Enrico Espossito

Basic Info:


Player: ResearcherRisotto

Position: Navigator/Artillery specialist

Demeanor: Enrico comes out first and foremost as a loud man. He has a "happy-go-lucky" demeanor, liking to crack jokes and usually bad puns, singing in Neapolitan to variable degrees of bearableness and drinking wine. He is also adept at blowing stuff up.

Nature: As above, he enjoys having fun with others, though he knows when its a good time to get serious. He tends to joke around and amuse people sometimes to distract himself from his experiences of abandonement as a child and his memories of the war.

Description: Enrico has the look of the average South Italian man. Tanned skin taking a light brown tone, greenish eyes, black curly hair. He is 5'5" and has a relatively athletic body due to his time in the Italian navy under the Duce. He has some scars along his abdomen attesting the not-so-good run his cruiser had and an older, jagged scar on his right leg attesting an unfortunate incident with a drunk friend and a wine bottle. He speaks with a thick Neapolitan accent.


  • Physical Health: 7
  • Mental Health: 7
  • Physical Defense: 4
  • Mental Defense: 4
  • Perception: 3
  • Agility: 3
  • Strength: 4
  • Intimidation: 3
  • Bluff: 3
  • Melee: 3 (+2)
  • Ranged: 4
  • Engineering: 5
  • VAFFANCULO!: 3. Enrico has a way with words when it comes to pissing someone off. Doing this requires a Bluff roll (+3), and can be used to distract and/or anger sapient opponents, distracting them away from a more vulnerable target by making Enrico the target of their rage.
  • Work mascalzone, work!: 3. Enrico's time in the Regia Marina, both in training and when aboard often obsolete ships thaught him the importance of quickly fixing broken vehicles. Probably while praying too. +3 Engineering when fixing boats and small land vehicles.
  • Off the water: 3. Ah, blowing stuff up! The less you think about the people in the boat you just turned into Swiss cheese, the better! When rolling this, Enrico gets +3 ranged when using heavy machineguns, with the drawback of a -1 agility penalty, since heavy machineguns are, well, heavy.
  • Italian tactics: 3. As did many of his shipmates, Enrico soon learned when a battle was lost and how to not die when the odds went against him. When rolling this, Enrico gets +3 agility when he or one of his teammates' physical health goes below 4. Either as a fast attempt at saving a coworker or as a last adrenaline rush from grevious injuries.


  • Knife (can be affixed as a bayonet)
  • A very old very unreliable Mauser "zig-zag" revolver
  • A pack of cigarettes
  • A rosary


  • Carcano M91 rifle
  • A picture of his class at the Scola Militare Navale Francesco Morosini
  • A picture of his wife and son
  • A vinyl disk of Gegè di Giacomo's music (by far his most expensive possession)
  • A black beret (like the one in the picture)

Personal History:

Enrico was born the 27th of July, 1926 to parents he never knew. The same day he was born he was left on the ruota of an orphanage in Napoli, where he was taken in and taken care of by the nuns that worked there. When he was 6 years old, he was adopted by a family of local farmers, mother, father and two daughters. However, since he was adopted after the age of 5, his last name was not changed, instead remaining Espossito, the "generic" last name given to abandoned Italian children. He attended school normally and lived relatively well. 6 years later, as the Italian economy worsened, Enrico's family left the country for Argentina, but since Enrico was not legally their family member (he was still Espossito, while his surrogate parents and sisters were De Marco) he was left behind. He went back to the orphanage, where he lived in a state of almost complete poverty until he reached his 15th birthday, when the orphanage was under no legal obligation of taking care of him, so he was kicked out. He worked for the rest of the year on whatever he could, selling his few belongings for food and temporary housing (the only posession he kept from his surrogate family was a rosary) until finally in 1942 he was conscripted into the Military Naval School in Venice with many other 15 and 16 year old orphaned children, to feed the alredy failing Italian war machine.
After a year and a half (the typical time the Italian navy considered their conscripts as ready for service), Enrico and his class were embarked into Italian cruisers to fight the British in the Mediterranean.
Of the 1500 boys in his year's batch, only 120 survived.
During the war, Enrico proved to be a quick and capable marine, rising to the rank of private months before their ship got hit by a British torpedo.
He managed to save the lives of two conscripts and one of his superiors during the catastrophe, getting a life boat to Corsica. After the war he was awarded the Medaglia al merito della marina, the Medal of Valor of the Navy.
Afterwards he moved to Argentina, where he rejoined with his surrogate family in a farm in the province of Santa Fe and married his former surrogate sister, Emiglia De Marco. He worked as a fisherman in the Paraná river for some years before moving back to Italy. In 1948 he got work as security at the Aviano Air Force Base. After US forces reported unusual activity on the mountains near the base, Enrico was sent with a small group to check the mountains, finding a deep tunnel system. After the air force base was turned over to NATO in 1955, Enrico's unit was sent once again into the tunnel. This time the source of the activity was found, and only Enrico survived the onslaught, managing to seal the tunnel with explosives.
Foundation operatives got information of the events and interrogated Enrico, who told them of the cult in the tunnel system and the anomalous coffin. Due to a lack of personnel and also to Enrico's apparent skills, he was incorporated into the SCP Foundation, the promises of good pay and possibilities of a good future for her wife and son outweighing the fact that he would have to be separated from them. After his participation of the raid into the tunnel system with other foundation operatives, and the help confirming the anomalous coffin inside (later classified SCP-222), he got assigned to MTF Psi-7.


  • Italian
  • Neapolitan
  • English
  • Spanish


He is a fan of Gegè di Giacomo ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9OR8PvNx414 )
He is quite adept at moving in the water, both swimming and driving boats.
He loves wine.
He gets much louder when drunk.
He is a smoker.
He will probably not beat you at chess but damn it, he'll try!

XP: 0

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