Cedric Cabili
Cedric Cabili, front left, examining a katana taken from an executed Japanese army officer

Basic Info:

Player: Sax

Position: "Night Operations" Specialist

Demeanor: Aloof and brooding, constantly under tension

Nature: Naturally happy and easy-going… once you get past the bloody details.

Description: Darker tanned, hazel brown eyes, jet black short hair, standing at a height of 5'10"… during the daytime.


  • Physical Health: 7
  • Mental Health: 7
  • Physical Defense: 4
  • Mental Defense: 3
  • Perception: 4
  • Agility: 3
  • Strength: 4
  • Melee: 3 (+2)
  • Ranged: 4
  • Survival: 3
  • Sneak: 4
  • Academics: 4
  • Escrima Adept: 4, Melee. Prior to his forced transformation, Cedric was a skilled practitioner in the martial art called escrima, and is particularly talented with knives, the standard bolo being a favored weapon for use in close-quarters combat.
This special works as he is being attacked in a melee fight. As he is attacked, a d6 is rolled first. If the enemy's attack is odd and the d6 is an odd number, or the enemy attack is even and the d6 is an even number, a bonus to Agi and Melee is granted for the next turn of combat only. The bonus is as follows:
D6 1 2-3 4-5 6
Bonus Granted +1 +2 +3 +4

If the d6 does not match with the attack, a -3 PDef and Agi penalty is inflicted instead for the next turn of combat.

  • Mythological Adept: 2, Academics. Having traveled throughout a good portion of the world by the time the Foundation picked him up, Cedric has developed a good record of other mythological creatures and localized myths for a specific area, and had developed hunting strategies to capture or to kill one. Special tagged when determining if a scene in front of him is the modus operandi of a mythological creature or anomalous creature.
  • Semi-Professional Stalker: 3, Survival. Cedric has picked up many forms of being able to stalk and follow potential prey from his experience during World War II and his employment opportunities afterwards. He knows how to track and stay concealed from a potential target until he has the opportunity to strike. Special plus survival may be substituted for sneak when tracking an unaware target in a wooded area.
  • Forced Aswang: 3, Anomaly. Cedric is a 'converted' Aswang, a vampiric shapeshifting mythical creature typical to the Philippines. His ability was forced upon him by experimentation, but has left him with the following traits and flaws.
    • Flaw - Demonic Weaknesses: Cedric is incapable of entering sites designated as 'holy' and his overall defense is halved when being attacked with 'holy' objects.1
    • Flaw - Restrictive Diet: As an aswang, Cedric can only gain sustenance from livers or hearts. Other foodstuffs will not satisfy his hunger, and may provoke a negative physiological response2. Human livers and hearts are most preferred, but animal ones will suffice.
    • Abilities: The following are abilities that Cedric currently has access to. To access these abilities, he must consume the heart or the liver of a human (typically once per run, to be determined by the GM).
Ability Description
Nighttime Calling During the night, Cedric can naturally shapeshift into his animal forms - at the moment, a crow. He must roll a MDef, DC being 3, to change between forms, taking up one combat turn. He will return to his human form at dawn.
Crow Form In his crow form, Cedric gains a +3 bonus to Agility and Perception, at the cost to his Strength and inability to utilize tools and equipment. Only applies during natural night time.
Vegetation Doppelganger Aswang are capable of transforming plant material to resemble a corpse, namely to disguise their feeding habits, which are a dead giveaway to their presence. When taking a corpse (and with enough plant material to approximate the weight of the corpse), Cedric may add +3 to a Sneak roll to transform nearby plant material into a near-exact replica of the corpse he's taking. Only works on human/humanoid corpses. May only be utilized at night, and only once a night.
Welcome to the Feast Cedric can consume a liver or heart to restore some lost health - he must roll a 1d3 to determine how much PHealth he gains back. This is naturally very disturbing for others to witness, and may accidentally inflict MHealth damage to nearby allies.3 If the consumed organs are of human origin, Cedric gains a +3 to Str/Mel/PDef. The human organs he consumes to unlock his abilities table does not apply to this bonus - another organ must be consumed for these bonuses to take effect.


  • Model 1897 Shotgun with bayonet
  • Union Switch & Signal M1911
  • Bolo knife with bone handle
  • Playing cards



List everything your character keeps in their room at Site-77. Anything that's not listed here or in the sections above will be difficult for the character to retrieve.

  • Filipino flag and map of the Philippines
  • Small collection of teeth of other supernatural creatures he has managed to kill over the years
  • Books with extensive detail
  • An ornate katana, taken from a IJA officer

Personal History:

Cedric Del Santos Cabili was born on June 22nd, 1930, in the Batangas province of the Philippines, and lived and worked as a farm hand, helping to harvest the rice fields with his family.

During the Japanese occupation of the Philippines, his family was horribly mistreated by Japanese soldiers, and he was randomly selected by Japanese scientists associated with Unit 731 to experiment with creating chimera-type humanoids, those who were augmented with the power of ghouls to provide a stable stock of supersoldiers for the IJA to continue their conquest of the region.

Having experimented on countless others using the blood of a captured aswang (with all of the previous test subjects either dying or being labelled as failures), they purified the serum derived from said blood, and administered it to Cedric, which caused him severe physiological and psychological pain as the purified blood coursed through his systems and forced changes on him.

Not extremely well-versed on the mythology, the scientists concluded that the experiment was a failure, and Cedric was taken away to be executed by soldiers… until the sun fell.

As the sun fell, the serum worked horrific changes in Cedric, granting him the superhuman strength and brutal killing instinct of a true aswang. The soldiers tried to shoot him, but he took the rounds without noticeable impact, and proceeded to murder the execution squad, before moving his way back towards the scientists. Slaughtering his way through the Japanese barracks, he tore men apart with his bare hands, his augmented body impervious to their bullets and swords. Cackling like a maniac, he ripped a bloody path through the soldiers and scientists, repaying them for his mistreatment with slow, agonizing deaths. It was said that the jungles that night only sounded of the screams of the dying as Cedric murdered his way to freedom.

Trying to return home, he realized that the traditional ways of detecting aswang did indeed work, as were some of the restrictions that they were subject to, including his ravenous hunger for flesh and the loss of his superhuman strength in the day. Looting some weapons and ammunition from abandoned supply drops, he decided to take his vengeance to the occupying Japanese forces personally, and utilized his shapeshifting abilities to follow scouting parties in the night back to their outposts and forward bases, followed with slaughter the following evening.

Cedric was eventually captured, but not by Japanese forces - instead, he was mistakenly caught in a pincer maneuver by American forces that were liberating the Philippines from Japanese occupation. Surrendering himself, the American forces were impressed by Cedric's impressive kill list, and asked him to help them mark out Japanese bases and supply lines so that they could strike the enemy where it hurts. Cedric did this on one condition - that he be allowed to go to America with them.

Following the surrender of Imperial Japan and the formal end of World War II, Cedric Cabili traveled to America in the company of the 11th Airborne. Landing in Los Angeles, Cedric was quickly immersed into the world of paranormal business, particularly with dealing with local creatures and phenomena. He quickly gained underground fame as the Silver Crow, as he could track his quarry effortlessly and bring it down within two nights, the only thing indicating his presence being the murder of crows that occasionally flew in his wake.

While fulfilling a contract in 1957 in the Everglades, Cedric ran into adherents of the Broken Church, and seeing people intentionally afflicting themselves with anomalous conditions angered him. His supernatural condition affording some degree of protection from their wretched virus, he disassembled their ranks and tore holes through their gatherings, only stopped once apprehended by a Foundation reconnaissance team that was also investigating Church activity in the area. Brought in for questioning, his anomalous condition was quickly discovered, although the exact details of his anomaly took a while longer to find out, as aswang rarely leave the Philippines.

He was offered either employment with the Foundation, or permanent containment to keep the streets safe of his bloodthirsty kind. Given no other options, Cedric chose to put his killing skills to good use with the Foundation, where he quickly found a niche with night operations.


  • English
  • Tagalog
  • Visaya
  • Spanish


Detecting Aswang

There are a few ways to detect a suspected aswang:

  • Aswang cannot enter holy sites, including temples, churches, mosques, etc. They are also vulnerable to said scriptures and holy relics;
  • If you look into an aswang's eyes, you will see that your reflection is upside down;
  • A special oil created by Filipino witch doctors will bubble and boil if an aswang is near.

Witnessing someone transform into their aswang form, or utilizing their signature proboscis to attack, is also a guaranteed sign that the person is an aswang.

XP: 0

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