Darling "Little Bird" Kestrel

Player: Varren_Erelim

Position: Wet Works Agent

Demeanor: Little Bird is an odd ball of a person. She is naturally excitable and outgoing while prone to bouts of withdrawing emotionally and becoming quiet at times. On a normal day she is vocal and ready to blurt out whatever comes to mind. She has a very long fuse for her temper and rarely ever loses it. When not withdrawn she always has a small smile on her face.

This changes in two situations, combat and withdrawing into herself. Little Bird has seen horrible things in her time with the Foundation and while the worst has been amnesticized away there are still scars. At times she will become quiet and introversive, preferring to be alone. The other situation is when it comes to combat. She dials in and becomes quiet but in a more dangerous way, focusing completely on her objective and little else besides preserving her life.

Nature: Little Bird is a damaged person that has been taped and glued. She is a happy and fun loving person at heart but that is at odds with her job and the personality she takes on for the higher danger missions she has taken on in the past. She does her best to stay positive and tries to not let the gaps from amnestic bother her. She has her dull moments and her vibrant but really she is just out to live her life, do her duty, and help those she cares about because she has the strength to do it.

Description:Little Bird is a Caucasian female standing at 5’10” and weighs above average for her size because of muscle on her toned form. The muscles are more obvious on her back, legs, and abdomen. Her eyes are a bright green with a far-off glare like she is perpetually trapped in her thoughts. Her hair is auburn that reddens near the tips and is chin length on the left side, double that on the right. The longer side is either tied or braided while the rest hangs free in a slightly wavy mess with some in her face.

Facial features are generally softer with has a resting neutral expression but are overshadowed because of her eyes and hair. Her skin is a patchwork of old and new scars from combat with both humans and anomalies that are more numerous than a person can count at a quick glance. Some of note are the vertical scar over her right eye, the multitude of interconnected scars on her back, and a deep groove on her abdomen from her right hip up to just under her left breast.

The most curious thing about her is her left forearm which is a black ceramic like material. It is also lightweight and fully articulate like a living flesh and blood arm. The arm has a glossy finish to it and seems to be made of one single piece. The prosthetic itself is designed to look as if it is an elegant and thin plate armor glove with sharpened finger tips.

The one consistent thing about her outfit choice is a gray Foundation jacket with elbow length sleeves and a black long sleeve shirt under that.


  • Physical Health: 14
  • Mental Health: 11
  • Strength: 2
    • Athletics
    • Melee
    • Ranged (heavy)
  • Toughness: 1
    • Resilience
    • Determination
    • Antipsychic
  • Speed: 3
    • Acrobatics
    • Stealth
    • Ranged
  • Charm: 0
    • Persuasion
    • Bluff
    • Intimidation
  • Intelligence: 0
    • Perception
    • Insight
    • Logic
  • Education: 3
    • Science
    • Engineering
    • History
    • Survival
    • Medicine
  • Adrenal Overclock: 4.

Little Bird’s fighting style is aggressive and because of this she has employed and become used to adrenaline.
Once per run she can use adrenaline to add an additional die to her melee attack damage (2d4 instead of 1d4 for a light weapon). Effect lasts two rounds before wearing off. Once Adrenal overclock has ended Little bird takes a -1 modifier to Strength, Acrobatics, and Resilience for one round. Cannot apply to Deadly Dance.

  • Deadly Dance: 2.

There is a flow to combat and Little Bird can lock into it automatically. Dodging comes as naturally to her as breathing. By purposely narrowing the movement to avoid an attack she can leave room to counter. If Little Bird’s dodge roll exceeds an attack targeting her 2 or more she can immediately roll to counter attack at half damage. Counter attack type (ranged/melee) must match the attack that activated the spec. Restricted to once per enemy and twice uses max per combat round.

  • Immunity by Experience: 2.

Little Bird’s time as an agent has exposed her to tons of situations where she had to be amnesticized. Little Bird gains a +2 to the applicable roll (Antipsy or Determination) to stay conscious due to outside influence (gas or anomalies). Physical damage at 6 or more cannot be negated by this spec.


  • PM-84 Glauberyt SMG "Gilbert"
  • Additional mags
  • Glock 17 "Styx"
  • Additional mags
  • 50ft paracord
  • Ziptie cuffs
  • Binoculars
  • Flashlight
  • Specialized combat knife "Faust"
  • Four additional knives
  • Lighter
  • flare
  • Note pad and pen


  • Half sleeve gray jacket
  • Small box full of tiny items that seem completely random
  • Broken compass
  • Various books about detective mysteries
  • Vase with fake flowers

Personal History:

Little bird was born as Darling Kestrel to an above middle class family that owned a small regional banking institution. She was a fierce young child that rebelled against her lifestyle and acted out as much as she could. She didn’t want a cushy life where she was given everything. She wanted to earn it all. She went through school easily enough with the effort she put forward and even joined a small biker group for a while but nothing illegal.

Once she was out of school she joined a few hobby groups like games and later on a sort of war game club. This was enough to seal in her want and interest in combat. She got a trainer and studied under former military officers before going for the real thing. It took some time, being able to get into militant group but when she did she started low and moved high. Nothing in command she hovered around the mid levels. Didn’t matter much when she was selected for a black operation, handpicked among others to interrupt a terrorist purchase of a biological weapon. That terrorist group turned out the be Marshall, Carter, and Dark misidentified. The Foundation arrived and got the situation under control but not before most of Darling’s team was dead and the biological anomaly got loose. Darling was taken in by the Foundation and interrogated about the situation. After the interrogation she was given the choice of being amnesticized and being released or joining the fold and becoming a full time part of the Foundation.

Darling accepted the offer to join and took on the code name Little Bird due to her real name. She dove head first into the world of the Foundation and developed her combat style to fight at a closer range because of how aggressive anomalies can be. In time she got pulled into more dangerous operations by volunteering. As the missions got more dire and dangerous the more she was exposed to amnestics due to both questionable nature and to the things she experiences, leading up to her current status as a wet works agent.


Languages: German, Spanish, French, Italian, Swahili

Hobbies: Playing piano and cello, knot tying, crossword puzzles

Items of note:

  • Little Bird is officially noted as having beaten an enemy agent to death with a fragment of his own skull as a makeshift weapon. Details on how she obtained the fragment and killed him after are unclear.


  • Heavy Melee Weapon - 30 in long machete like weapon with an 8 inch grip and a 22 inch blade. Blade is designed to be heavy to increase the power behind the swing and is designed to be used two handed or specifically with her prosthetic arm.




Bravery Perk

Missions | Equip Points: 4.25

Run Name GM Points Given/Loot Gained Date
The Dogcathers Souless 1.5 ep 7/27/2019
They Took Our Jobs Souless 1.25 ep 8/3/2019
The Alley Hankolijo 1.5 ep 8/11/2019
Warehouse Raid Madness 2 8/29-30/2019
Heavy Melee Weapon Arsene/Madness -2 8/11/2019
n/a n/a n/a n/a
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