Kenneth McIntyre
Kenneth, smoking in his chemical laboratory.

Basic Info:

Player: FlameShirt

Position: Chemist.

Demeanor: Personable and eager to chat in social settings, though usually pre-occupied with his laboratory work.

Nature: Kenneth maintains professionalism during work hours, and tries to pursue a social life and intellectual activities while off-duty. These are both important to his self-image as a functional person, as he was previously prone to binges on alcohol and was addicted to barbiturates1.

Description: As pictured.


  • Physical Health: 7
  • Mental Health: 7
  • Physical Defense: 4
  • Mental Defense: 4
  • Perception: 4
  • Agility: 3
  • Strength: 3
  • Bluff: 2
  • Melee: 2
  • Ranged: 2
  • Academics: 3
  • Science: 6
  • Engineering: 3
  • Better Living Through Chemistry: 5 Kenneth has extensive training and professional experience in the chemical sciences. (+5 to Science for tasks involving handling chemicals in the lab and field, and recalling relevant information chemical information in the field).
  • Son of the Craftsman: 4 Kenneth's father worked at the Dundee and Clydebank shipyards, building ships for the Royal Navy, where Kenneth also worked during his teenage years. Skills gained during this time allowed Kenneth to create custom glassware and machinery during his later chemical career. (+4 to Engineering for tasks involving glassware-making or workshop manufacturing, and investigating machinery for the same).
  • Don't throw tear-gas, we can cry by ourselves: 3 Unease over his work on chemical warfare agents during WWII and his father's early death drove Kenneth to drink and drugs, but also drove him to philosophical investigations (+3 to Academics rolls related to philosophy).


In the field, Kenneth carries:

  • A Browning Hi-Power pistol, and approximately 100 rounds of ammunition in magazines.
  • A BC-41 knife/knuckleduster.
  • Food rations for three days.
  • A small selection of chemicals and glassware for relevant field analysis.


  • Kenneth maintains a large quantity and variety of chemicals and chemical equipment to aid his work as a chemist at Site-77. These are stored in the on-site laboratory.
  • A large selection of books, slanted towards the chemical sciences for work, and philosophy and science-fiction for downtime.

Personal History:

Kenneth was born in 1925 and grew up in Tayport, a dormitory town of industrial Dundee, Scotland. Between time at school, Kenneth then worked with his father, who was a naval engineer constructing ships in the Dundee shipyard, though he was transferred to the Clydebank as Britain began to mobilise in response to German expansionism in Europe. Kenneth's father died at the shipyard during the Clydebank Blitz.

He was reassigned to the Royal Arsenal, Woolwich where he was expected to make and maintain custom glassware and machinery for chemists working on new explosive and chemical warfare formulations. Kenneth worked to expand his chemical knowledge during this period, speaking and networking with the scientists working at his new post. Unease over producing chemical warfare agents after the horrors of WWI and his father's recent death lead Kenneth to alcohol and barbiturate addictions for a two year period. Kenneth recovered after obtaining a place at Edinburgh University due to his laboratory experience and networking.

Post-war and post-recovery, Kenneth graduated from Edinburgh University. He subsequently worked at Imperial Chemical Industries where he earned a classified PhD and engaged with numerous projects at the company over a decade.


  • English (Mild Scots dialect)


At formal occasions, Kenneth wears a kilt with his father's brooch upon it, a small claymore.

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