Ethel Grindsler

Basic Info:

Agent Ethel Grindsler, 1958.

Player: SpookyBee

Position: Hybrid Intelligence Agent

Demeanor: Stand-offish, lazy, weird

Nature: Ethel is rather stand-offish, though she cares a great deal for her team, however conflicted she's personally feeling. However, she sometimes finds herself going long periods of time without speaking to people, even her friends or team mates. She's a bit quirky and odd.

Description: At 5'6", Ethel has snow-white skin and concrete-grey eyes, with pitch black hair. She has a somewhat athletic build, standing around 120lbs. She often wears black leather jackets or heavy trench coats.

Ethel's hair is neat and short, and is often kept in a side-center part and combed off to the side. She has a quiet voice, with a naturally-sarcastic inflection.


  • Physical Health: 7
  • Mental Health: 7
  • Physical Defense: 6
  • Mental Defense: 4
  • Perception: 4
  • Agility: 3
  • Strength: 6
  • Persuasion: 4
  • Melee: 6 (4 + 2 from STRENGTH)
  • Ranged: 4
  • Sneak: 5
  • Academics: 3
  • Tear Drinker: 3. Ethel's hybridized powers manifest in a plethora of psychic abilities, though of greatly limited power compared to her kin. Though she does possess telekinetic abilities, it's greatly diminished, as her true power lies in the realm of the mind, allowing her to affect the minds of those around her in varying ways.
  • Personal Training: 3. After spending a good deal of time exploring, climbing, and running, Ethel has put herself through a good deal of personal agility training. (Bonus to rolls leaping, jumping, and climbing.)
  • Magnum Goddess: 4. Adept with the handcannon, Ethel's reflexes on the trigger are something to behold, emptying a six-shooter faster than most people can blink an eye. Combined with her hybridized reflexes, very few can outdraw, outshoot, or outclass her with a revolver. (+2 bonus when firing and maintaining a revolver. An additional +2 if Ethel fires the first shot.)
  • Lady's Shieldwall: 2. Prone to using armor to bare down on her enemies, Ethel utilizes the sheer mass of shields and the like to pound her foes into submission, and if that isn't enough, a bloody pulp. (Bonus to rolls involving PDEF and MELEE utilizing shields.)
  • Anomalous Disadvantage - Tear Drinker: Ethel's eyes, mouth, and nostrils sometimes 'bleed' a thick, black liquid that stains her skin. In addition, she has an instinctual fear of fire, causing her to suffer severe panic attacks.


  • Black three-piece suit
  • Colt .45cal Peacemaker Revolver
  • Winchester Model 70
  • Ammunition Satchel for Model 70, containing .375 H&H Magnum ammunition
  • .45 revolving speadloaders
  • Grieving Blade
  • Brick
  • Language (Russian)


  • Heavy black trench coat
  • Dark-grey military fatigues
  • M3A1 SMG - Suppressed
  • .45 long magazines
  • Elorean Blade
  • Antique clock
  • 8 leather-bound notebooks
  • Wine cabinet(four bottles of grape wine)
  • A pet tarantula named Susan
  • Candles(Red, pink, purple, white, green)
  • A brass pentagram
  • An old, locked leatherbound book, with a diary-lock
  • A collection of Detective Comics
  • A poster of the Chordettes on her wall.
  • Magazine For TT-30 (Looted)
  • Small, leather-bound notebook
  • Studded leather belt
  • Pen knife
  • Tin whiskey flask
  • 4 Ball-point pens
  • Triskeleon Key
  • Vigneron SMG
  • Shining Court Assassin Boots
  • Shining Court Knife
  • Ball Mask
  • 9mm Vigneron SMG, a gift from Kit
  • Icelandic Fishing Hat
  • Swashbuckler's Garb
  • Whip
  • Lead sheets
  • Strange reflective mesh
  • Strange thick fabric
  • Strange grey canisters

Personal History:

Born in 1927, February 2nd, Ethel Grindsler was born into a Russian immigrant family of two sisters and a brother, who she was separated from at a young age after the murder of her parents in a gang crossfire.

Early in life, Ethel was adopted by a gang, where she eventually managed to work into her organization's financial work. Later on in life, she was elevated to working directly below her boss, on debt-collecting.

Eventually, Ethel began to feel guilty about her crimes, and started siphoning information to the New York City police department anonymously, leading to the incarceration of her and her gang members.

The Foundation later bailed her out of prison, offering a job working in the Foundation's Intelligence Department. A few months after her employment, Ethel came into contact with a biological agent, slowly turning her into an entity called a Tear Drinker.

She managed to find what was thought to be a cure, though it only halted her progression into a full Tear Drinker.

While living for a short time under an adopted false name, going by Katya Tyannikova, Ethel went through both mental and physical changes during a period of absence in which a Tear Drinker named Anthiel, a close friend of hers, modified her memories and body, reverting her to just how she'd appeared when she first joined the Foundation. For some reason, most of the hierarchy hasn't questioned this.


  • English
  • Russian


  • Ethel's blood is much darker than that of human blood.
  • Her favorite color is lavender.
  • She loves turtles, spiders, scorpions, and anything with a hard shell.
  • Her favorite bands are The Chordettes and The Andrews Sisters
  • She named her SMG "Bethany". What a dweeb, right?
  • Ethel has a fear of cars and high-speeds.
  • Ethel's favorite superhero is Batman
  • Ethel dabbles in Paganism, and takes light interest in the occult
  • Sandra Peterson: She used to be my friend… Sometimes I regret ever saving her life, now.
  • Andy Elrod: I'm sorry… I failed you and I hurt you and I tore around your heart and I'll never be able to apologize. Why did you have to die? Why was I so selfish?
  • Katherine Haleigh Voss: Honestly, not a fan of her… Maybe it'll change. She seems a bit self-important.
  • Ghost Sign: Ghost Sign is the man. I would never do anything to make him sad.
  • Gwen Bowman: Kit's fun to tease. Seriously though, keep her from the dynamite.
  • Artyom Elkin: I'm really not sure what to think. It's been a long time since we last spoke…
  • Amelie Zelinka: My soul-sister. I'd protect her with my life and more. I've got a heart for her, but… I'd never make her do something she didn't want to, so I'm okay with it.
  • Thomas Caldwell: I know little about Thomas, nor do I care to learn. He has his uses for the inevitable future.
  • Isa Re: Fond of Isa, she helped me figure my life out. Trusted.
  • Rebecca Powell: Powel is an oddity. Would shoot me if she had a reason. I feel bad for shooting her in the arm. I will miss her greatly…
  • Randall Clymer: Randall cares for me without asking for anything in return. My father.
  • Sophia Matsumoto: She's got a lot of potential. I've got a very warm spot in my heart for her… I'm unsure how to tell her.
  • William Cassidy: Honorable man, would trust with my life. I do, actually. Gives a damn about what happens to me.
  • Shawn Thronton: Shawn is eccentric, if anything… What an odd man. Humorous, though. I would like to see him on the field soon.
  • Cait Ashland: One of my most trusted companions. I've offered myself to aid curing her blight. Removed my scars. I won't let her die.
  • Maxwell Sterling: Good man, do not know much about him. Would like to know more. Nice beard. Why did you leave?
  • Herschel Osterberg: I think he is a very… Odd man. I respect his priorities of words before bloodshed. I wonder where he went…
  • Dana Cain: Traitor.
  • Anthiel: Anthiel is… Important. I care about her. She calls me her favorite daughter…
  • Evan Walker: … Eh.
  • Hans Emmerich: We used to be friends. Now he hates me… Maybe some day he'll understand what that's like.
  • Markus Ackermann: He's a good man. Honest, now. I hope he gets what he needs.
  • Alice Szeto: She's, uh… Certainly special…
  • Sabina Rus: She's like an adorable little sister. A lot of fun to be around. I want to help her.
  • Samuel Walker: Good field agent. Has guts.
  • Samuel Shen: I don't know much about him, but he's a hell of a gunner.
  • Vera Albescu: … She's kind'a weird.
  • Olga Sapkowski: Kind of hot. Seems to like the ladies, I can relate… Killer arms.
  • Amadeo Ruzzier: Very efficient on the field. I feel that I could rely on him in combat… Maybe I can use him some how.
  • Rolf Vogel: Certainly an odd one… He should be fun.

XP: 81 CURRENT: 13

+2XP for time fuckery in Timeless
+3XP for getting punched by a skellybones in Rope A Pope
+2XP for shield bashing in Warehouse 51
+2XP for getting rekt in I've been to the year 1957
+2XP for pancaking a man in Gatecrashers
+4XP for riding a monster in Advanced Vulcanology
+2XP for nothing in An Exchange
+2XP for dueling in The Scales Of Truth
+3XP for being mother goose in Welcome Back
+4XP for saving Hans' and Jo's sorry asses in The Virgin Lands Campaign
+2XP for getting wet in Seaside Picnic
+2XP for piracy in Moonwizardventures III: It's Only Piracy if You Don't Have a Permit
+2XP for stealing in Dragon Tails
+4XP for hosting Psychic.FM in Côtes de Genève
+2XP for hosting Telepatherday Night Live in Red Threaded Stories
+2XP for making a human painting in The Gift Of Service
+3XP for making shooty shoots in Saved By The Bell
+4XP for being a little too edgy in Ghosts Of Christmas Past
+2XP for being a Psyker in Federation Farce
+3XP for pulling off an assassination in Shadow Games
+5XP for meeting her demons in Upon Reflection
+3XP for failing one life to another in Defend Your Honor
+2XP for something in Containment Procedures
+2XP for non-lethal takedowns in The Fall
+3XP for being angry in Dreams Of Industry
+3XP for being eh in Vienna 610
+3XP for making a Pillar Woman in Battle Tendency
+3XP for jumping out a window in Aliens Are Bad
+2XP for falling on her ass in Bad Touch

Name of Source/Purchase XP Change Date
Russian Language Lessons 25XP Site-19
Brick 1XP Site-19
+1 PERS 9XP 4/3/16
+1 STR 11XP 5/7/16
+1 PDEF 13XP 6/25/16
+1 ACAD 7XP 1/4/17
+1 STR 11XP 1/7/17
+1 SNK 11XP 1/16/17
+1 RNG 14XP 4/25/17
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