Dana Cain

Basic Info:

Player: Talonair

Position: General Recovery agent, Negotiator.

Demeanor: Welcoming, charismatic, confident, likes to tease friends, commanding when she has to be.

Nature: Dana is a competent commander, hides little when it comes to emotions, and whilst tolerant of mistakes, does not suffer fools gladly. Whilst she is unlikely to chew you out for making a one-off mistake, God help you if you make the same mistake twice and someone gets hurt. When it comes to missions, she will very readily take the role of team leader if required, and will not hesitate to bark out orders like a drill sergeant if the team encounters resistance and when shit hits the fan.

Description: A tall, exceptionally attractive Anglo-Caribbean woman, standing at 6'3" with brown eyes and long silver hair usually worn in a braid, Dana has the dubious honour of being one of the few black employees of the Foundation. Usually dressed in fashionable clothes, with a maroon Paratrooper beret perched on her head. She moves with a confident stride, and carries an easy grace about her. She speaks with a low, husky voice with a weirdly mixed accent, influenced by her time in England, Italy, with the mercenaries and with the Foundation.


  • Physical Health: 7
  • Mental Health: 7
  • Physical Defense: 6
  • Mental Defense: 4
  • Perception: 4
  • Agility: 4
  • Strength: 5
  • Persuasion: 5
  • Melee: 5 (3+2 from Strength)
  • Ranged: 5
  • Sneak: 4
  • Academics: 5
  • By Wit and Guile: 2. As a resistance fighter, and as a Task Force commander, Dana has had to tough out a lot of punishment, endure terrible conditions and pain. As a leader, she has to have the political knack to get her team what it needs, and to convince others when not to fight. Dana gets a +2 to MDEF against fear and pain, and +2 to PERS when trying to prevent or stop a conflict (e.g. talking combatants down, negotiating a ceasefire, talking her way past a guard rather than forcing her way past etc).
  • Manhunt: 3. Lambda-9's primary task is as a door-kicking force. Raid a site, recover intelligence, and take captives wherever possible. With her experience prior to the Foundation backing her up, Dana has trained exhaustively in every fighting style she can find a manual or an instructor for, and has honed her senses to better detect her targets. +3 to PERC when watching for threats. Allows her to properly counter in Melee. If she successfully dodges or defends against an attack in Melee, she may immediately make a Melee attack in response. This counter-attack gains a +1 bonus for every point she beat the enemy attack roll by, up to +3. This does not apply against exceptionally large aggressors (e.g., something the size of a house).
  • Resistenza Italiana: 3. Dana fought in the mountain brigades during the Italian resistance, fighting a low-supply guerrilla war against the Nazis. She's never forgotten the lessons she learnt there, and still finds use for many of them. Bonus to Sneak in rural locations. Bonus to Strength/Agility when climbing.
  • A Certain Set of Skills: 4. Between the resistance, her mercenary work, and her time in the Foundation, Dana has grown into a highly capable fighter, adept with a wide range of weapons, able to adapt to any circumstance. +2 to Ranged when firing single-shot rifles at medium to long range (i.e. greater than 25 metres/80 foot). +2 to Ranged when firing shotguns, SMGs and pistols at close range (i.e. less than 25 metres/80 foot).


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Dana has a wide selection of weaponry available to her, and load out is decided based on value of rate of fire over stopping power (or vice versa), expected resistance, or simply mood that day, amongst other factors.

  • A Short M1 Garand with pouches on the stock and a larger cocking handle (pic) or a Marlin Model 1894 chambered in .44 Magnum (pic)
  • A Sterling SMG with integral silencer (pic) or an FNAB-43 SMG from her time in the Resistance (pic)
  • A pair of Luger pistols, chambered in 9mm Parabellum (pic) or a Replica Colt Dragoon Revolver chambered in .45 Colt (pic)
  • A Kampfmesser 42 Combat Knife (pic)
  • A satchel containing rope, a crowbar, a hand mirror for signalling, wire cutters, a torch, a radio and a lighter
  • A Hipflask
  • A maroon British Paratrooper beret
  • A Lambda-9 armband
  • A watch
  • A Foundation-issue Ballistic Vest

She has a large duffel bag to transport additional weapons in in case mission parameters change:

  • A Karabiner 98k with a sniper scope (pic)
  • Other possible weapons

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  • A Remington 870 with a selection of loads, ranging from the standard buckshot and slug rounds to more esoteric incendiary, to the non-lethal beanbag and rubber rounds (pic)
  • A Winchester Model 1887 modified to allow for one-handed use of the lever and with a modern receiver (pic)
  • An FN-FAL (pic)
  • Spare clothes
  • Weapon cleaning kits
  • A framed photograph of Lambda-9
  • Various souvenirs and mementoes including an SS officer's hat, a spent 20mm shell from Cathy engraved with her name, photos with team mates and other Foundation employees
  • Bottles of various brands of alcoholic drinks
  • Several books for entertainment
  • Code books
  • A Stetson hat hidden in a wardrobe
  • An alto saxophone
  • A Winchester Model 1887 tastefully embellished with brass and silver furniture, the barrel itself has been lightly etched, and the wooden appliances are of richly patterned wood with some inset of other, more exotic woods, metals and mother-of-pearl. Christmas present from Voss.
  • A US Marshals Star, previously owned by one Jacob 'Bob' Dillinger. Another gift from Voss.

She also owns a Harley-Davidson WLA modified in the manner of Lambda-9's motorbikes. Such modifications include a seat for a rear passenger, an in-built comms radio, headsets for both driver and passenger, and a brace with a small arc of rotation for the driver to brace a long gun against in emergency situations. The long guns of Lambda-9 are modified with small hooks to hook onto the brace so the recoil does not damage wrists and shoulders.

Personal History:

Dana was born to Caribbean immigrants in the English city of Bristol. At the age of twelve, her family and her moved to Genoa in the north of Italy, and lived quite happily, receiving a good standard of education until war began brewing on the horizon. With increased hostility towards black people, and the eventual outbreak of the war, her family moved out of the city and into the countryside, to the town of Torriglia, the place that would become the seat of the Italian partisan resistance.

1943 brought the surrender of Italy to the Allies and with it the German occupation of north Italy. It was at this time Dana joined up with the Italian Resistance, one of the very few women to fight in the mountain brigades. Hers was a low-supply guerrilla war against the Nazi soldiers in the Italian Apennines, relying on the locals for supplies and often shelter. The resistance shaped her to a great deal and gave her many of the skills she uses today.

Following the fall of the Third Reich, Dana found it difficult to return to civilian life, and more to the point, found it difficult to find a steady source of income. It was then she joined up with a group of mercenaries seeking to make profit from the turbulent political situation brewing around the world. Whilst fighting as a soldier of fortune, she fought in a number of civil wars, including Greece and La Violencia in Colombia. La Violencia was a time that left a scar on Dana, no matter how well hidden, and her time there is something she will not discuss openly.

It was during her time in Colombia that she was recruited by the Foundation. A Foundation task force on mission in Antioquia region had been mistaken for Conservative party forces by Liberal party fighters, and Dana's squad came to their assistance, making the same mistaken assumption. Following the firefight, Dana was approached by the Foundation and, impressed by how she conducted herself in the battle, offered a new job. She readily accepted, and was inducted into the new Lambda-9.

She served with distinction in the task force, proving herself to be a highly competent agent with a good head for politics and debate on top of that. She displayed a certain mental and physical fortitude that the Foundation prizes highly, and in around five years was promoted to the task forces' second in command. Tragedy struck shortly, however, when their then-Commander, a British Paratrooper named George Thatcher, was fatally wounded by MC&D security forces. With his death, Dana assumed command of the task force, and has continued to serve to the best of her ability.

During her time in Lambda-9, the task force was primarily involved against groups such as the Church of the Broken God and MC&D, providing recon for other task forces, or acting as the door kickers personally. Specific details of Dana's time in Lambda-9, however, are surprisingly murky. Between a number of classified operations and post-operation redactions to protect personnel from certain threats or to cover up other activity, getting a complete service record for Dana is very difficult.

Dana has been transferred to Psi-7 for the purposes of cross-training with an Object Retrieval task force, and to allow for her second in command back in Lambda-9, one Agent O'Riley, experience commanding the Iconoclasts as a whole until she returns to Lambda-9.


  • English
  • Italian (Grew up there)
  • Spanish (Jamaican parents)
  • German (Passing fluency, proximity to Germany and resistance work)
  • Russian (Less-than-passing fluency, picked up during time with mercenaries and in Foundation)
  • ASL (Used for silent communications in Lambda-9)
  • Whilst not strictly a language, she knows the meaning of the Wanderer Symbols used by the Serpent's Hand (example http://www.scp-wiki.net/wanderer-symbols )


She is secretly a massive Western fan.

She's passable on the saxophone.

Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cAnOt74e9_Q

Service Ribbons:

Bronze Service Ribbon:


XP: 11/86

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Name of Source/Purchase XP Change Date
Rebecca's Retirement +17
Power Hungry +3
Silly Psi-7! +2
The Sound of Pages Turning +4
Burning Bridges +3
Rogue System Retrieval +2
Mythic Beasts +3
Shanty to Sharks +2
Temple Run +2
Walking the Eightfold Path +3
For Science +2 06/03/2016
Rope a Pope +3 13/03/2016
Written on the Walls +2 26/03/2016
Man Was Not Meant To Know +4 29/03/2016
City of Love +3 03/04/2016
Gods of Men +2 22/04/2016
A Forest Dark +3 29/04/2016
The Virgin Lands Campaign +4 18/05/2016
Shrimp Pumelling Competition +3 04/06/2016
Côtes de Genève +4 18/06/2016
Finding Emma Boucher +2 05/07/2016
Christmas XP +5 25/12/2016
Awaken! +2 27/12/2016
Shattered Dynasty +4 03/01/2017
Operation: NEW MOON +4 04/06/2017
Your Own Little Slice of Hell +3 02/08/2017
+1 Ranged 4-5 -12
+1 Persuasion 4-5 -10
+1 Academics 0-1 -6 13/03/2016
+1 Academics 1-2 -7 26/03/2016
+1 PDEF 5-6 -11 26/03/2016
+1 Academics 2-3 -8 19/06/2016
+1 Academics 3-4 -8 24/07/2016
+1 Sneak 3-4 -9 24/07/2016
Learning Wanderer Symbols -3 28/12/2016
+ Academics 4-5 -7 28/12/2016
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