Charles Esposito

Basic Info:

Charles, drawn by Kath!

Player: Don1Charles

Position: Item retriever/ On-field data collector

Demeanor: Charles acts relatively personable, following orders and respecting those above him. He spends his time getting to know those around him, mostly to those who can advantage him. He acts generally calm, and tries not to let anger take over. He usually stays loyal to the orders he is given, however in rash situations, he often lets his instincts take over.

Nature: Beneath his sociable exterior is someone who knows the game and knows how to play it. Charles keeps his friendships with people who will benefit him, and cuts ties with those who are detrimental. Betrayal is not unthinkable in his mind, but it is often avoidable. Thievery, treachery, and doing what must be done to keep yourself on top is all about playing the game. This is not to say he does not maintain genuine friendships or is unfeeling towards others, Charles just knows that it is better to stab your ally in the back before they do it to you.

Description: Charles is rather handsome, and maintains a young appearance. His height is 5'9, with a slim and muscular build and light green eyes. He has black hair, a nice smile, and a strong handshake. When moving around Site-77, he likes to stay well kempt in a dress shirt and nice jeans. When out on the field, he wears his signature leather jacket and combat boots from his time serving.


  • Physical Health: 7
  • Mental Health: 7
  • Physical Defense: 6
  • Mental Defense: 4
  • Perception: 3
  • Strength: 4
  • Agility: 4
  • Persuasion: 5
  • Bluff: 3
  • Melee: 6 (4+2 STR)
  • Ranged: 4
  • Survival: 3
  • Sneak: 5
  • Medical: 1
  • Cunning: 3. Charles is often very perceptive of his environment and those around him. He has very clever social understanding and manipulation. When in dangerous situations, he finds himself often able to piece together the threat before others can. He perceives which decision will best benefit him, but often not those around him. His upbringing taught him that, if you want to stay around, you get a sharp eye.(+3 to PERC in combat or when exploring a new area, can be used in a new area once and only again when the part of the environment becomes clearly new )
  • Thievery: 3. Charles by no means considers himself morally abhorrent, and he can't help if others do not understand the reasoning for him taking certain things. Throughout his upbringing, he saw the moments where stealing was what needed to be done. While he tries to stay off of doing it in his professional environment, he sometimes finds it necessary. Luckily for him, he shows quite the tact for it. Especially on the field, he understands the others will not notice one or two items to go missing. (+3 to SNK when in the process of stealing or concealing with taken items and concealed objects)
  • Brawler: 4. It may not be as necessary that Charles display this skill in his current job, it is still something he maintains himself to be quite good at. He finds himself very good at the act of street fighting, knowing where to hit and what to do to hurt his opponent in the best ways. It may not all be "legal" in a moderated fight, but in a life or death situation, there are no such things a rules. His upbringing was much of what showed him how to do this, and he learned about fighting without official training. (+4 to MEL during unarmed vs unarmed fights only )
  • Betrayal: 2. Backstabbing? No problem, at least not for Charles. He has a past he often does not like to discuss, that made him quite adept in doing such. After betraying one friend, it comes easy. While he may not do it consistently, Charles knows sometimes, you gotta do what you gotta do. He finds himself especially good at covering it up once the act has been committed. (+2 to PERS when convincing others of HIS innocence or hiding his guiltiness)


List everything your character carries on their person here. Be reasonable.

  • His interdimensional chitin armor designed by Janelle! It has a C carved into the chest (+2 Phealth while wearing!)
  • Armor chaining modified into his leather jacket and armor, in order to catch and stop blades (+2 PDEF against bladed weaponry, slashing and stabbing)
  • First-Aid Manual/Advanced Field Manual which taught him basic first aid! (+2 to medical rolls with basic first aid)
  • The Elbow Capper, to disarm some bastards (Doesn't do damage, but disarms and staggers when damage would be done, if possible)


List everything your character keeps in their room at Site-77. Anything that's not listed here or in the sections above will be difficult for the character to retrieve.

  • An assortment of dress shirts and a few ties
  • A personal journal
  • A chessboard
  • A personal footlocker (with a lock)
  • Two bottles of liqueur, saved for special occasions
  • A deck of cards
  • Push Blade
  • An expensive watch, which he keeps in his mattress
  • A bottle of wine he received as a secret gift
  • The spear he made on his time spent in the woods
  • A hacksaw and some alien wiring technology
  • A punching trap for Andrea
  • worn, well-used whoopee cushion
  • A T-44 rifle
  • 7.62 mm Kalashnikov assault rifle
  • Beretta Silver Pigeon shotgun
  • Big ass knife made from giant insect claws
  • A sword is covered in intricate cherry blossom carvings, and is a white, straight blade with a cruciform hilt and guard
  • A scabbard and sheath made of a dark, red wood with a shiny lacquered finish, for the two weapons
  • Doctor Wondertainment's SCP Foundation Containment Site Playset!
  • Two interestingly designed shirts from the future! His size
  • Ghost-quarter
  • Tennyson's Journal
  • A c96 Mauser
  • Two brand new Mercedes convertibles! One is red, one is black
  • A few baggies full of Atlantian fools gold coins, neatly bundled together
  • A medium-sized box filled with precious jewels and gems of Atlantis! Quite the haul
  • A stone rifle, which stings but does not hurt when struck with
  • A set of golden arm braces which can be hidden beneath sleeves, and they create a water shield which blocks any projectiles coming at him at the speed of an arrow or less
  • An Atlantean helmet with a built-in cooling system
  • A cigarette from KM
  • A necklace gifted to him by Alice
  • An incredibly strong bottle of alcohol, accidentally made by Cole, which can cause intoxication from a tiny drop
  • A set of long hunting knives, the handles wood crafted and polished, the blades made of stainless steel.
  • Stash of Irene's booze
  • A postcard and a letter from Irene
  • An Atlantean sapphire from Fiere
  • A gold coin from a teleporting bar
  • Smith&Wesson Revolver
  • A final letter from Loche
  • Loche's officer coat & hat
  • An ornamental revolver
  • A series of Loche's photos from wartime in Germany
  • Book of Verdant Holy Creation
  • A Verdant crystal that makes all food or drink safe for consumption
  • A new pair of gloves from Rolf, black with matte, velvety leather. Flexible, smooth and expensive.
  • A gold linked chain that he wears around his neck
  • A brown leather jacket with white fleece lined interior and neck
  • Two sweaters, one a dark burgundy and the other a sandy cream coloration, large and snug!
  • A new pair of nice dress shoes, Italian leather with pointed toes
  • A blood-red candle that burns slowly, and when burned, provides good dreams to those around

Personal History:

Charles was born into an impoverished Italian family in 1923. His father had inherited a massive debt to the mob from HIS father, and his mother worked tirelessly to make sure her son and daughter were fed and clothed. From a young age, Charles had instilled with him a need for survival, by any means possible. From stealing bread and fruit off the street corner to strong-armed robbery, he worked his way around the streets in order to help his family in any way he can. He got in many fights as a kid, as was prone to so many, in order to defend his little sister. He developed quite a knack for street fighting in his childhood.
At the age of 15, he applied to be in the military, lying about his age in order to get in. He saw combat in the Italian invasion of Albania in 1939, at the age of 16. He faked an injury afterwards in order to avoid usage in WW2, moving to America in order to explore a life there. He learned English, got to know people, and built up his life in the slums of America. Compared to Italian slums, however, it was paradise. He moved back to Italy in order to see his family, and heard of a group looking for veterans in good health that paid well.
He found Site-77 and began his job, happy that he was close to family and glad to find something as opportunity filled as this.


  • English
  • Italian


Has a knack for adventure, and loves to be on the field.
Doesn't like to hit women, due to prior life experiences
Is a very neat and self conscious eater
Knows how to create a nuclear cold-fusion reactor but doesn't know that he knows
Is a good storyteller
Curses a lot
Dislikes weak handshakes
HATES getting sick, and will avoid sick people like the plague

More art:

All-time XP: 179.5

Current XP: 10.25

Name of Source/Purchase XP Change Date
The Windscale Reactor Incident +3 XP 4/18/17
An Out of this World Date +3 XP 4/20/17
Überlebende: Schwarzwald +2 XP 4/25/17
A big, not so yellow submarine +4 XP 4/29/17
AGI increase 3-4 -9 XP 4/29/17
Dragged Blow +2 XP 5/3/17
Stanford +4 XP 5/7/17
Operation: Birdman +4 XP 5/12/17
Emergence +4 XP 5/13/17
RNG increase 3-4 -9 XP 5/14/17
Rise of the Nillia +4 XP 5/15/17
Sparkle And Shine ✨ Sequin And Glitter ✨ Hopes and Dreams +2 XP 5/20/17
Been Drowned +4 XP 5/21/17
Lunacy +6 XP 5/22/17
Old Roses +4 XP 5/23/17
Armor crafting -13 XP 5/23/17
MDEF 2-3 -8 XP 5/24/17
Tunnel Trouble! +2 XP 5/26/17
In The Far Too Distant Future +7 XP 5/28/17
Sick, Sick, Sick +2 XP 5/29/17
Take Them Out At The Ball Game +2 XP 5/30/17
Operation: NEW MOON +4 XP 6/4/17
Strength 3-4 -24 XP 6/5/17
Emeryville +4 XP 6/6/17
Birthday XP +3 XP 6/11/17
Stitched Up Souls +10 XP 6/13/17
It's Pirate Time! (Sidequest) +2 XP 6/10/17
PDEF 4-5 -13 XP 6/15/17
The Father, Son, and Holy Ghost +2 XP 6/17/17
Orichalcum +4 XP 6/20/17
Echoes of a Madman +4 XP 6/24/17
PDEF 5-6 -15 XP 6/24/17
Watchdogs +4 XP 6/26/17
Mamoru Mansion +8 XP 6/28/17
Midnight Mystery Train +4 XP 6/28/17
Armor Chaining -14 XP 7/1/17
Maggots in the Meat +4 XP 7/24/17
Pulp Friction +3 XP 7/28/17
Where There Is Not +6 XP 7/29/17
First Aid Manual/Advanced Field Manual -12 XP 7/30/17
Whispered Introductions +3 XP 7/30/17
Your Own Little Slice of Hell +3 XP 8/2/17
MED 0-1 -8 XP 8/3/17
Maybe in Monte Carlo +2 XP 8/8/17
Eat the Lich +3 XP 8/9/17
Azazoth's Cradle +4 XP 8/12/17
The Blade of Binding +5 XP 8/14/17
The Elbow Capper -12 XP 8/16/17
A Visitor From Far Off +3 XP 9/25/17
Squiddle Hunt +2 XP 9/30/17
Bloody Brush +6 XP 10/8/17
MDEF 3-4 -9 XP 11/10/17
Where You Reap Nothing And Grow Everything +2 XP 12/24/17
Christmas XP +5 XP 12/25/17
Living Nightmares +4 XP 1/7/18
Blood Soaked Earth +4 XP 1/13/18
Plan 9 in 3D +2.5 XP 1/16/18
The Sight From Atop An Impossibly High Mountain +6 XP 1/27/18
SNK 3-5 21.25 XP 1/27/18
A Lesson in Heaven and Hell +2 XP 2/3/18
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