Dmitri Feodor Glazkov
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Agent Glazkov, Processing, c. 1957

Basic Info:

Player: Aphex_

Position: Security / Reconnaissance Marksman

Demeanor: Dmitri appears to be a very quiet man, choosing only to speak to closer acquaintances. His stoic nature extends to even the closer people are to him. When speaking, he is generally quite blunt, as if giving instructions.

Nature: While quiet and intimidating, Agent Glazkov has a creative side deep down, and is willing to both share and teach about the Arts. Despite his blunt nature, he genuinely tries to be as polite as possible while maintaining his social distance.

Description: Agent Glazkov stands at approximately 5'10, weighing in at 185 lbs. He has light blue eyes and chestnut hair, usually either cut close or shaved entirely. He also sports a beard.


  • Physical Health: 7
  • Mental Health: 7
  • Physical Defense: 5
  • Mental Defense: 5
  • Perception: 4
  • Agility: 4
  • Strength: 3
  • Melee: 3
  • Ranged: 4
  • Survival: 3
  • Sneak: 5
  • Knives Over Guns: 4. The best option when close to your opponent is not your gun, nor your hands, but your knife. Dmitri is particularly fond of this strategy. (While in melee combat for two consecutive turns, Dmitri gains a +4 to Melee. This bonus applies only once per enemy encounter.)
  • Four In, Four Out, Repeat: 5. The key to a well timed and well aimed shot is the fundamentals of markmanship- the first of which is controlled breathing. (+5 Ranged bonus while using sniper rifles. This bonus can only be achieved during a two (2) turn setup, one that can be interrupted through any other combat-based roll call (AGI, PDEF, etc.))
  • Bio-organic Camouflage: (Anomaly) 3. Agent Glazkov's role the GRU-P's Anomalous Operators Division was developed after years of scientific breakthroughs and horrific failures- and hundreds of injections. For the sake of simplicity, Agent Glazkov can- with great physical toll- render himself completely invisible to the naked eye. (For a direct buff of +3 to Sneak, Glazkov takes a direct debuff of -1 to PDEF and -2 to AGI. This lasts for the duration of the buff and two (2) turns after as cooldown. Thermal imaging will still capture his presence and nullify the buff as he generates massive amounts of heat while camouflaging.)


  • PTRS-41 (Only available on request)
  • Tula Arms SVT-40
  • Tula Arms AK-47
  • Makarova PM (Model 1953)


  • Russian BDU sets
  • Various styles of clothing
  • Sketching materials for off-time leisure

Personal History:

October 3rd, 1928, Dmitri Glazkov was born to Russian-immigrant parents in ██████, Ukraine; the Glazkov family moved that same year back into the Soviet Union with the promise of true social equality. While in school, Dmitri showed talent in sports and physical education while still doing well in the academic setting. It is thanks to this that he built up and maintained his imposing physique and sharp wit.

During the Second World War, Dmitri worked as a factory hand in the Tula Arms Manufacturing company; as he came of age, he was drafted into the military, thankfully at the end of the War. His excellence in both the physical and mental performance exams landed him a spot in one of the most secretive agencies in the whole of Russia- the GRU-P.

While with the GRU-P, Agent Glazkov voluntarily enlisted for the newest division, the Anomalous Operators division. The AO division was created for the utilization of those affected by anomalies as special agents- in the case of Agent Glazkov, his anomaly was thrust upon him by way of experimentation; after months of grueling injections, tests, and experimentation, Agent Glazkov was given the ability to camoflage himself naturally, albeit at the cost of great physical strain and a peculiar strain of anemia.

After his defection from the GRU-P's AO division in December 1957, Agent Glazkov surrendered himself to Foundation Agents outside of █████, Belarus; after being processed and contained, Agent Glazkov was offered a position on Mobile Task Force Psi-7 in 1958.


  • Russian
  • English


Dmitri, as he suffers from anemia, must take iron supplements. He still occasionally has nosebleeds from another chronic illness inflicted by his anomaly.

If his abilities are used too frequently or in a long enough period, Dmitri will become violently ill in a manner similar to someone suffering from tuberculosis, and possibly admitted to Medical for a short duration- normally for twenty-four (24) hours.

XP: 11

Name of Source/Purchase XP Change Date
Ira Wings +2 06/02/18
Unnamed Balth Run +3 15/02/18
Before The Roller Coaster Takes Its First Dive +2 17/03/18
Soulless Run +4 28/04/18
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