Dominik Kissel

6++++ Basic Info:
Player: Seraphim

Position: Astronomer/Computer Engineer

Demeanor: Dominik is a man of study, he is dedicated to his work, (whatever that may be at the time) and a man curious of the unknown if able to study such from a point of safety, although, very ready to run from the known slavering beast that may well be wanting to eat him if it's just him to stop it from doing so.
On a social side he isn't cruel or quick to anger, possessing at least a limited sense of calm and affable feel to him.

Nature: An idealist through and through, Dominik is ready to see mankind proceed from it's limited understanding of the universe and empathizes keenly with the slogan in every dormitory room. An understanding of the unknown will shed light upon it and man will understand it's place in the universe, in his eyes.

Description: Just under six feet even, Dominik is no imposing man despite his height. His jewish heritage is less pronounced in him than in his father, his facial features sharp and defined, with light blue eyes and dark blond hair. He is most-times clean shaven and has a youthful vigor to him, appearing to be in his late 20's.


  • Physical Health: 7
  • Mental Health: 7
  • Physical Defense: 4
  • Mental Defense: 4
  • Perception: 4
  • Agility: 3
  • Strength: 2
  • Persuasion: 2
  • Bluff: 2
  • Ranged: 2
  • Academics: 3
  • Science: 5
  • Engineering: 5
  • Computer Engineering 4: Already possessing a sound knowledge of engineering, Dominik's long years of work in NASA and their adoption of computers (as with many government institutions) gave him experience working with IBM and UNIVAC computers, knowing the devices and how they function in and out. Dominik could build one from scratch if he had to.
  • Astronomy 3: Although it originally wasn't his main pursuit in his schooling, Dominik has put forth much research and study into fields of astronomy, turning into more one of his main interests and, even putting forth a scientific paper on Solid State theory with several colleagues shortly after the war.
  • Spooky UFO's 2: After nearly a year of study with a small foundation group, Dominik has a fair basis of knowledge on the nature of extraterrestial phenomena, what the Foundation considers extraterrestial SCP's.
  • This Ain't Worth it 3: After dropping to 3 Mental or Physical health, Dominik ain't going to lose his life for the sake of research, doing whatever is necessary to escape danger, and is isn't going to be sent out on a strictly combat mission except in very excepting cases (Applicable only in rolls to escape with given conditions met). "Damnit Jim I'm a doctor engineer not a soldier!"




  • High powered binoculars
  • An array of books, both fictional and academic
  • Small amateur telescope

Personal History:

Dominik was born on June 16th, 1923 in Graz, Austria to Lisa and Fabian Kissel, the latter a wealthy Jewish bureaucrat and industrialist in the then social democratic party, the most popularly supported political party in Austria at the time if not the one that dominated current federal government, albeit holding majority seating in Vienna. Antisemitism however was very alive in Austria and following the start of Hitler's anti-jewish campaigns in early 1933, the family left Austria, traveling through Europe for the next several years. Dominik was sent to a boarding school in Switzerland to finish his general education, finishing school and fleeing (along with his family) mainland Europe in the same year to Britain as Germany began it's invasion of Czechoslovakia and annexation of Austria in early 1938.

Dominik entered Cambridge University in the following year of 1939 to study electrical sciences and physics. This would not last however as the war in Europe came into full swing. The British government sent Kissel and many other foreign born people into internment as enemies of the state and fears of spies and saboteurs were a very real threat. After nearly a year in internment, he was released upon whence he returned to his studies, taking up astronomy as a hobby and some scant side classes in addition to his main course of study. (At the time, astronomy was not a very large field given current technology only then starting to grow to allow large advances in the field, therefore few classes at most universities would be offered and very few would pursue majors in the field, being mostly amateur work).

Graduating in 1944, Dom started life taking a few menial jobs before taking up naval research into radar technologies in Britain. Following the war, he and a few colleagues of his began work into one of two prevailing universal creation theories, the Steady State theory. This began more work into the physics side of his education, involved frequently in astronomical work and the Royal Astronomical Society. Going into the 50's he began work at first as an advisor to NASA and then work in computer systems then starting to become more popular in those year, such as IBM then UNIVAC, the technology quickly becoming an asset in astronomy and the first years of what would become the space race between the US and Soviet Union, the first space probe, Sputnik 1, being launched in 1957. (Although Dominik would not be involved in the miniaturization of that technology yet given the year and it's heavy implementation into spacecraft) This continued for several years until one late, warm night in July of 1957, an observation would change the man's life, spotting something odd in the night sky. No satellites were in orbit at the time and meteor showers didn't look like that… Several weeks and more sightings and some conclusive evidence later, Dominik was about to take his findings public of a definite sighting of something extraterrestrial, as it certainly wasn't NASA (with whom he was working) and there wasn't a known US flight testing facility in the area to have such an odd craft. His short paper submitted in the following months, more as a way to get a more publicity and thus funding and greater research, was intercepted by a foundation agent just to stop such news from going public and he was quickly approached by representatives with a job offer they didn't make him inclined to refuse, to portray him as a quack and lunatic if he ever went public with the finding, to deal with the issue given his knowledge and previous work. In following months and with Foundation help he put more research into the event, the craft commonly appearing in the same general region and gaining more of an insight into of the nature of it. Following a month of no even suspected sightings, Dominik was transferred from the small U.S. site to Site-77 and the PSI-7 taskforce to where his current story begins.


  • English
  • German
  • Smattering of Italian.


Heavily contributed to one of two papers on Solid State theory as an alternative theory to the Big Bang theory. (Only largely disproven in late 1960's with the discovery of the hydrogen line or 21 cm radiation)

XP: 0

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