De'Von Anderson

Basic Info:

Player: Ricky

Position: Veterinarian/Medic

Demeanor: Overstimulated.

Nature: Like a little lost puppy that you can't seem to shake off your leg. De'Von is by no means charismatic, he's more… childlike, as odd as that seems. He has a fascination for the world around him, and an innocence seemingly unchanged by his position and knowledge of the anomalies. He seems more interested in befriending these anomalies than doing anything to them.

Description: 26 years old. Stands at 5' 6" tall, a bit shorter than your average man. Has dark, black skin that is smooth and appears to shine at times due to how well he takes care of it. His teeth are bright, shiny, and white. Has an almost curvy build which co-workers tend to make fun of. Decent musculature, a bit chubby in the stomach. Thin-faced with big, brown, round eyes. Has a short brownish-black afro, always neatly combed into a near-perfect circle.


  • Physical Health: 7
  • Mental Health: 7
  • Physical Defense: 3
  • Mental Defense: 5
  • Perception: 3
  • Agility: 2
  • Strength: 2
  • Bluff: 4
  • Persuasion: 2
  • Survival: 1
  • Academics: 4
  • Science: 5
  • Medical: 5
  • Animal Person: 5. Always better with animals than he is with people, De'Von almost seems to have a spiritual connection with the creatures. He can get animals whom will approach no one else to approach him; this has been observed on several different occasions. It is unknown whether this ability extends to SCPs. (+5 SURVIVAL when near an animal)
  • Cat's Feet: 4. Years of watching and imitating the barn cats on his family farm have done him well; De'von is almost graceful in his movements when the adrenaline is running, twisting and turning and evading his enemies at every turn. A useful skill when you are often bullied by the bigger neighborhood kids. (+4 AGILITY only while running)
  • Play Nice: 3. Even though he does not often agree with what others say, De'von will "play nice" and feign ignorance or acceptance of an opinion or statement he does not agree with. This can go even further to him repeating an opinion of which he does not believe in. (+3 BLUFF only when under duress)


  • Small first-aid kit
  • Cat collar
  • Dog collar
  • Short rope
  • Wallet
  • A picture of his mother



  • Another picture of his mother
  • Yet another cat collar
  • Yet another dog collar
  • A small assorted library of books, mostly about animals

Personal History:

Born to two poor parents in rural Georgia in 1931, life was not a crystal staircase for De'Von. No one in his immediate family had gone to school at the time of his birth, and it was believed that he would not either. However, the family did have a small business at the time growing crops, and this leads to De'Von's biggest secret: he was designated female at birth. His parents, not wanting a girl to inherit the family name (he was the firstborn), raised him as a boy from the moment he was born, going so far as to get a more educated family member to forge his birth certificate.

De'Von went through life as a normal boy would at first, until he started to go through puberty. Up until that time, he assumed he was no different from other boys, and the discovery that he was not designated male at birth is associated with severe trauma for him. Through a few quick cover-ups, De'Von was able to continue life "as normal", continuing to identify as a boy when given the choice. He has stated multiple times that, despite his parents' influences, he was always a boy and will always be a boy, no matter what his anatomy says.

It quickly became apparent that De'Von had a gift that extended beyond farming. His amazing communication skills with animals made up for his less than stellar communication skills with humans, and was able to work with the family's farm animals better than anyone else on the property. It was around that time that De'Von decided to become a veterinarian, though this idea was met with some opposition from his family. Knowing it would be nearly impossible to get into a medical school in the United States, De'Von raised money by "diagnosing" and treating the behavioral problems of pets owned by rich individuals, and used that money to get himself to Italy.

The Foundation approached De'Von while he was still in veterinary school, offering him a position to work among the anomalies. Believing his high intelligence and skills with animals (many of whom are on the same level as the anomalies) could be useful, the Foundation reached out to him, and he reached back. His softness towards the anomalies was unexpected, and while termination has been discussed, he has remained on the team thus far.


  • English


  • once won an eating contest held by the Foundation when he first joined
  • No matter where he goes, he always carries a picture of his mother. He loves her dearly, and carries her photo around so that she may, symbolically, accompany him on his daily duties.

XP: 0

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