Ellie Kempers

Basic Info:

Ellie Kempers! Circa 1955

Player: RosyBud

Position: Peacekeeper/Archivist

Demeanor: At first, Ellie seems to have a no-nonsense attitude, a girl that focuses on work first, relationships later. She chooses her word carefully, even if what she's saying is annoyingly blunt. She's not one to talk much unless its work-related, but there are exceptions.

Nature: Ellie is how she is at first sight, one with a low tolerance for nonsense, needless violence and cruelty. She has a habit of keeping things neat and tidy around her for efficiency's sake and she finds searching for things a time waster. Ellie's also rather straightforward when she finds that peace isn't working, which spawns from her dislike of tension. She'll try peace first of course to try and defuse a situation, but when it's evident that it's not working the figurative and/or literal gloves come off and she'll solve whatever the problem is however she can, whether it's a real problem or just melodrama.

Description: Ellie is a thirty-five year old Caucasian woman with ginger hair, and, for informal speak, could be called a ginger. She's about five feet, eight inches and her eyes are a color similar to crystal green. She has no accent and can speak certain languages easily without butchering them.


  • Physical Health: 7
  • Mental Health: 7
  • Physical Defense: 3
  • Mental Defense: 2
  • Perception: 5
  • Agility: 5
  • Persuasion: 6
  • Ranged: 6
  • Survival: 2
  • Sneak: 2
  • Academics: 4
  • Nice Try Buddy. 2. Being that negotiating and persuading is a big part of her job, Ellie needs to be wary of people who try to give her a taste of her own medicine, metaphorically that is. (+2 to MDEF when any speaking stat (Pers, Intim, and Bluff) is used on her.)
  • Again, Nice Try. 2. Along with that there are often people who look a gift horse in the mouth and will often be less then helpful to the people trying to help. They'll lie, cheat, and stonewall people out of fear of their loved ones and out of the fact the people helping them are more often then not, people who don't belong. And while Ellie can't force people to talk, she can at least tell when people are lying to her face. (+2 to Perc when Bluff is used by someone other than her.)
  • I DO PARKOUR!: 2. Growing up in a rather urban area Ellie often saw her fair share of children gangs and while a band of kids is less dangerous to band of adults, Ellie still taught herself how to move through the city. (+2 to acrobatics, running and jumping)
  • Denied! Sit down!: 2. There are some people who are just idiotic or don't listen to reason and for those special cases, lethal force needs to be used. Especially when they start to take out weapons, shout threats, and actually attack. Fortunately, Ellie's good at stopping them without killing them. (+2 to Ranged or Melee when attempting to knock them out or prevent them from attacking. As in shooting a hand to stop a person from shooting.)
  • Put the Gun Down.: 2. Fear is a motivation for some people to take rash actions, threatening or even attacking people who simply want to help. However, Ellie can take advantage of their nervousness or uncertainty, and try to convince them to end the conflict by putting down their weapons. (+2 to Persuasion when attempting to get people to back down.)
  • Just Organize The Files 2. Having worked for about half a decade, give or take a few months, in a desk job for her local law enforcement, Ellie became very familiar with files and folders. It was all often extremely cluttered and in general a mess because of how many cases her station brought in, so she has plenty of experience with paper files, and their organization in office settings. (+2 to academics when dealing with files and folders that would typically be found in an office like-environment)


  • FN FAL
  • M1911
  • Notebooks
  • White Hankerchief
  • Blue beret (or helmet)
  • Police Badge (From father)


  • Stuff

Personal History:

Ellie Kempers was born April 4th, 1922 to a mother who later passed away and a father in Chicago, Michigan. Unfortunately, this was a time of crime and organized crime was increasing because of the ratification of the Eighteenth Amendment which caused a period of time called Prohibition. This amendment simply banned alcohol from being sold, bought and even used. This revelation brought people to take on a life a crime through smuggling and bootlegging and much more. The rise of Al Capone and his mob made Chicago a dangerous place to be in and living in these conditions didn't help her living conditions whatsoever. Her childhood was tough, but she and her father, who was an honest police officer, made it work. He did not falter no matter what, no matter how many times he ended up in hospital from firefights, because of his beliefs in upholding peace. This inspired her to do the same, and she grew up with the dream of carrying on this dream in other places. As she grew up, she aspired to be an officer like him. Unfortunately, women officers weren't in service at this time and after graduating from college, she had to settle for a desk job in the Chicago PD. Even though it wasn't the same as being a police officer, she was at least helping in any way possible and making enough money to survive in her town. Then, one night, her life changed forever.

'Around New Years of 1948, Ellie left work to go home as she always did, with the pistol she normally carried for self-defense. It was snowing a decent amount that night as Ellie focused on getting home, however as she passed a streetlight, a strange being ran past her, baring its teeth as it went. On closer inspection, however, it seemed to be a monstrous beast, one called a Wendigo. She immediately turned to run away and find someone, but the beast realized she was there and began to chase her. She ran and ran, dodging and weaving, but she in the end was not faster then what was following close behind. Eventually, she was cornered in an abandoned warehouse, where the creature leaped. It took a few bites and a chunk of her arm, scratching her in various places as she began to feel dizzy and tired. She was losing blood fast. However, she did not want to die like this or at all, for that matter. She took her gun out and shot it multiple times, causing it to fall to the floor unconscious. After briefly checking to make sure it wouldn't attack again, she shuffled quickly towards the nearest police station. When she arrived, she shouted out a few words to inform anyone nearby of what had happened before collapsing, having lost an incredible amount of blood.

Ellie woke up a few days later, in a hospital bed. However, a couple of officials from a choice organization appeared by her bedside, interested in hiring her for the task she'd managed. She not only was able to survive and defend herself from a dangerous anomaly, she was able to put the same creature into the custody of the GOC before the Foundation could capture it. Since it paid better than her job and she could help out with the anomalous world that she had just entered, she accepted the offer. They made her into a peacekeeper or one of the "Blue Berets' as a front for her joining the GOC. However, as time went by, she found her fake job more enjoyable, the GOC's treatment of anomalies not agreeing with her morals. Sure, she didn't want to be near any anomalies, but she didn't want the bulk of them just being killed or destroyed for the safety of humanity. There had to be a way, and she eventually found one. In 1957 she left both of her jobs and joined the Foundation.


  • English
  • French
  • Italian
  • Some German.


She is somewhat uncomfortable being around anomalies, as a result of her being attacked and almost killed by one.
She doesn't like to wear revealing clothing at all since she is a conservative, which was natural for the time period.

XP: 5

Name of Source/Purchase XP Change Date
An Exchange +2XP 4/12/16
The One That's On A Boat +3XP 4/18/16
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