Favour Clement

Basic Info for Favour Clement:

Player: Dexadick

Position: Linguist and translator.

Demeanor: Quiet. Upright and elegant. Attentive.

Nature: Favour is an observant individual with an eye for detail and surprising patience.

Description: Favour is in her late 20s to early 30s, partial to bold coloured dresses and flower prints. Her black hair is always pinned in a tight bun and she wears round glasses.


  • Physical Health: 7
  • Mental Health: 7
Basic Skills
  • Physical Defense: 1
  • Mental Defense: 3
  • Perception: 4
  • Agility: 2
  • Strength: 1
  • Persuasion: 2
  • Intimidation: 2
  • Bluff: 3
Pseudo-Specialty Skills
  • Melee: 0
  • Ranged: 2
  • Survival: 1
  • Sneak: 5
  • Academics: 5
  • Science: 2
  • Engineering: 1
  • Medical: 2
Specialty Skills:
  • Language 1 (Euro): 5. Mastery of French, Italian, Spanish. High knowledge of German, Icelandic, Norwegian, and Greek. The Romance languages are rather similar and were among the first that Favour learned; she’s since tried to learn some of everything.
  • Language 2 (International): 3. Knowledge of Russian and Arabic and Mandarin. Basic knowledge of Korean. She is less knowledgeable with these non-Romance languages, but is still reasonably fluent in writing.
  • Codebreaking: 3. Specifically, written code and ciphers. A recently studied skill.


List everything your character carries on their person here. Be reasonable.

  • Bookbag containing several high quality lined notebooks, pens, pencils.
  • Case of white chalk with paper-sized chalkboard.
  • Notebook of basic phrases.
  • Matches and cigarettes.
  • Pocket knife and whistle.

And everything that they keep in their room at Site 19. Anything that's not listed here or in the section above will be difficult for the character to retrieve.

  • 62 novels, with at least a few written in each language she speaks.
  • Between 1 and 3 texts and dictionaries of language for each she speaks. Total of 32 dictionaries.
  • Painting of a lighthouse.

Personal History:

Favour is the oldest child of a university professor, as well as the only daughter. When she was a very young child - before she learned to speak - she had a terrible sickness which severely damaged her vocal chords, leaving her more or less mute.

From a young age she felt rather isolated due to her muteness. She was taught sign language early on, as was her family, which helped somewhat.

When Favour was nine she met a colleague of her father’s, a pair of French professors of some kind of social science. One could not speak English, and the other one attempted to interpret but had an accent that was very difficult to understand. At times he needed to write down what he meant- just like she did.

Favour realized then that it was possible for her to communicate with anybody, if she tried hard enough to learn how. So she focused her studies on language, spending her teen and young adult years learning a wide range of languages with the assistance of her father’s colleagues.

And now she’s a world-class interpreter.


Favour is mute and cannot speak verbally outside of painful rasping. This has been the case through her whole life. She carries a large printed notebook of simple phrases for easy communication as well as a chalkboard and notebooks.

She is completely fluent in English and sign language, as well as those other languages described above.


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