Ezriel Transel

Player: Klurg

Position: Fire Specialist

Demeanor: Ezriel has a quiet yet friendly exterior even with the burn scars. He prefers nonverbal communication, and when he does talk, he's surprisingly soft spoken for his size. Ezriel's tone of voice can seem off in certain scenarios, and he has a seemingly detached attitude towards most tragedies or other bad events, though he does try his best to fake sympathy to support those that were involved in it.

Nature: While Ezriel does enjoy people's company and is genuinely friendly with them, he has troubles making real connections with them. He tends to be indifferent towards most events, be it tragic or celebratory, though he tries his best to be supportive for those that experienced them. Mostly he'd rather spend time out by a campfire and relax.

Description: Ezriel is exactly 6'00 and a very muscly man. He's got some burn scars due to the nature of his previous and current job. His eyes are a rusty brown, borderline red, and they seem like they're piercing into what they're looking at. He's got a tanned skin tone and short brown hair.


Characters have 15 points to spend. It costs one point to buy a rank in a stat, or to be trained in a skill. Trained skills are indicated with bold.

  • Physical Health: 16
  • Mental Health: 16
  • Strength: 2
    • Athletics
    • Melee
    • Ranged (heavy)
  • Toughness: 3
    • Resilience
    • Determination
    • Antipsychic
  • Speed: 1
    • Acrobatics
    • Stealth
    • Ranged
  • Charm:
    • Persuasion
    • Bluff
    • Intimidation
  • Intelligence:
    • Perception
    • Insight
    • Logic
  • Education:
    • Science
    • Engineering
    • History
    • Survival
    • Medicine

You have eight points to distribute among as many or as few specialty skills as you see fit (but at least three is almost always warranted). Remember to explain what each specialty entails.

  • Everything Burns: 2. From many years of hunting fire fearing anomalies, Ezriel's learned to hit as many targets as he can. Upon activation of spec Ezriel can target up to three enemies with his flamethrower with a -1 penalty to the attack roll. This attack cannot be blocked with resilience unless one is wearing appropriate anti flame gear. Those that get hit take d2 damage and are on fire for a turn. While on fire they take one damage for that turn and take a -1 to attack and speed rolls. Being hit again by fire increases the counter by 1 turn. The targets must be within 10 meters
  • I don't burn, but you do: 2. Ezriel's suit is specially crafted to protect him from heat and fumes, be it his one or another's. While wearing his flame retardant suit and mask, Ezriel is immune to fire or effects caused by inhalation of gasses.
  • Tight Spaces, Familiar Places: 1. Ezriel fights best in small enclosed areas, as that's usually where the stuff he's guarding is located. Ezriel gains a +1 bonus to attack rolls when in locations such as small rooms, hallways, alleyways, clustered up buildings, etc. Mostly up to DM fiat to decide if the area is small enough.
  • Flamethrower: 3. Ezriel's flamethrower is a specially created heavy weapon with a range of 30 meters. Rather than deal regular heavy weapon damage it deals 2d4 points of damage and d2 rounds of burning. During this burning the enemy takes a -1 penalty on attack and speed rolls. Being hit by fire again increases the counter by one turn. This attack cannot be blocked by resilience unless an enemy is wearing proper anti fire gear or similar.


  • Shotgun (medium)
  • Fireaxe (medium)
  • Canteen
  • Food container
  • Burn treatment kit
  • 9 mm pistol (light)
  • Pocket knife (light)
  • Swiss army knife
  • Lighter


  • Specially crafted asbestos suit with gas mask and fuel tank
  • Specially made flamethrower (only for pure combat missions) (heavy)
  • Fire extinguishers and fuel for them

Personal History:

Ezriel was doomed to work in the anomalous world from his birth in 1955. Both his parents were former MC&D agents. They had defected and left after realizing they didn't want this lifestyle for them and their kid. Unfortunately this section of MC&D didn't take too well to that. They managed to stay hidden for years, before they were finally discovered and slaughtered by a hit team. They found bany Ezriel crying in his crib. Rather than kill him, they decided to take him and train him as one of their own in the hopes that he was just as good as his parents. They fed Ezriel the lie that his parents were killed by a rival organization and MC&D took him in because hey care about their employees. He beleived it, and during training, did in fact show promise as a skilled combatant under strict tutelage, especially with heavy weapons.
Eventually Ezriel was assigned to a squad specializing in heat based weaponry, mostly for dealing with merchandise that was weak to heat and intimidating potential troublemakers. Over time, Ezriel would occasionally overhear conversations about a pair of elite employees who decided to go rogue 24 years ago. He began to ignore it as idle boring chatter, until one day he heard something said about them having a kid, and the conversation mentioned the poor kid being forced into working for them. Uneducated or not, Ezriel could put the pieces together when they'd been handed to him so easily, especially considering that's how old he was.
At that point, Ezriel decided it was tome to leave, though he'd have to bide his time, most likely at another auction. A couple of months later, he was guarding an auction that intel discovered was about to be attacked by foundation agents. All guards were ordered to act as they normally did while they set up Ambushes around the building. Once Foundation agents arrived, Ezriel decided then was a good time to strike. He opened fire (quite literally) at MC&D agents in hiding, before turning on his fellow guards. Confusion ensued as both sides sustained heavy casualties and injuries. In the end, it was just a heavily injured Ezriel and a few foundation agents remaining. Ezriel surrendered so he wasn't killed on the spot.
The foundation secured the area and took Ezriel into custody. They questioned him and he explained his motives and what happened. He also decided to tell them the little MC&D secrets that he knew (minor passcodes to rooms like guard barracks of buildings he'd guarded, habits of certain targets, etc.) in exchange for the chance to let him work for the foundation rather than be amnesticized and thrown into the streets. They accepted him under the condition that Ezriel would be monitored very closely. The terms were set, and after years of conditioning and making sure they could trust Ezriel, they assigned him to a task force.


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