John Elson

Basic Info:

Player: Torrence

Position: Field Security

Demeanor: At first glance John gives the impression that he's lost in thought, upon initial interaction it's clear he's here as a supporting role. He's not the main character of his own story, He's patient and pretty friendly to those who ask for his help. He'll pretend to follow a conversation when he's actually lost, just to get it over with. Those who have seen him in the field know that there's two sides to the coin. As though when he's home, he's waiting to be in the field, and when he's in the field, he's home.

Nature: In his element, he's a beast with a rifle, or shotgun. He's the wall that separates his compatriots from whatever is ahead of them. There's always going to be a weapon in human skin, and he wants to be that weapon. He enjoys the casual drink with associates or learning about his environment. He's respectful toward his superiors and won't usually question an order, but will try to ensure the survival of those who can't hold a rifle over those who can. He's seen blood and won't talk about it, but he will talk about the memorable fights.

Description: Standing at just above 6', he hides his tired eyes under a darkened brow and close cropped black hair. Skin tanned by the hot sun, he has an athletic form curved and chiseled by years in the military. Contrary to his look, however, his movements are loose and easy, coming from a period of relaxation and relief. He'll almost always have a wool jacket in the field and boots for the long haul. But in his casual attire it's almost always jeans and some kind of a button up. If allowed, he has a revolver on his hip, always loaded.

  • Physical Health: 7
  • Mental Health: 7
  • Physical Defense: 4
  • Mental Defense: 4
  • Perception: 4
  • Agility: 4
  • Strength: 4
  • Melee: 3
  • Ranged: 5
  • Survival: 4
  • Sneak: 4
  • The wind is still: 4. (Ranged) With a history of hunting, either humans or beasts. And experience in the war, Elson knows when to take a shot (Requires a one turn setup; if this setup is uninterrupted, +4 is added to the next ranged attack.)
  • I See You: 3. Being trained in the art of the hunt, Elson is a natural when it comes to all of the minutiae of tracking targets, be it beast or something else entirely. (+3 to perception while tracking any animal or animalistic being (certain humanoids, cryptids, etc.))
  • So far so Good: 2. Elson's time in the military also taught him how to support others around him, helping his Comrades is a prioriy (Provides a +2 bonus to another PC Medical Roll, max 4 uses per run)
  • Drop it like it's Hot: 2. (Melee) John knows when he's close, and when he's far. He's gonna get close to get deadly. (Grants a +3 to melee in close range for disarming opponents)


  • Sniper Rifle with a spare magazine
  • Colt 1911 with two spare clips
  • First Aid Kit
  • M1 Carbine (For mid-range missions
  • Shotgun (For missions in small buildings)


  • Photo of his Dog, black Labrador Retriever rolling in snow
  • Several mystery novels and a couple romance novels

Personal History:

Johnathan Elson grew up in a small town in Kansas, he'd often go hunting with his father, who had served in WWII as a rifleman. He was taught patience and how to focus while staring down the sights. Enlisting in his early 20's Elson served in the Korean war and fought in Busan with a smaller company tasked with clearing out remaining forces and help to move a supply truck through. During this time he honed his skills and developed a keen sense of how to learn his target's patterns and predict their movements. He became a serious threat for the enemy and a useful ally. Shortly after he left the Army, he moved back home and picked up hunting as a hobby.

During an outing one morning he engaged with a particularly brutal bipedal criptid. After several hours of cat-and-mouse he was able to learn the pattern the creature followed, and tricked it into a gorge he knew well from his childhood. Following through until nightfall, he was able to successfully score several shots to the creatures head. With the creature down he contacted the local paper, who were unable to publish a story due to outside interference. He was recruited by the Foundation for field security shortly after.


  • English

XP: 6

Zhyr Run = +3
Anderson Robotics = +3

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