together.

Now, he knew. The veil had been ripped away, and Felix knew. The name “Dr. Wondertainment” was finally uttered to him. The reason for Terrence’s nickname, Taffy, was revealed as well.

Felix wasn’t magic or anomalous in any way. Whether or not his father was, that was another story. To Felix, this was unimportant.

Wanting his son to follow in his footsteps, Taffy gave him a ringmasters outfit dyed in the colors of the carnival and a letter. One would believe the letter to be one of recommendation. A paper to urge Felix on to follow his father's footsteps and join him in whatever candy-colored world Taffy dabbled in. No.

His father, not as Taffy, but as Terrence, instructed his son to seek out his mother and tell her that he knew who Terrence was. He wanted Felix to follow in his footsteps, but he knew it was unfair to show a man a single path and lead him down it blindly. If all Felix knew was the candy chaos his father showed him, of course, he would follow. He would know no other way.

It was unfair to Felix.

At his father's behest, Felix sought out his mother, Anita.

He did not reveal the letter or outfit to her, simply detailing the moment he discovered that his father's manic toilings were more than a product of some insanity. She felt it best they send him to the GOC, wrongfully afraid that Terrence would try to drag him along into the manic madness that was his career. Felix's step-father recommended that he join the Foundation, instead. He believed the distance provided would be far better in terms of keeping Felix and Terrence separate.

With his outstanding skills in the medical field, his step-father's recommendation, and skills in self-defense he’d learned earlier in life at Anita’s behest, Felix joined the Foundation. He found a position on Delta-4, working as a medic for those beaten by the more malevolent forces behind the veil.

He arrived at Site-15 in mid-March, 1984, with a glimmer in his eyes and an open mind.


Fast Facts!!
  • Felix likes acting, but is notoriously terrible at it.
  • Is no longer in contact with his mother or step-father.
  • Felix is an only child.
  • Felix wears reading glasses, but not often.
  • Was taught Bartitsu by his mother, who learned it from her father as a youth.
    • This is why Felix carries a cane.
  • Felix is bisexual, and very open about it.

  • English
  • French

Other Info:
  • Felix has a bullet lodged in his back from an M60 Barrage. He must not stand up too fast, or contort himself oddly. (From hitting deathclock in VeiedRun). This mission left him riddled with scars from the numberous bullets.

Art of the Wonder Lad!

!! Profile by the Evertalented War_ !!
!! Felix's Wondersona !!
!! Felix (Left) and Rodney (Right) !!
!! Headshot of the Wonder Lad by Myself !!
!! Everyday Wonder Lad !!


  • The Clean Gun: Kills 99.9999999999% of germs! A small pistol-sized tool that looks kind of like a phaser, was cooked up by the biomedical branch and a guy from cognitohazards to use ultraviolet and sonic pulses to disrupt viral and bacterial growth and clean and sterilize surfaces. Can be shone on an open wound to help sterilize it. Will likely slow the spread of anomalous diseases, but may not protect against them entirely. Science or Medical to use.



Missions | Equip Points: 5

Run Name Points Given/Loot Gained Date
It Is Time 2 EP 30 March, 2019
Nothing Left to Chance 1 EP 12 April, 2019
Choose Wisely 2 EP 14, June 2019
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