Eve 'Forty-Four' Irestead

Eve ‘Anna’ Irestead / Forty Four

Basic Info:

Player: Knyght

Position: Anomalous Tracker, Huntress

Demeanor: From sight alone, Eve is rather scary. From her looks to her strange movements. If you never talked to her you’d assume she’s just some odd almost human being the foundation employs. Those that talk to her know she’s very kind, polite, understanding. While very mentally damaged and suffering from the remnants of abuse, she never seems malicious or dangerous.

Eve does not hide herself. She seems very kind, polite and understanding because she is. She’s a genuinely good person at heart. She wants the best for her and her team. While she can be violent when necessary, she opts to try and be a sweetheart when she can.

She does have some deep seated abuse issues and mental damage from her time brainwashed by her own foundation, and exhibits these traits fairly often. She fears being struck, dislikes sharp noises both due to her anomaly and these issues stated here. Dislikes yelling, flinches often and is distressed easily by abrupt changes in her schedule or the current plan.


Eve is a 6’10 tall woman of a different dimension, where humans are still called humans, but they appear differently in terms of height and facial design, but their body and general anatomy for medical reasons is entirely the same.

She has a slightly wider jaw with more pointed teeth. While unusual it is not entirely noticeable unless she tries to speak. The ends of her fingers have small nubs that will grow out into longer claws when kept uncut for a certain amount of time, provided they are cut down regularly akin to fingernails, they won’t be very noticeable and can be hidden easily with gloves.

She has a slender body type. She has long, light gray hair. Eve has no eyes, and wears a blindfold or other covering over where they would be in her skull. She wears normal clothes, either office clothing, a dress or something else appropriate for the situation.


  • Physical Health: 7
  • Mental Health: 7
  • Physical Defense: 5
  • Mental Defense: 3
  • Perception: 5 (Blind, fails sight based perception rolls automatically)
  • Agility: 4
  • Strength: 6
  • Intimidation: 4
  • Persuasion: 4
  • Bluff: 2
  • Melee: 6 (3 + 3 STR)
  • Ranged: 0 (Permanent, cannot be changed)
  • Anomaly: I Have No Eyes, But I Still See.

Eve has no eyes, but her incredible predatory senses have adapted to an abnormal level, surpassing even the most trained hounds, or trackers. Despite not having vision, she can smell, and she can hear. Far better than anyone else on her team can.

Eve gains +3 to perception/survival on tracking or detecting living creatures, provided they can be heard or smelled.
Eve gains +3 perception when defending against sneak rolls.
Eve is spatially aware of all creatures with a breath or heartbeat within 5 meters, it is impossible to whisper within 5 meters of her without it being heard.
Eve can click her tongue against her teeth to cause minor echo location, giving her a general idea of what is directly around her (Within 5 meters), allowing her to not be stumbling around into things.

  • Anomaly: Blind and Confused

Eve’s blindness coupled with her sensitive nose and ears lead to several disadvantages that come with her obvious advantages as a tracker.

Eve needs ear protection when gunfire, loud explosions, or other excessively loud noises are present. If unavailable, Eve needs to roll MDef against a 1d7. On failure, for a short while (Up to GM) she loses her hearing, all her hearing based abilities, and so on. This also means she can not tell anything spatially around her, leaving her completely blind on who or what is where. With ear protection on however, the effectiveness of her sound based abilities are negated, meaning she will need to be exposed to use them.
Eve cannot handle extremely rancid smells in very close proximity, and is likely to vomit and become sick if exposed to that too long.
.If something prevents her from hearing, obviously her hearing talents can not be used.
Eve is incapable of ever using firearms effectively, both due to most firearms not being made for her larger, clawed hands, and the fact she is entirely blind and has no training with them to begin with. Her ranged will be permanently set to 0, and she can not wield any firearms or ranged weaponry.
Not having eyes, Eve automatically fails all sight related perception rolls.
Eve’s strange size and odd proportions makes it harder for her to hide in plain sight.

  • I Will Not Break So Easily 2 Eve is recovering from her imprisonment, and has survived enough to maintain her composure even under extreme stress. Eve can re-roll a PDef/MDef roll twice per run if it is high enough to knock her unconscious. The re-roll must be followed, you can not choose between the two.
  • Out of Place 2 Eve clearly is from somewhere odd, and she can use this to intimidate those who do not understand the anomalous very well. (+2 Intimidation against characters that are not related to a GOI or the foundation.
  • Blood Frenzy 3 Eve becomes more heightened and adrenaline fueled when she smells blood. (+2 Melee against enemies that have taken significant damage <Up to GM, around 1/3rd of their health. Applies only to enemies that bleed or are fleshy.)
  • Gentle Giant: 2 Eve, while ferocious in dangerous or life threatening situations, is capable of much more gentle and organized behaviour when things are calm and she has the time to think. She is very persuasive and calming, especially to other anomalies. ( +2 Persuasion against sapient anomalies.)



Ear Muffs
Spare Ear Plugs
A backpack, usually with nothing in it, for carrying items for her team.
A Canteen, and spare rations.
A Radio



Her Old Anti-Foundation Uniform (From her world. Run Name: Through the Window) (See Below)
A White Jumpsuit, Black Body Armor, Black boots and gloves, shoulder pads, arm bracers and shin plating.

A mask made of white ceramic on the outside, with a layer of metal inside, and a cushioning level past that where it meets the wearers face. It has no slits for eyes, it has holes for breathing and slits along the nose for smelling. It is almost featureless and flat on the outside, but molded on the inside to fit her face. In large red lettering ‘AN-44 is painted on the front of the mask, the AN covering the forehead and the 44 along the upper mouth area.

A photo album from her world. Despite not being able to see it anymore, she claims it ‘smells like home’. Inside are a number of photos from her home, the alternate foundation and various other points of interest. Formerly her brother’s photo album, he perished in the mission (Through the Window) where 44 was recovered.

Personal History:

Eve was a young girl in a world similar to our own, however a turn of events in history caused the Foundation there to become a world power rather than a secretive underground military group. (Seen during the mission ‘Through the Window’)

Eve was born with very sensitive ears and a sensitive nose. So much so that it caused her a fair bit of issues in her early life, and eventually her abilities came to the point of a superhuman level.

Eve grew up in berlin amongst the fires of world war two, her father, a soldier, went off to war and never returned. Her mother, unable to afford to care for her, gave her up for adoption. Eve spent a majority of her young life in an orphanage, rather poor and not well cared for, but still enjoy life. She often spent time alone, wandering out of the city to sit in nature. Around the time of her 9th birthday her ability started to take hold of her, but at the same time, blindness started to take her slowly as well. She was cared for by a boy who she referred to as her brother, Stefan Irestead, another orphan who lived alongside her, who’s stare would leave even the most stoic of people in agonizing pain.

She met another child during her time there as well, and while he wasn’t an orphan his mother worked to help care for the orphans there. Kavara Iros, son of Mila Iros, spent a good portion of his younger years when he wasn’t in school, helping his mother, while his father was off at war. It was here that Kavara and Eve became close friends. As Eve grew older, her vision began to fail her, a point she made clear to those who took care of her. With this however came a new sense. Even though she was blind, and her eyes faded to total white, she always knew where people were. She could smell, better than any bloodhound, hear the heartbeats of those near her. She was blind but, she could still see, in a way.

Her abilities made her quite unusual, and was caught on too by other workers at the orphanage. Eventually, Kavara convinced his mother to remove her from the orphanage and she opted to take care of the young girl herself. Eve routinely visited Stefan but remained closely with Kav and his mother. Eve and Kavara even became romantically involved once they had become teenagers. Around the time of Eve’s seventeenth birthday, during a purge on their city against the anomalous by the foundation, Eve and Stefan were found out both on separate occasions, and taken against their will to join the ranks of the foundation’s anomalous soldiers. Kavara however was spared by his mother, who kept herself silent and eventually forfeited her life to keep him safe, but unfortunately was not willing to do the same for Eve.

Eve was kept, broken down, beaten, tortured and manipulated. They turned her from a young girl to a fine tuned instrument of death. Eve’s anomaly came to full strength during her time with the foundation and her eyes,which ceased to work, eventually decayed and had to be removed. Now known simply as Forty-Four, the young anomalous soldier would stay with the foundation for years to come, a slave to their wishes, working against her own kind to hunt down and kill them, or enslave the more sentient, humanoid anomalies.

Forty-Four was given a new chance at life by the foundation that we all know, in a world separate from her own, after assisting in rescuing trapped foundation members that had entered her own world from ours. She no longer is bound hand and foot, but she works with a devotion far higher than she had before in her own world, intent on pleasing the ones who helped free her.


Morse Code


While her name is Eve, she responds better to Forty-Four or ‘Anna’, the pet name given to her by her own foundation.

XP: 0

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