Eleanor Mayfield


Basic Info:

Player: Knyght

Position: Infiltration, Field Recovery, Combat Operative

Demeanor: Eleanor seems very polite and professional a majority of the time, and while her professionalism can be annoying she seems to care about and enjoy the company of her friends, and has been known to joke every so often.

Nature: Eleanor can be nice when she needs to be, she can be mean when she needs to be. She generally tries to remain professional. She can be laid back if the time calls for it, but always feels like she needs to be ready for work, and with such she can stay very rigid.

Description: Eleanor is a 5’6, slim woman, caucasian but with fairly tanned skin. She has medium length black hair that falls down over her shoulders. She’s athletic and strong, definitely has a lot of work put into staying healthy. She’s typically wearing a plain dress, nice shoes and some jewelry around site and the offices. When out and about she wears standard military camouflage fatigues and boots.


  • Physical Health: 7
  • Mental Health: 7
  • Physical Defense: 3
  • Mental Defense: 5
  • Perception: 6
  • Agility: 5
  • Strength: 4
  • Engineering: 3
  • Ranged: 6
  • Melee: 2
  • Sneak: 5
  • Unseen Threat: (3) When Eleanor takes her first shot, if she is undetected and has had time to ready herself, has the potential to take down a target with little issue. (+3 Ranged for first shot in combat encounter, if unseen beforehand.)
  • Spotter (2) Eleanor has an improvement in skill spotting threats at a distance through years of practice. (+2 Perception spotting enemies/anomalies etc at a fair distance.)
  • Picky Picky (2) Eleanor is good at getting into and out of things. Comes with the job. (+2 Engineering when breaking open doors, picking locks, opening windows etc.)
  • Still and Silent (2) Eleanor has an impressive track record of not being sighted. (+2 to Sneak if holding completely still.)
  • Stop, Focus: (3) Eleanor can take a round to set up in a tactical position, to increase her accuracy at longer ranges. (Requires a round to set up, +3 Ranged while set up, broken if moved or attacked. Requires targets to be at a fair distance, can't be used with smaller arms like handguns, submachine guns, etc.)

- Purchased -

  • Simple Suppressor: If a DC 4 sneak roll is met, weapon is silent at long range, but suffers a -2 penalty on ranged. Weapon used must be a rifle or similar. 3/event.


  • Caliber .30-06, Model 1903 Springfield
  • Fitted with Scope, and Bipod
  • Colt .45 M1911
  • Binoculars
  • Ammunition for weapons
  • Combat Knife
  • Standard field equipment, such as Rope, Spare Rations, * * Canteen, Lighter.
  • Signaling Mirror

Allows Engineering to be used for ACAD in magical knowledge inside the Ivory City
Teaches Basic Magical tricks to be used only in the Ivory City


Pictures of Family and Friends
Reading Material
An Old Bolt-Action Hunting Rifle
A Chess Board
Brass and Silver Flute
A Fine Metal Flute, given as a gift from Aaron.
A Polished Wooden Panflute

Personal History:

Eleanor was born happily to her mother and father in 1933, her father a GOC operative. For the first few years of her life she grew up at home with her mother in the United states, specifically in Nevada.

Her father visited every month or so, but was typically out on work. When he’d come home, he’d spend every ounce of time he had with her and her mother, trying to make up for the time he spent away. Eleanor was told that her father was in the military, which as a young child she thought nothing about it. She was her father’s girl though, and she tried to emulate him even at a young age.

As she aged, her father’s trips home and occasional long vacations, she spent time going on hunting trips with him, and he introduced her to hunting and the use of firearms, which she took a liking too early on. Despite her love for the outdoors she still managed fairly good grades in school, played instruments and was typically seen as a very good child with a good work ethic and manners.

Enter 1949, at age 16 Eleanor began working to help assist her family, even though she had very fine living conditions, she had a need to work and keep herself busy. But jumping between different office type jobs, she found it was lacking something she wanted. She kept hunting as a hobby, with and without her father now.

At 16 Eleanor was involved in an accident in her home town involving an anomalous entity that began singling out and stalking human targets, before killing them. When she began to notice a tall black figure following her on her way home at night, or when out hunting, she of course told her father about this, unknown to her that he was aware of the entity and that the GOC were involving themselves in trying to find and kill it.

Eleanor was moved by her father to the GOC for her own well being, essentially putting her into protective custody. She spent enough time with the GOC, after questioning her father, to desire to join. With her father vouching for her she entered GOC training at the age of 18 to become a Sniper, her desired position as her skill with rifles excelled beyond the expectations of most.

She would spend most of her time learning, practicing diligently, taking her new found task much more seriously than a lot of the other agents around her level. When she wasn't working on improving, she'd sit at base and play the flute, her instrument of choice during school, which she was fond of playing. Her fellow operatives took to calling her Songbird, earning her the same codename during operations.

Eleanor would spend a fair amount of time in the GOC, eliminating targets with a feared level of accuracy and success. She looked up to the other marksmen of her unit and spent a fair bit of time learning under them to improve her skills.

During an operation where Eleanor was critically wounded, she was forcibly discharged from the GOC to recover. Upon her return, they were starting to become over staffed and politely declined her request to rejoin after her year of therapy and recovery.

Through her knowledge gained through the GOC and a friend that still worked there, she was able to get placed into the hands of the foundation instead, to continue utilizing her skill as a marksman.


  • English
  • Morse Code


Bears the codename ‘Songbird’ from her GOC unit.

Plays the flute pretty well!

XP: 0

Name of Source/Purchase XP Change Date
RIP Loche +8 8/—/17
I'm not Insane! +2 8/24/17
Simple Suppressor -9 8/25/17
Nothing Moves Out Here +2 9/1/17
Birfdai XP +6 10/3/17
Blood Brush +6 10 ? 17
Roget Event +2 10 ? 17
Why Don't You Write a Run About MEEEE? +2 11/21/17
Lost in the City +3 12/11/17
+1 Strength (+2 Melee) -22 12/11/17
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