Colette Delacroix

Basic Info:

Player: Taffeta

Position: Para-medic

Demeanor: Colette is a naturally curious and inquisitive woman, constantly learning and tinkering with the latest advancements in medical science. This drive to absorb more and more information gives her an overbearing, forceful approach to conversations that makes her seem socially inept at best and straight-up creepy at worst. Despite her penchant for making people uncomfortable with the most benign of questions, Colette seems like she's trying to be warm and friendly, if a little misguided in how she expresses this.

Nature: Genuinely bemused by her seeming inability to get across her good intentions, Colette feels a certain distance from the rest of the task force. The fact that she's from an organisation that was up until recent times considered an enemy doesn't help this much, either. Notwithstanding her awful bedside manner, though, Colette really does try to do the best for her patients and squadmates, constantly researching and updating her body of medical knowledge with the latest findings and techniques courtesy of her aggressive reading habits.

Description: Following the events of a run where she was cloned repeatedly, the new Colette is a slightly taller but still fairly short black woman, with dark grey hair that goes down to the small of her back and brown eyes flecked with blue. In the field, she wears appropriate combat gear for her job as a medic, while on more casual outings she'll wear simple sundresses, or shirts and jeans depending on the weather. Even when she's outside of the surgery, she's frequently seen in her trademark blue latex gloves. This self-admittedly spoils the entire point of sterile gloves, but Colette likes to think it gives her a little bit of flair.

She now has a wrist tattoo with her initials and the number 58 on it, symbolising that she's the 58th clone of the original Colette Delacroix.


  • Physical Health: 7
  • Mental Health: 7
  • Physical Defense: 3
  • Mental Defense: 3
  • Perception: 5
  • Agility: 4
  • Strength: 4
  • Melee: 5 (3 + 2 bonus)
  • Ranged: 5
  • Sneak: 4
  • Medical: 6
  • M.Anom: (2) As would be expected from someone who did their masters on therianthropy, having a body plan that would boggle a normal medic doesn't faze Colette in the slightest. Colette gets a +2 bonus to Medical rolls when treating patients with anomalous physiology.
  • Hypocritic Oath: (3) Healers don't belong in an organisation well-known for their affinity for blowing things up. That said, a medic who knows how to assemble, clean and fire a Daevite legbone is a useful thing in the field. Colette gets a +3 to combat rolls when using esoteric weaponry.
  • Stay Down: (3) Colette's naturally adept at getting the jump on an enemy – what she's even better at is using that element of surprise to her advantage. When Colette gets in close quarters of an enemy, she can roll Sneak against their Perception to launch a surprise attack on them: if she succeeds, she can then Melee attack that enemy without giving them the chance to roll Agility.
  • When You're Going Down: (4) What use is a medic who's unconscious? Colette has endured the worst of major trauma, whether that be physical or otherwise. If Colette would be knocked out by an attack, she can roll a 4df+4 against a DC of the damage she would take. If she succeeds, she doesn't get knocked out.


  • Knife
  • Caseful of medical equipment – esoterics include:
    • a small jar filled with mandrake preserved in sanctified vinegar
    • sterile silver needles
    • several sheets of something similar to baking paper with tracing lines for sigils
  • Ithaca M1911 and ammunition
  • M1 Garand and ammunition
  • Canteen of water
  • Several pairs of sterile latex gloves
  • Zilch


  • Several beaten-up paperbacks
  • Two steel anti-fae slugs, removed from her stomach after a skirmish gone wrong
  • A GOC operative's handbook on thaumatology, well-thumbed
  • Framed degree from the World Parahealth Organisation, hung on her wall
  • Lab coat with several deep claw marks in the side

Personal History:

Operative Designation: "Limpet"
Real Name: Colette Delacroix
Nationality: American
Date of Birth: 07-MAR-1920

Biographical Information: Operative "Limpet" was born in 1920 as the daughter of an ICSUT thaumaturge and lecturer. Due to her father being unaware of his partner's status as a GOC operative, "Limpet" was raised in New Orleans as an ordinary child unaware of the Veil, before being drafted into the Coalition as part of Seventh Occult War recruiting efforts. Despite her mother's status as a Type Blue, "Limpet" showed little aptitude for thaumaturgy and was instead trained by the World Parahealth Organisation as a medical officer certified to treat both ordinary injuries and para-diseases, such as lycanthropy and vampirism.

Following the completion of her training, "Limpet" was deployed as part of PHYSICS Strike Team 1800 "Hotliners" and was deployed in multiple theaters of the Seventh Occult War, including the Dieppe Raid and the Ardennes Counteroffensive. At the conclusion of the Seventh Occult War, "Limpet" returned to the New Orleans branch of the Coalition and assisted in treating veterans of the War for injuries and paradiseases they contracted. Following the recovery of LTE-0088-Clockwork Blackwood ("Amateur Timetraveller") and the subsequent retirement of Strike Team 1800's designation, "Limpet" volunteered to transfer to the Foundation as part of an exchange program and now resides there as part of MTF Psi-7 ("Home Improvement").

– Global Occult Coalition casefile, recovered as part of information exchange


  • English
  • French
  • Tourist-handbook level Italian


  • Colette got her codename "Limpet" after a failed working blew a hole in a Higgins boat.
  • In DSJungeons and DSJragons, Cole plays a female halfling fighter named Burga Borgins. (+2 MEL, +3 SNK, +2 AGI, -2 PHEALTH)

XP: 36 TOTAL: 45

Name of Source/Purchase XP Change Date
Taste of the Limelight +2 20 JUN 2017
Mamoru Mansion +8 29 JUN 2017
Where It Began +2 4 JUL 2017
The Revolution pt. 1 +4 5 JUL 2017
Revolver Lancelot +3 2 AUG 2017
AGI 3 -> 4 -9 3 AUG 2017
The Binding Blade +5 14 AUG 2017
DSJungeons and DSJragons +3 15 AUG 2017
The Prickly Adventures of Cactusman(?) +3 18 AUG 2017
Re-clone-sion +4 23 AUG 2017
Christmas XP +8 26 DEC 2017
Birthday XP +2 06 JAN 2017
They're Clever Girls, Brent +4 04 APR 2018
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