Ezekiel Novynette

Player: Varren_Erelim

Position: Anomalously Lucky Field Agent

Demeanor: A cocky, fun loving individual with a penchant for mischief when he can get away with it. He will approach most situations with the idea that they are something he can handle in stride but will often back off as soon as he sees proof that it may be more than he can handle. Rare moments of him getting lost in thought or being fairly introspective, mostly when he has nothing to keep his attention.

Nature: Ezekiel learned to be the way he is by the people he grew up around. He is confident in himself and what he can do, but that is only with the here and now. When it comes to his future, he is much more cautious with how he deals with it. He is a rather protective person, trying to keep those he knows out of danger. He finds it difficult to avoid danger himself because a more lax care of his own wellbeing. This is because his innate and very potent luck has left him without a fight or flight response so he tends to not care if there is danger.

Ezekiel is a Caucasian male standing at about five feet eleven inches and weighing around two-hundred pounds. He has a slightly more tan complexion and an average muscle build that is geared more towards athletic than muscular. His eyes are green with small flecks of blue mixed in. Hair of a dark brown color with a slight wave that hangs at around chin length and has a naturally messy look

Ezekiel has three tattoos on his body; two deer on his outer left thigh with one being large enough to be considered a stag and the other being more thin but also male. A raven with wings spread wide with a symbol on it that represents birth or creation on the right forearm. The last one being seven tally marks on the right side of his neck. A few scars are on his body as well including three bullet holes closely grouped together on his back near the center and numerous other small ones that are consistent with average scars gained through combat related task force work.

Ezekiel’s usual outfit seems to be made more to last longer than look good. Black cargo pants that fit more snuggly and old black combat boots. Black muscle shirt under a dark gray t-shirt. On top of all of this is a forest green jacket that seems to have been tailored to fit and is well worn, heavily showing at the lower edges with numerous internal pockets and loops for holding items.


  • Physical Health: 13
  • Mental Health: 13
  • Strength:
    • Athletics
    • Melee
    • Ranged (heavy)
  • Toughness:
    • Resilience
    • Determination
    • Antipsychic
  • Speed:3
    • Acrobatics
    • Stealth
    • Ranged
  • Charm:1
    • Persuasion
    • Bluff
    • Intimidation
  • Intelligence:
    • Perception
    • Insight
    • Logic
  • Education:
    • Science
    • Engineering
    • History
    • Survival
    • Medicine
  • Fortune's Fool: 4. Ezekiel is a weirdly lucky person due to unknown events. It tends to take hold a good amount of the time enough that it is considered anomalous and he claims he has no real control over it. Ezekiel can directly affect roll results using this spec. After a result is shown, Ezekiel can bend his own luck around for better results with his abilities.
  • Lady Luck’s Kiss: 3. Ezekiel’s luck mostly rears its head to keep him out of danger or harm. When defending or rolling something that could result in harm, this spec activates when the result comes up with three or more negative results. A D3 is rolled, and the result chooses the effects.
Result Effect
3 Previous roll is canceled and may be rerolled, new result must be used, even if it is worse
2 one negative drops off and is replaced with a neutral result
1 No change
  • Spec cannot be used if Ezekiel is at 2 or less MHP.
  • No One Puts Ezekiel In A Corner: 1. Ezekiel is not a fan of being trapped or held down. +1 to athletics rolls to escape a grasp or trap if applicable.
  • The Pain of luck Ezekiel's luck can cause him debilitating headaches and migraines. He experiences them more when he is doing nothing so they pop up more in down time than anything. He doesn't have any real concision control over his abilities so he has no way to prevent these migraines.
  • Fight or flight? Ezekiel has become immune to his own fight or flight instinct and because of this he tends to disregard the danger of a situation as if expecting his luck to save him from any fuck ups at all. This doesn't mean he won't back off because of clear and present danger, he just won't often let the danger itself make his choice and that can put both him and his team at risk. This also leaves him prone to breaking off from the team because of his confidence that he doesn't need someone watching his back.
  • Time Withdrawal Ezekiel's extended time jumping in and out of times as well as his time spent in Ivory City has left him in a precarious state with time. Staying in one place too long can bring out random bouts of withdrawal like symptoms and illness do to the body not shifting through time like it is used to.


  • Tactical Balistic Armor
  • Fortune: Ezekiel's personal handgun [improved:2d2+1)
    • magazines/ammo
  • Strange wristwatch
  • rope
  • rations
  • handcuffs
  • combat knife
  • flashlight
  • lighter
  • radio


  • A well-worn picture of himself as a child sitting between his mother and godfather.
  • An empty glass jar with a single label reading NightStand on it.
  • A partially melted knife with a broken blade in a box.
  • A very well-worn long white coat in poor condition folded carefully on a shelf.
  • A handful of pretty looking smooth stones.
  • A fancy looking knight sword in the sheath of Excalibur. (Hallelujah)
  • Three piece charcoal suit and tie (Dance Macabre)
  • blood stained Indonesian prayer beads. (MTF Theta-57 "Muffin Makers")

Personal History:

Ezekiel’s past, at least to normal agents, is unknown and censored with black ink for the most part.

The truth of it is that he was born an only child to two Foundation agents. The father died while Ezekiel was young and he was raised by his mother and godfather. He grew older with the Foundation his entire life, his mother not avoiding the eventuality of his wanting to join. He joined a foundation training program the moment he was old enough.

Ezekiel’s training and education lead to him working as low level security at Site-26 for a few years until he graduated from a leadership program and was assigned to a taskforce with the aim to gain experience. An exemplary record lead to him being promoted and moved to another taskforce as a squad leader. During a later mission, events had Ezekiel declared as KIA when a strange device activated while he was close and a ripple effect visibly ripped him apart. The body was never found and any tracking technology failed to respond, leading to the KIA declaration.

In reality Ezekiel was transported dimensionally and ended up being dumped into a place outside of space and time called Ivory City. The place was a location anchored outside of time and space and was populated by all sorts of fugitives, humans, and the anomalous alike. A lawless sanctuary for those who couldn’t be in society or just didn’t want to. Ezekiel adjusted to life in Ivory City well enough with his past exposure to the anomalous side of the world. Over time his morals began to slowly slide into a more gray area and his attitude about danger changed as well. One encounter with an anomalous object changed him even more.

In a place no one dared to go due to the danger of it Ezekiel chose to brave it’s trials for fame. Something happened within that left him struck with a sort of unnaturally common luck that saved him from harm. He would also get migraines at seemingly random times, and his sense of danger had gone away. He had no fight or flight instinct anymore and would often disregard any danger to himself or others, relying on his luck to save him if it was needed. This lack of fear for danger landed him in a situation where he became lost in time, trying to get back to Ivory City. One day Ezekiel was spat out by a Ripple in time and dumped into the offices of a foundation site, falling out of thin air. He was taken into custody under suspected anomalous involvement with a GOI.

He readily offered his story and his past history with the Foundation in order to not be locked up forever, offering information to prove his story and offering his help moving forward for employment instead of containment. During his time as a new agent he was classed as a low-level probability bender with little effect on things around him because of the random and often strokes of luck that kept him out of harm’s way. After a review of his situation, it was approved be transferred to Site-15 as an anomalous agent.


  • Languages known: English, a language used in Ivory City that is very similar to Hebrew.
  • Wristwatch: Ezekiel's watch is simply a black square on a wristband. It doesn't do much outside of beeping loudly if he approaches someone who shares family genes with him and warns if he is near a copy of himself to prevent paradoxes.


Tactical Balistic Armor : -2 damage when health is above 10
Fortune: Ezekiel's personal handgun. Rolls 2d2+1/ +1 to rng


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Equipment Points


Runs Completed

Run Name GM EP points Date
A Brother's Love Sax .5 10/9/18
Hallelujah Veiedhimaedhr 1.75 11/3/18
Blackout Kaeru 2 11/25/18
Dance Macabre DSJ 2 12/21/18
The Black Pig ArseneLupin 1 01/18/19
Respite Kaeru 1 01/25/19
Something Familiar Kaeru 1 2/2/19
Seasonal Shift Kaeru 1.5 2/8/19
MTF Theta-57 "Muffin Makers" Veiedhimaedhr 1.5 2/16/19
An American Mummy in Mexico DSJ 2 2/18/19
Now You See Me Kaeru 1.5 3/10/19
Strand baby Me DSJ 3 3/16/19
Bittersweet Kaeru 2 3/22/19
Operation Precognition Kaeru 1 4/7/19
Brotherly Soulless 1.25 4/28/19
choose wisely Kaeru 2 6/14/19
OPERATION 04: WHITE COLLAR Aphex_ 1 7/6/19
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