Eric Denton

Cause of Death: Denton was on a investigation when a detective had taken him into custody, soon after Denton attempted escape and tried to take the detective down non-lethally, meanwhile the detective was trying to kill Denton. Three shots to the chest, two to the shoulder and and a wing or two later Denton and the detective were nearly at the end, the next attack would decide the end of the fight. But Artyom showed and the detective took a stab at him. Denton quickly turned hostile and attempted to kill the detective then took a knife to the neck for his troubles where he died, left by his brother at arms without so much as a bat of the eyes.

Basic Info:

Player: Taffy

Position: Detective, intelligence and investigation.

Demeanor: On the surface he's cold and calculating, with no remorse or mercy for the enemy or his weaker comrades, he never shows his real emotions or tells the full story.

Nature: A cold calculating man, burdened with years in the FBI, he rarely show's his true intent, but has a caring heart for those he holds dear.

Description: A man who stands at six nine, with a face of stone, he has bright blond hair and piercing blue eyes that seem to look into souls. Scars can be faintly seen covering his body and he always has at least a side arm on him at all times and always has a black note book with him.


  • Physical Health: 7
  • Mental Health: 7
Basic Skills
  • Physical Defense: 3
  • Mental Defense: 4
  • Perception: 4
  • Agility: 4
  • Strength: 1
  • Persuasion: 3
  • Intimidation: 4
  • Bluff: 3
Pseudo-Specialty Skills
  • Melee: 3
  • Ranged: 1
  • Survival: 2
  • Sneak: 2
  • Academics: 2
  • Science: 1
  • Engineering:
  • Medical:
Specialty Skills:

How about we talk this out? : (5) When Denton's life is being verbally threatened he seems to become more passive aggressive with his words try to talk himself, and his comrades at times, out of the situation. Plus five in persuasion.
my anomalies senses are tingling : (3) Denton hates freaks, especially when they kill someone. plus three to Perception when looking for anomalies during an investigation.
You dare dirty MY SUIT?!?!?!?!?!? : (4) Sometimes you've gotta get down in the dirt and have a good ol' hand to hand and Mr Denton is no exception, he's a lean mean fighting machine ready to break his knuckles in someone's face when necessary… Well mostly only after the guy gets his suit dirty. Adds four to melee.


List everything your character carries on their person here. Be reasonable.
A 1911 strapped to the inside of his leg.
A 1911 strapped to his chest under his vest.
a knife on each of his wrist covered by his shirt.
A black book and a pen.
A small kit of knockout medicine.

And everything that they keep in their room at Site 19. Anything that's not listed here or in the section above will be difficult for the character to retrieve.
More knives
More knockout medicine.
Various files of classified information.
Also, his wardrobe is made up of suits and only suits, because suits.

Personal History:

Born in 1924 in Ohio into a military family he learned quickly the hardships of life. His parents and one brother being killed in front of him and him only surviving on the brim of death. After his family's death he lived with a close family friend named Joseph Rommel who was in the FBI.
With the connections he had to an FBI agent he was recruited into the FBI on his 18 birthday in 1942 and helped with multiple cases of unusual incidents. in 1950 he was responding to a call of an unusual death with his partner, John Smith, when him and John were intercepted by what was then described as an abomination that mauled John to death and nearly killed him, leaving him with a deep hatred for 'abominations'.
When the UIU was formed Denton volunteered and served in the UIU till 1953 when him and his team mate were hunting down a can man and were intercepted by Foundation agents, after a brief exchange of information the foundation took the can man and left. Two months later he was brought to Site-19 where he was then recruited into the Foundation where he joined MTF PSi-7 and still is.
He exhibits extreme hate for anomalies from losing not only his best friend and partner John Smith but countless other partners to anomalies.


When not on duty or researching something Denton usually watches political videos and is known for aggressively making fun of communist with a living passion.


"Can you really trust the faith of humanity in the hands of non-humans?"
"No matter what you do, you cannot escape the sick, twisted things we all call reality. We live in a despicable world full of odious, and shameful bastards."
"What does it matter if I die? Nobody will care anyways."
"It isn't about when you die because we all are going to die, the only thing that matters is how you die, whether you die as a hero or as a coward that is your choice, and I intend to make the right choice."


So, I've decided to make a journal in the event of my death at least someone can learn from it. If, anyone even reads it. My first day in I met a lady called Kit, she seemed nice enough. Then again so did that freak that killed John. Moving on, my days were pretty un-event up till two days ago. I decided to take my anger out on a tree and well, the tree didn't like that. So if you're reading this, don't shoot the fucking trees. Also, there's something that lives in there, didn't catch it's name but it seems nice enough. Saved my life from the forest.
They sent me to medical bay, nurse seemed nice enough, a little put off because she thought I was flirting with her but that's fine. I thanked her then left and went into the forest to thank the woman who saved me before. So here's rule number two in forestry, don't shout in the fucking forest.
Coyotes attacked me, I /might/ have gotten one stuck to my chest by stabbing through it and into my chest…but I killed it. Now I'm stuck in medical bay till I recover, I have a nice girl named Ethel who seems to like visiting me. She's attracted to bees so that's a little weird. Well I'm going back to sleep my head's hurting again from these damn sedated.


How much XP your character currently has. 1. (Coyote attack, yikessssssssssss)

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