Dick "Spade" Continental

Basic Info:

Player: PMCD

Position: Antiquarian

Demeanor: A hard-boiled toughie of a man, he's got little patience for time wasters and even less sentimentality, unless it's to do with the greatest country in the world. Keeping his close relation with the things he loved back home, he stands out in a crowd of outsiders, although it's quite obvious it wouldn't be the same back in the USA.

Nature: Rough around the edges, Dick is a tired man that does work as a hobby. His surprising depth of knowledge in relics of ancient times fills up what would normally be a hollow, flat cliche, but rather than being the grouch everyone sees from the outside, he's got qualities such as his persistence in studies and dedication to his goals to give people a ledge to hold on when his rugged personality tries to brush them off.

Description: Broad-shouldered middle-aged balding man, five o'clock shadow the same shade as the charred base of his overexerted ashtray. Standing at 5'10, his eye color's difficult to determine behind his squinting, unsentimental eyelids. Despite his place of work, he's dressed more like a Private Investigator, what with his gray trench coat and occasional fedora to cover his receding hairline.


  • Physical Health: 7
  • Mental Health: 7
  • Physical Defense:5
  • Mental Defense:3
  • Perception:3
  • Agility:2
  • Strength:4
  • Intimidation:4
  • Bluff:3
  • Melee:4
  • Ranged:3
  • Academics:5
  • Antiquarianism: 5. After years of study and practice, Dick is well versed in the identification, history, and uses of relics and other historical artifacts of ancient civilizations. Initiates when Dick interacts with an ancient object, boosting Engineering or Academics.
  • Roughhousing: 4. Years in a rough and tumble neighborhood, school, and family have led to plenty of time spent taking and giving back blows. Boosts MEL when Dick takes a melee hit.
  • Specialization 3: X. .


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  • Dull Silver Wristwatch
  • Pocketbook
  • Two Knuckledusters, worn down with use
  • Three Dutch Masters Cigars

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  • A Study of Ancient Roman Relics by Arthur Truth
  • Links Between Historically Significant Items Across Fallen Civilizations by A.T. Karian
  • American Sports Greats by Forrest Bale
  • Half of an intricately designed ceramic pot, cut cleanly in half
  • A faded picture of four figures in the desert.
  • A shiny bronze steam train coin bank.

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  • English


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