Elliot Wilson

Basic Info:

Wilson; Drawn by gr8es

Player: Wixelt

Position: Dream Scientist

Demeanor: Rather calm and kindhearted for a lot of the time. Tends to be somewhat quirky Can, on occasion, become unreasonable and irritable when annoyed.

Nature: Generally, Elliot is rather calm and friendly to talk with. However, he can become extremely unreasonable when the validity of his work is brought into question, when it's even suggested that he's just dead weight, when the answer to a riddle or equation continually evades him, or when the well-being of his friends and family (especially his sister, Amber and his partner, Dianne) is threatened.

Description: Elliot Wilson, usually referred to as simply "Wilson", is 31 years of age (Current; 27 when first introduced). He is tall, standing at around 6'5", and is also quite thin. He has short, brown hair, green eyes and more often than not wears a pair of Soho glasses. He tends to wear smart attire for the majority of the time, preferring a pale green shirt (no tie), black leather trousers and sand-shoes (though the appropriate parts have been; on occasion; switched out for a green turtleneck and lab-coat, and he has more recently taken to wearing a long coat outside on occasion). During operations that require his insight, it becomes apparent that he lacks formal combat training (he was formerly unable to properly handle any firearm more powerful than a handgun, though he has improved dramatically over his time spent with the Foundation), but his knowledge on relevant matters generally makes up for this (though not always, as has been proven multiple times).

Elliot also has a scar on one his arms where Bowe tried to shoot him in the marginally altered past he created by accident (though he retains memories of that not happening as well).


Total Skill Points: 44 (36 Starter + 8 Earned [8XP = 1 Skill Point])

  • Physical Health: 7
  • Mental Health: 7
  • Physical Defense: 3
  • Mental Defense: 6
  • Perception: 6
  • Agility: 3
  • Strength: 2
  • Melee: 3
  • Ranged: 4
  • Sneak: 1
  • Academics: 5
  • Science: 6
  • Engineering: 4
  • Medical: 1
  • Code-Breaker: 5. Though he wasn't old enough to fight during the Second World War, he was old enough to learn how to crack codes, and as such has a fairly good knowledge of various code types and how to crack them. This can be tagged to Academics (and similar rolls) in appropriate situations (deciphering codes or breaking coded locks).
  • Detail-Oriented: 4. Due to him being rather analytically minded, Elliot can often pick up small but important details in his surroundings. This can also be a problem, as it can, on occasion, lead to him not seeing the bigger picture as quickly as others would like him to. This can be tagged to Perception in appropriate situations (either looking for details or generally if he knows what he's looking for).
  • REM Echo: 3. Having spent a considerable amount of time researching and experiencing shared dreams. Elliot has developed a slight sense for their properties (such as how many actual people are present in each one). This can be tagged to Mental Defense in appropriate situations (sensing whether or not he's in an illusion/dream world and reading it's properties).
    • When rolled on it's own when checking for Elliot's lucidity, rolling below the base number means Elliot does not gain lucidity in that dream.


  • 1 x Foundation ID Card.
  • 3 x Pen.
  • 1 x Pencil.
  • 1 x Small Notepad.
  • 1 x Calculator.
  • 1 x Pocket/Utility Knife; Given to him as a gift by his father.
  • 1 x Browning Hi-Power Pistol (.40 Model); In-Holster.
  • 4 x Magazines of .40 Ammunition (at any given time).
  • 1 x Lighter (possibly silver).
  • 1 x Fang Necklace created from a tooth belonging to the Mosquito King; it's about four inches long, and has the word 'Thunder' carved down the side in English, referring to Elliot's part in slaying the King. (Crafted and Gifted to Elliot by Lacey following the aforementioned incident, he wears it at all times).


  • 2 x Framed photographs. One of his younger sister Amber, as well as one of his parents prior to his father's death.
  • 1 x Small wooden box containing coins from various European nations.
  • 23+ x Assorted Books. Extended list in Miscellaneous section.
  • 1 x Sketch Pad containing various unknown and seemingly illogical equations.
  • 1 x Framed Graduate Degree.
  • 7 x Boxes of .40 Ammunition (at any given time).
  • 3 x Rubber Ducks (Found in Site-19 Basement).
  • 1 x Giant-Size Russian Nesting Doll Set (Found in Site-19 Basement). Is about waist height.
  • 1 x Stapler (Found in Site-19 Basement).
  • 1 x Map of area near Site-19.
  • 1 x Long Wooden Rod.
  • 2 x Crowbars (Found during Mirror, Mirror- What the Hell is That?! and Dollhouse, respectively). They are hung on his wall in an 'x' pattern.
  • 1 x Thompson Sub-Machine Gun (Found during Mirror, Mirror- What the Hell is That?!).
  • 1 x Wall-Mounted Mirror (Found in Site-19 Basement).
  • 1 x Pair of Binoculars.
  • 1 x Creepy Teacup (Acquired at the end of A Mad Tea-Party).
  • 1 x Teapot of some description (not related to the above object).
  • 1 x Gas Mask (acquired from a street merchant in the city of Abaddon).
  • 1 x Male cat. White fur with tortoise shell patches. Slightly chubby. Answers to 'Alan'.
  • 1 x M14 Automatic Rifle (Acquired during 'Requiem (Daed's Super-Run'))
  • 1 x Notebook containing incomplete map of Site-19's maintenance areas, as well as a note from Maxwell, stating that he owes Wilson a favor for introducing him to said tunnels during the GOC lock-down.
  • 1 x Formal Suit. A gift from Dianne for his 30th birthday.
  • 1 x Alien SMG. Functions the same as a normal SMG, but is smaller and more compact. (Acquired during The Dead City's Radio)

In Storage:

  • 1 x DWaGProD (Delta-Wave Gateway Projection Device). Dismantled.
  • 1 x Half-Built Steel Holding Rig. Dismantled.
  • 1 x Large Coil of Insulated Copper Wire.
  • 2 x Model Airplane. Corsair & Zero Fighter, respectively.
Past Possessions:
  • 1,000+ x Plastic army men and accompanying vehicles. The result of a series of pranks by Emily, then a later one in which she was assisted by Dan). These were destroyed, after Wambles discovered the presence of Emily's pranks, and that Elliot had been attempting to prank her back; then cut both of their paychecks.
  • 1 x Bagel Toaster (Found in Site-19 Basement). Spits out a 10-year old bagel every time it's plugged in. Handed over to security due to it being anomalous.
  • 1 x Pit Crate. A Crate that you can jump into, fall for around 5 minutes, then shoot back out of again (Found in Site-19 Basement). Handed over to security once Elliot had completed his study of it, due to it being anomalous.
  • 1 x Anomalous Hammer. Semi-sentient. Compels holder to build things and hammer nails. Gives user a good feeling after use. Originally found in Site-19's labs. Confiscated from Wilson against his wishes, despite it being mostly harmless.
  • 1 x Ball of Green Slime. Further Documentation in Elliot's notes. Handed over to other scientists at Site-19 for further study upon Elliot's departure for Site-77.

Personal History:

Elliot and his younger sister Amber were brought up in a loving family home in Yorkshire, England, so his earlier days were fairly peaceful. However, in 1939, when he was 12 years old, the Second World War broke out, and his father, Marcus, left to fight for home and country.
As the war went on, Elliot began to study various subjects, in hope of helping the war effort. Through this, he developed his keen eye for detail, a knack for cracking codes, and the foundations for what would later evolve to become his high IQ level.

On the occasions that his father returned home, he would show Elliot and his sister various things that he'd collected from the trenches. Inspired by this, Elliot attempted to enlist for the front line for when he was older. He was, however, turned away, as the officers didn't think he would have it in him to kill and would thus be a liability. Elliot felt that by not getting in, he had dishonored his father's good name. He and his family soon received word from the front lines that his father was dead, leading to him throwing himself into his studies to try and ease the pain that the news brought.

As the war drew to a close, Elliot began studying high-level sciences at Cambridge University. Over the next 6 years, Elliot would study and graduate with a degree in Advanced Physical Sciences (he also took a brief side course in learning French, though he was still rusty with it, even afterwards), and was offered a place in a highly prestigious institution in the US, which paid enough that he could keep both himself and his family afloat. It was around this time that he began to develop various theories regarding the possibility of new sources of energy for electricity and weaponry. Though his ideas were just ideas, it was the beginning of something marvelous for him.

The SCP Foundation first became aware of Elliot in the later stages of 1954, when he published a copy of his early stages of research (the topic of which he soon dropped after seeing everything the Foundation dealt with, due it seeming somewhat redundant). Seeing potential in his ideas, they brought him on as an expert on certain scientific principles (assigning him to the task-force Psi-7 ('Home Improvement')), hoping to tap his knowledge and curiosity to recover and explain the existence of SCPs and other anomalous objects.

Over his time at the Foundation's Site-19 in Upstate New York, Elliot made many friends and lost almost as many, partook in over 40 assignments, and overall grew to become less introverted and more friendly. By the time of the move to Site-77 in Italy, had both developed his own field of study, namely his so-called 'dream science', and had met the love of his life, one Dianne Dailey.


  • English
  • French (Bad)


General Information
  • Between operations, Elliot is usually assigned to the Laboratories. His apparent job is centered around the task of attempting to discover how recovered anomalies and Safe-class SCPs work. However, as this can sometimes be a slow work position due to many anomalies being too dangerous for him to be allowed to handle them, he is authorized to further his research into the concept of 'dream science'm which he has made significant headway in during his time at the Foundation. If he isn't working, he'll usually be found in the commons or cafeteria drinking coffee. Or bagels. Always bagels.
  • Elliot was born on Thursday, January 20th, 1927, making his Zodiac Star Sign 'Capricorn'.
  • If Elliot was still alive today (2016), he'd be 89 years old. But he wouldn't be, as he will canonically die at the age of 81 in 2007 provided nothing happens to him sooner.
  • Elliot's younger sister, Amber, was also offered a place at the Foundation due to her being somewhat intelligent, the idea of which Elliot supported, but she didn't like the military atmosphere, so opted out.
    • Amber was born on Sunday, November 3rd, 1929, making her Zodiac Star Sign 'Scorpio'.
  • It should also be noted that Elliot has an extremely strong older brother instinct. If you threaten the well being of his sister (or his mother, or any of his closest friends) in any way shape or form, he will flip his shit.
  • Elliot technically holds the title of Dr. Elliot Wilson. Initially, he didn't like the formality of it, so preferred not to be called as such unless the situation called for it; such as when he was introducing himself to someone. He has slowly grown out of this, however.
  • There used to be a dead goose being kept on ice in Elliot's lab. He seemed to think he could bring it back to life. He couldn't; he was kidding himself. Though somehow an anomaly brought it back to life out of his control. It is now missing.
  • Elliot decided to get a cat when he retires (or sooner if possible). As of February 1956, his sister got him one as a belated birthday gift. Said cat; whom Elliot has named Alan; is male and mostly white, but has tortoise shell patches. He is a little bit chubby.
  • After an incident in which Elliot shared a dream with a couple of other Psi-7 members, he is doing research into dreams.
  • Elliot is considering writing a book. It will probably be about the aforementioned 'shared dreaming' research.
  • Elliot used to go camping with his father almost every time he had leave, and also went fishing the last time he saw his father alive. …He doesn't do those things anymore. Camping and fishing bring painful emotions back to the surface.
  • Both Elliot's father and grandfather fought in a war. His father made a point of trying to convince Elliot not to follow in their footsteps, seeing the intelligence that could lead him elsewhere.
  • When he was young, he and his sister would celebrate Halloween in full force, with well crafted costumes and everything; this being due to the fact that it was one of his sister's favorite holidays, which it still is to this day.
  • Elliot knows some French, but is a little rusty with it.
  • Elliot was sent back in time via an unknown means to 1951, and then accidentally told General Bowe he was going to die, leading to a marginally different future where Bowe was more paranoid than before, and tried to kill Elliot upon meeting him. As a result, Elliot now has a year old scar on one of his arms from this incident. He has memories of most of his time at the Foundation both with and without this scar up til the point at which it appeared from his perspective.
  • Elliot is, at present, one of the oldest characters in Origins (by time since introduction without retirement), having joined in the second month (January 2014), meaning he's been present for 2 Years and 6 months as of July 2016.
  • Elliot does not tolerate racism or sexism. At all.
  • Gāo ěr Jiàn: When performing this magic spell on Talonair's Court Runs, Elliot gets a +2 boost to his potency rolls. See Talonair's notes for how exactly this works out, but given that Elliot is probably too traumatized and guilty to ever use Court magic in the future, this bonus will likely go unused for some time.
  • Nicknames: Wilson, Eagle-eyes, Fisherman.
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Total Runs: 48 +1 half (Not counting 'Life Begins at 10' and 'One of Four', and counting half-runs as halves.)


Current XP: 61
Used XP: 70
Total XP: 131

Name of Source/Purchase XP Change Date
Pre-77 XP +116 Pre-77
+3 Ranged -24 Pre-77
+1 Melee -8 Pre-77
+1 Agility -8 Pre-77
+1 Medical -8 Pre-77
+1 Sneak -8 Pre-77
+1 P. Def. -8 Pre-77
Pet Cat (Alan) -6 Pre-77
Dead City's Radio (SpookyBee) +4 3 Aug '16
You Have Been Warned (Soulless) +2 5 Aug '16
Kaltos' Folly (Part 1) (Talonair) +4 3 Sep '16
Kaltos' Folly (Part 2) (Talonair) +2 4 Sep '16
Holiday XP +3 9 Jan '17
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