Christine Abbot

Basic Info:

Player: Aphex_

Position: Chemical Weapons & Disposal / Security

Demeanor: Agent Abbot is fairly open when speaking to other agents, but prefers to keep chatter limited. She keeps a proper social distance according to her relations per individual. Fairly relaxed disposition usually.

Nature: Christine Abbot is not one to hide her true nature- she naturally is who she is. She does not apologize for her personality, no matter how cold it may seem to some.

Description: Agent Abbot stands at 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs in at approximately 130 lbs. While fairly well-muscled for her size, she abstains from wearing anything to accentuate her form, favoring practicality; she can usually be seen wearing men's clothing aside from her Foundation combat uniform.


  • Physical Health: 7
  • Mental Health: 7
  • Physical Defense: 5
  • Mental Defense: 4
  • Perception: 3
  • Agility: 3
  • Strength: 2
  • Melee: 3
  • Ranged: 4
  • Survival: 2
  • Sneak: 2
  • Academics: 3
  • Science: 3
  • Medical: 2
  • (AGI): 3. (Recon/Scouting?).
  • (MED): 5. (Pertains to chemical injuries?).
  • (ACAD): 4. (Chemical / explosive / thermal det. identification.)


  • CBRN gear
  • FN FAL
  • Colt Model 1911A1
  • ALICE Load-bearing Webbing
    • Field Medical Kit
    • Spare magazines


  • Scientific books
  • blah

Personal History:

(German mother, French father, moved to the US in the mid 30s. 30-ish years old in Present. Fairly standard life, naturally curious and a good scientific mind. Poses as male to get into scientific fields, gets found by the Foundation for research in chemical studies. Put on Beta-7, Maz Hatters in 56, works with Psi-7 in 59.)


  • English
  • French
  • German


XP: 0

Name of Source/Purchase XP Change Date
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