Chimalis Krex

Basic Info:

A sketch of Chimalis. Credit for image goes to Kath

Player: Varren_Erelim

Position: Researcher/Field Medic

Demeanor: A lit firecraker, Chimalis has been called enthusiastic more than a few times. Tends to get easily worked up or excited with minimal pushing, especially when dealing with her skill or intelligence. When excited she is prone to angry outbursts. Prefers to avoid social problems when it is an option. Generally a positive person who tries to smile and be helpful to others.

Nature: A quick thinking and quick adapting mind. Her mind moves a mile a minute and needs to be slowed down to keep her from rambling. Constantly trying to keep her overactive excitement reigned in but often failing to do so. She has a deep care for other well being and will always try to look stronger than she really is. Slightly low self confidence with some of her work because of the roots in myth instead of evidence but it causes her to be rather tenacious for results despite consequences.

Description: Standing about 5 feet and 7 inches tall, Chimalis shares the darker skin of her ancestors but not the dark hair, her hair being a burnt orange color and her skin having little clusters of freckles like the top of her cheeks and the bridge of her nose. She likes to keep her hair longer even if it is naturally full, pushing it back with a bandana or scarf over the top of her head and just behind her neck. She always has small stands of it braided with feathers in it, proud of her heritage. Her eyes are a dark green color, her eyebrows are dark brown, and her lips are slightly more full, made to look larger by her small pointed nose.

She is not a fan of the current fashion trends of the world so she tends to mix her outfits more between dresses and pants. When a dress or the like is not called for or wanted she will wear pants and button up shirts with sleeves rolled up. Having a liking for a particular type boots worn by war officers, she can often be seen wearing such.


  • Physical Health: 7
  • Mental Health: 7
  • Physical Defense: 4
  • Mental Defense: 4
  • Perception: 4
  • Agility: 5
  • Strength: 3
  • Persuasion: 2
  • Melee: 3
  • Ranged: 3
  • Academics: 2
  • Science: 3
  • Medical: 6
  • Know Your Vital Points: 2. Chimalis’ studies, both official and personal, have taught her what organs are vital and what parts of the body don’t take damage well. She has learned to shift herself in such ways as to minimize damage to her vital areas and expose areas of her body that are less essential instead. [ Chimalis gains +2 physical defense when attacked with bladed or unarmed attacks. She does not get the bonus if she is unaware of the attack. Bonus to Pdef cancels the ability to dodge the attack beforehand.]
  • Traditional Doesn’t Mean Useless: 2. When you grow up using traditional weapons they tend to be far less useless to you. Chimalis was taught to use the tools and weapons of her history when she was young and never forgot what it was like. They were some of the first ones she ever used and it is muscle memory at this point. [ Chimalis gains +2 to Ranged attack rolls when throwing a tomahawk ]
  • Skilled Beginner: 3. Chimalis is still considered newer to working her magic in the field but is well trained in knowledge and procedures. With more simple injuries she can just go off of her first reaction to treat the damage quickly even with only her field medkit [ Chimalis gets a +3 to medical when treating a limb or heavily bleeding injury. ]
  • I Have Seen This Before…: 3. Chimalis has poured over tons of medical books during her training and research. She sees these things in her dreams sometimes. Seeing it in person can jog the memory pretty well [ Chimalis gain +3 to Academics when trying to recall or suss out information on an injury, possible medical equipment, or symptoms of illness. ]
  • Winning Personality!: 2. Chimalis is an outgoing and cheery person that never seems to greet a person without a smile. It is hard not to consider her friendly off the bat of meeting. [When first meeting an individual, Chimalis gains a +2 to PERS for the first three individuals she meets. After the first three people the buff lowers to a +1 for each new individual met per run. Cannot be used on a person she has already met]


  • Field Medical Kit (satchel)
    • Various medical supplies
  • Walther PPK handgun
    • Additional magazines(4)/ammo
  • Tomahawk (handmade)
  • Tomahawk (custom gift from Ville)
  • Cigarette pack and lighter
  • Journal
  • Pencils/pens
  • Water canteen
  • 75-foot 550 paracord bundle
  • Flashlight
  • Custom knife (gift from Ville)
  • Smaller backpack
  • Belt
  • Acid Knife



  • Organized box of various stones, beads, and feathers for her hair.
  • Little knickknacks like dream catchers and jewelry made by hand.
  • Backup medical kit.
  • Medical textbooks & Scientific reports on research similar her own and numerous journals containing her notes and research.
  • Hand sewn blanket from her mother with Native American symbols on it.
  • A book - Italian for beginners: Learn to speak Italian.
  • A silver cigarette case - A gift from Charles.
  • A set of body armor and a worn cloak. (Propaganda Panic!)
  • purple fleece blanket - Gift from Ville
  • A suit of leather with various strap and buckles in the back of the closet - A gift from Ailana.
  • A white ceramic face mask with eye holes and a mouth slit for breathing. Padding in the inside and straps to hold it on. AN-4447 painted on the front in red paint. (through the Window)
  • An oil painting of herself and Ville making a snowman in a winter landscape -Christmas gift from Ville
  • Silver tea set that was returned to her after Ville's death.
  • Rolf's pajamas that she never returned after spending the night in his room, pants and top
  • pet rock! (A time to remember)

Personal History:

Born into a family with Cherokee blood living in the state of Kentucky, her mother was also mixed blood and her father was an American man named Nathaniel Krex. As a child she showed pride in her Native American heritage, choosing to learn about their culture and history. The history and mythology is what caught her attention, taking particular in the tales the tales of the Nunnehi, immortal men in the mountains. Her interest soared into borderline obsession as she grew older. Most of the information she learned came from library books or her elders.

Chimalis kept up with her studies in school, deciding to work towards becoming a nurse as her father was a pediatrician. Her interest in the myths didn't faded but her focus shifted instead to possible medical reasoning as to why they existed in the first place. With what limited knowledge she had gained in school she set upon gaining entry into a three years nursing school and feeding her interest in proving the myth of the Nunnehi with real medical science. By this point she was out of school and with a part time job as a waitress to pay for her school.

Her years in nursing school were hectic and busy with her side project taking up any free time she had. Medical studies came easily enough, it was her goal of finding proof of life extension that was the far more difficult part. She built her work off the knowledge of others and began to focus on telomeres and cells for an answer. She even wrote a few paper on the subject for an attempt to gain more credit in her courses. She was noted for them but at the time she didn't see any special attention about it.

Chimalis was in her position as a nurse for a few months when she was approached by a group about the papers she had written while in school. That along with her medical training was of interest to them and they were willing to offer her opportunities to further her ideas while still remaining in the medical field. Having almost given up in her extra interests, this sparked the fire in her once more and she readily accepted their offer.


  • English
  • Cherokee
  • Italian (beginner)


  • her name is pronounced (SHim-ə-lēs).
  • Dislikes coffee because of drinking so much during her younger times.
  • Cigarettes calm her nerves and she always smokes one before going into the field.
  • Enjoys pancakes far more than she probably should.
  • Is terrible at thinking up comebacks or lighthearted insults on the spot.
  • Is quite good at mimicking bird calls and getting birds to interact with her.

XP: 21

Name of Source/Purchase XP Change Date
Propaganda Panic! +8 XP 11/26/2017
Through The Window +4 XP 12/8/2017
Lost in the City +3 XP 12/11/2017
Pdef 3 -> 4 -11 XP 12/12/2017
Birthday XP +2 XP 1/3/2017
Living Nightmares +4 XP 1/7/2018
Dead Heat +4 XP 1/22/2018
Med 5 -> 6 -11 XP 1/23/2017
Before the Roller Coaster Takes its First Dive +2 XP 3/17/2018
The Snake That Bites Its Tail +3 XP 4/20/2018
Rng 2 -> 3 -8 XP 4/21/2018
A TIME TO REMEMBER +3 4/21/2018
One Step Closer +4 XP 4/28/2018
Two Back +4 XP 5/12/2018
Rays of Hope +4 XP 5/27/2018
What's Mine Is Yours +3 XP 6/1/18
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