Carson Baroque

Basic Info:

Player: dragonwielder

Position: Combat Medic

Demeanor: Carson gives off an uncaring demeanor. Though he cares about his job at the Foundation just as much as any other agent, his demeanor causes him to come off as ''unreliable'' or ''lazy''. This isn't exactly the truth. Well, he is a little bit lazy, but who isn't?

Nature: He’s a man jaded by his work nowadays, relatively grumpy and sarcastic in nature. He cares for people in the end, though he may not seem to amongst his anger and seemingly explosive temper.

Description: Carson Baroque is a Caucasian of German descent. He has bluish green eyes and dark blonde hair, which is usually a little messy as he doesn't brush it. Carson has pale skin and thin lips normally formed into a small frown signalling boredom. On his face he usually has a little stubble. He’s got an average sized frame, but is a bit stronger than he looks due to muscle density.


  • Physical Health: 7
  • Mental Health: 7
  • Physical Defense: 4
  • Mental Defense: 4
  • Perception: 2
  • Agility: 4
  • Strength: 4
  • Persuasion: 4
  • Melee: 5 (3+2 due to strength)
  • Ranged: 4
  • Science: 5
  • Medical: 5
  • Combat Medic: 4. Due to his years as a combat medic in the military, Carson has learned how to do his job at it's best when in the field. Carson gets +4 MED when healing a comrade that is below 5 health.
  • Gun Surgeon: 3. During the war, Carson had this habit of running out into the no man's land and dragging comrades injured in the field back to the trench. When doing this, he would normally find himself fending off the enemies nearby to defend his injured comrades. +3 RNG when attacking an enemy that is about to harm a team mate.
  • I know where to stick the blade: 5. Thanks to Carson's years in the military and the teachings of his father, along with knowledge of the human body, He has learned where to attack his enemy. Carson gets +3 agility and +2 melee when he or a comrade takes a full point of damage. This cannot be activated by traps, only enemies. The damage has to be caused in the same combat encounter, and the effects fade after the encounter ends.


  • Trench knife
  • Switchblade
  • 1911 pistol
  • 5 1911 magazines
  • Recording device
  • Pencil
  • Fountain pen
  • Homemade smoke bombs
  • A suitcase containing the following:
      • Portable chemistry set
      • Lab coat
      • First aid kit
      • Magnifying glass
      • Other lab and medical equipment.
  • Ring blade
  • Bangle blade


  • Double barrel shotgun
  • M1 Garand rifle (hung on the wall)
  • Bookshelf containing medical and chemistry books
  • Small bookshelf containing books read for entertainment
  • Closet full of clothing
  • Writing bench with writing materials
  • Cabinet of medical supplies
  • Laughing court sword

Personal History:

Carson was born in Arkansas on June 6th 1922, not long before the Great Depression. His mother a nurse and his father a WW1 veteran. His childhood was a relatively normal one. His life got interesting around when the Depression hit. Carson was seven when the depression hit, the effects of which threw he and his family out onto the streets.

During the depression, Carson and his family lived in what would've been called a "hooverville" at the time. He and his mother would help those in their "hooverville" that couldn't afford medical care. The hooverville was funded and kept together by help from the Potchkee family, they helped do jobs to keep the hospital together. His father began teaching he and a child of the Potchkee family, a child named Mickey, how to use bladed weapons. Mickey's father provided the firearms training. Carson would go around with Mickey doing odd jobs in order to make his family some money.

In 1941 Carson was drafted along with his best friend, Mickey. Carson became a combat medic using the skills his mother taught him. This experience allowed him to form many creative and unconventional methods to patch up his comrades while on the battlefield. He also honed his combat skills due to the fact that, much to his discomfort, he found himself killing just as much as healing.

At the end of World War 2, Carson came home finding that due to the improved economy, he could finally afford a decent education. Carson studied for 5 years, getting a bachelor's degree in medicine and chemistry. He finally went out into the world on his own in 1950 at the age of 29. Carson traveled abroad for a bit, visiting places such as England and Italy. As he traveled, he took every chance he could to further his knowledge. He mostly did this by reading books from libraries he came across on his travels.

He also furthered his knife fighting and shooting skills by practicing whenever he was in the mood. It took a while, wasn't until 1953 that Carson got a job. He worked at a local hospital in New York. His skill and unorthodox yet efficient methods of healing got The Foundation's attention. Which led to them recruiting them.


  • English
  • Can understand French but cannot speak it.
  • Decent Italian


Due to Carson's mom being french Carson is able to understand and read it, but he can not speak it, he only knows one phrase in french. "Ne forcez pas vous-même vous putain idiote" He got this phrase from his mother who would rant at stubborn patients in her makeshift hospital that Carson's family had made in the hooverville.

He can sing silent night in German due to the fact that his grandmother on his father's side would sing it to him to calm him down whenever he was upset. It was his grandmother's favorite song, he sings it to calm himself down.


"Once, when I was younger, I had a pet cat. His name was Spartan. We would always leave the window open for him to go outside. One night, it was taking longer than usual for him to come home. My mother told me, ''It'll be okay, he always comes back." He never came back. Spartan disappeared without a trace .A few years later we got a new cat, his name was Rugbee. Just like with Spartan, we would keep the window open. Every time Rugbee took longer than usual to come home I would go out and look for him,every time I did that my mother would tell me, "He'll come back, he always does." One time, I responded to my mother saying, "We thought the same thing about Spartan." The point that I'm trying to get across is that if there's anything I've learned about this world while living in it, it's that if you give it the chance it will take things from you no matter how precious. So every time I see a chance of something precious being taken from me, I do everything in my power to prevent it. Sometimes… there's nothing I can do, but that doesn't stop me from trying."

''People go to war to become something they are not. A hero? Sure, when, and if, you come back home, your country calls you a hero. But you sure as hell don't feel like one.''

-Carson Baroque

Carson's trench knife looks like this

The broadsword looks like this

XP: 5

Name of Source/Purchase XP Change Date
Saved by the bell +3 7/18/16
Science +1 -8 2/24/16
Bangle Blade -16 2/24/16
Site-19 Transfer +28 3/05/16
Ring blade -8 3/29/16
Like a broken record +4 4/16/16
Scales of truth +2 4/19/16
SCI point -9 5/7/16
AGL point -13 7/3/19
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