Evan Walker WIP
Mr. Evan Walker

Player: Fae

Position: Logician

Demeanor: Guarded, eccentric, and somewhat paranoid. Friendly enough once you get to know him, but the eccentricity becomes more obvious.

Nature: Can be introverted towards people he is not familiar with. Becomes very talkative around his close friends. Eccentric, especially when it comes to anomalies. Scatterbrained. Can be somewhat paranoid at times. Is constantly getting into other people's business.

Description: Thin and very tall, about 6'7". Is commonly seen wearing a dress shirt and slacks, occasionally with a tie. May also wear a tanker shirt and jeans on casual days. Slightly unruly dark brown hair, and a mustache. Wears a long brown coat with several pockets while on assignment. Still has a good eye for detail and a good mind for storing information, but his previously eidetic memory has been worn down and altered to a merely really good memory due to various mental anomalies.


  • Physical Health: 7
  • Mental Health: 7
  • Physical Defense: 3
  • Mental Defense: 6
  • Perception: 6
  • Agility: 2
  • Persuasion: 3
  • Survival: 2
  • Sneak: 3
  • Academics: 6
  • Science: 5
  • Engineering: 5
  • Navigation: 5. Evan grew up in a house where both location and reality were known to occasionally shift. This has given him an increased awareness of his surroundings and how to move through them. Character has an increased aptitude for moving and guiding other characters through areas (including warped and inconsistent ones) without becoming lost, and is able to recall the layouts of buildings and areas.
  • A Strong but Weary Fortress: 3. Evan grew up on top of a dimensional rift, which on it's own isn't necessarily healthy but also served to attract large amounts of other anomalies, many of them mental. As a result, Evan is very aware of his mental state at any given time, and has learned to set up strong mental defenses and guard against attacks and manipulation. However, while he has learned a great deal from this long barrage of griefs and attacks, it has had the negative effect of wearing him down over time and weakening his mind in some places, which a clever anomaly or manipulator can make use of. When making a roll for mdef, Evan can roll an additional 3df (example: Evan rolls 7df+6 instead of 4df+6 when this specialty is used). When this specialty is used, a result of four '-'s is not considered a critical fail, but it could be considered a low roll in the same way a (0, -, -, -) result is considered a low roll. In the event that all seven dice come up as a '-' or '+', it is treated as much more serious than a normal critical due to the fact that there is only a 1/2187 chance of it happening.
  • Seen It All: 4. If you hang around anomalies for long enough, you start to build up a really good gut instinct for when it comes to telling that they're there or figuring out what they are or what makes them tick. Evan performs an independent roll to try to detect an anomaly, or gain insight into what it is, how it works, or basic operating mechanics at GM discretion.


  • Canteen
  • Pencil and notepad
  • White chalk
  • Journal and pen
  • Watch
  • Magnifying glass
  • Wallet
  • Collapsible yardstick
  • Swiss army knife
  • Flashlight
  • Onald Carvell's card (given by Shen)
  • Mr. Wonderful's card (can be summoned on command)
  • Arena sampler (on loan)
  • Runemaster's Fieldbook (+2 to Academics rolls relating to magic runes or similar.)
  • Camouflage Cloak (+1 to Survival in forest environments. Shared with Piper.)
  • Inverted World Stave (Elora plotline only)
  • Wayfarer’s Compass (Always points to Dublin, Ireland. Extra effects in dimensional anomalies and otherwise at GM discretion. Unknown what would happen if it was ever brought to Dublin, Ireland.)
  • Brick (???)
  • Background Songster (A record that, when active, plays ambient music appropriate to the scene.)
  • Vital Energy Radiation Imaging Tactical Awareness System (VERITAS) (Allows Evan to see magical energy.)


  • Bible
  • Journal (same one he takes into the field)
  • Typewriter and paper
  • Extra clothes
  • Lamp
  • Record player
  • Records
  • Bookshelf and books (fiction & non-fiction)
  • Sketches
  • Old stuffed bear ("Reese")
  • Red Diamond
  • 50 Elorean coins.
  • Elorean medallion.
  • Icelandic Hat.
  • Glass taken from the crater of an exploding tank. (gift from Piper)
  • Surfboard (job reward from Wade Quincy)
  • Laughing Sword (Raided from Laughing Court)
  • Red Cross Nurse Uniform
  • Warlock robes.

Personal History:

Evan Walker was born to Fredrick and Eliza Walker on December 22, 1933, in New York City. During his early childhood, Mr. Walker's parents would often take whatever jobs they could, leaving him to his own devices. To keep himself entertained, Mr. Walker would often pass time by making sketches of the various people an buildings in his neighborhood.

Mr. Walker's childhood home was later found to have been constructed on a dimensional weak point,1 causing him to be constantly subject to alterations in local topography and reality (this area is now cataloged as E-███). This resulted in Mr. Walker gaining some basic skill in recognizing patterns in anomalous activities. Studies of the psychological effects on Mr. Walker are ongoing.

Mr. Walker then went on to study mathematics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. After graduating, he went on to work as a consultant and analyst for the New York City Police Department. Durring this time, he also gained experience in the basic principles of forensic analysis.

While he never incorporated it into his career path, Mr. Walker gained more interest in various mythologies while in university, specifically with the appearances and behaviors of various mythological species and organisms. He has kept a passive hobby of studying further into mythology.

Mr. Walker was brought to the interest of the Foundation during an investigation into the past habitation of E-███.


  • English
  • Italian
  • Yiddish


Often feels a compulsion to adjust the position of tables, desks, chairs, and small objects around him. Never has socks on while inside a dream.

XP: 1/66

Name of Source/Purchase XP Change Date
Nemi's Mythic Beasts Run +3 Jan. 24, 2016
DiePotato's Marriage Counseling Run +2 Jan. 30, 2016
Soulless' Shanty for Whale Sharks Run +2 Feb. 12, 2016
Talonair's Audience with the Drowned Run +2 Feb 20, 2016
Talonair's Prepare to be Boarded Run +4 Feb. 23, 2016
Runemaster's Fieldbook Purchase -6 Feb. 24, 2016
SpookyBee's No World Order Run +2 Feb. 25, 2016
Sax's The Coronation Run +2 March 3, 2016
5 Perception » 6 Perception -11 March 7, 2016
Talonair's Gatecrashers Run +2 March 19, 2016
Sax's Premonitions of Rage Run +2 March 20, 2016
Daedalus' Advanced Vulcanology Run +4 March 22, 2016
1 Engineering » 2 Engineering -7 March 22, 2016
SpookyBee's A World of Slumber Run +2 March 24, 2016
madness_'s Sweet Tweets Run +6 March 25, 2016
Nemi's Written on the Walls Run +2 March 26, 2016
Daedalus' Family Matters Run +2 April 1, 2016
4 Academics » 5 Academics -9 April 10, 2016
Talonair's Like A Broken Record Run +4 April 16, 2016
Sax's Scales of Truth Run +2 April 19, 2016
5 Academics » 6 Academics -9 April 19, 2016
LadyKatie's Gods of Men Run +2 April 22, 2016
Wayfarer's Compass Purchase -3 April 25, 2016
Quinlan's A Forest Dark Run +3 April 29, 2016
Brick Purchase -1 May 4, 2016
LadyKatie's Dauntless Run +2 May 17, 2016
Quinlan's Midway On the Journey of Our Life Run +3 May 20, 2016
Wogglebug's Wizardventures III Run +2 June 4, 2016
Balthazaar's Conception Run +2 June 4, 2016
ZombieMesh's Red Threaded Stories Run +2 June 29, 2016
5 Mental Defense » 6 Mental Defense -11 June 30, 2016
DSJ's I Worship with my Hands Run +3 August 1, 2016
SpookyBee's The Dead City's Radio Run +4 August 3, 2016
VERITAS Purchase -8 August 3, 2016

DIsclaimer: this isn't an official thing of any sort. This is me tinkering around with what I might change if I ever had the chance to rework the character.

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