Clementine Withers

Basic Info:

Player: Taffeta

Position: Free Spirit

Demeanor: Clementine is a bubbly, upbeat and ever so slightly shaken girl who's been trying to shake off the after-effects of having her immortal soul imprisoned in a soda machine for a couple of decades. Slightly dated in her slang, fashion sense and attitude, she could very well have stepped out of a silent picture circa the 1920s, which… isn't entirely inaccurate.

Nature: While she's very much still the 'good ol' fashioned Southern belle' you might expect from her typical demeanor, she's also spent most of her afterlife working as an enslaved soda machine attendant — as such, she's been left fairly shaken and maybe a little excessively nervous about her current and future situation in life (or undeath, as the case may be).

Description: Clem is a relatively short and somewhat pudgy-looking brunette with a borderline anemic complexion and her hair done up in an always-impeccably styled bob. Typically seen wearing bright red lipstick and clothes that favour a warmer, autumnal colour palette. Occasionally seen wearing the same paper hat she wore in the machine, for kicks.


  • Health: 14
  • Physical Defense: 4
  • Mental Defense: 4
  • Perception: 3
  • Agility: 4
  • Strength: 2
  • Persuasion: 3
  • Bluff: 4
  • Melee: 3
  • Sneak: 4
  • Academics: 5
  • Letter of the Law: (3) Clem's been reading quite a lot ever since she was acquired by the Foundation, and has been helping out around the thaum lab by serving as a research assistant. In the process, she's just about devoured any book you could care to name in the thaum lab's collection of grimoires, and knows a fair bit about books even if they're not magical.
    • Clem gains a +3 to Academics rolls to do with literature, such as folklore, famous authors and mythology.
  • Apologist: (3) Working in the hospitality industry and dealing with crappy customers for long enough that she almost developed a heart condition has given Clem some idea of how to handle social snafus in a way that doesn't land you in hot water.
    • When a teammate fails a social skill roll, provided Clem has points in that skill, she can re-roll for that teammate using her own score in the skill in question. Every time she uses this spec, however, she suffers an additional -1 penalty that only resets at the end of a run. If this penalty means she rolls 4df+0 or lower, she can no longer use this spec.
    • Example: John Teammate tries to Bluff Jane Civilian into thinking that he's from the National Guard. He fails, and Clem uses her spec to roll for him, rolling 4df+Bluff. On another occasion, Joan Ally tries to Persuade Jim Guy that she's a friendly face, and also fails. If Clem uses her spec again, she rolls 4df+Persuasion-1. Another use would mean she rolls 4df+<stat>-2, and so on.
  • Soul Food: (3) At least what remains of Clem's culinary skills haven't totally disintegrated during her time in the vending machine.
    • Clem gets a +3 bonus to Academics rolls to do with cooking and other culinary-related topics. Wholly intended to be entirely useless.
  • Anomaly: Neclemancer: Clem was a human once, then became a free-floating spirit, and is now anchored to an otherwise inert clone body. Her kludgy nature as a mix between possessed human, puppeted corpse and solid ghost has some benefits.
    • Instead of having separate Mental and Physical Health pools, Clem has a single pool of 14 Health which both Mental and Physical damage subtract from. It still takes three damage to knock her out with a physical attack and two to knock her out with a mental attack.
  • Disadvantage: Restless In Peace: As a side-effect, however, something in the back of Clem's mind knows that she ought to be dead (or dead-er, at least) and seems determined not to let her forget it.
    • Mundane methods of field medicine don't work on her, which means normal Medical rolls won't affect her health unless they're using anomalous means such as magic or superscience. She also cannot sleep, or even really rest well enough to regain health, unless she's a good ways underground, or in a grave, or in a coffin, or in an appreciably close substitute.


  • Whatever book she's reading at the time
  • Pen and notebook
  • Flashlight
  • Pocketknife
  • Nada


  • Stacks of books filched from the thaum lab
  • Various dresses, etc.

Personal History:

Clementine Withers was born near the turn of the 20th century to a family in Preston, Arizona, and lived a less than notable life for 23 years, working as a waitress after graduating from high school to support her family. The idea of "less than normal" was thrown out the window, however, when she was crushed to death by a vending machine while trying to get a Coke out of said machine. She became a local legend for a few years, but after she faded out of the public eye her story should have probably ended here.

Unfortunately, the soda machine in question was a phylactery created by the Daevite cult of the Butcher's Guild, and Clementine found herself trapped within the soda machine's confines until 1959, when the machine that contained her was relocated to Site-77. After being freed accidentally through the actions of several agents on-site, Clementine monentarily possessed an Agent's body before being extracted by Evan Walker.

Post-extraction, Evan arranged for a colleague of his to donate a body, and after becoming corporeal once more, Clem was hired by Reed Wuxtree as an anomalous agent of Psi-7 and part-time covert monitor of Evan's.


  • English


  • Can't stand the taste or sight of soda.

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