Cait Ashland
Agent Ashland at work. c. 1957

Basic Info:

Player: Nemi

Position: Thaumaturgist and Occult Expert

Demeanor: Jumpy, nervous, anxious but genuinely good-natured and helpful, possibly with a need to please. A bookworm, incredibly intelligent but naive and prone to prattle on about things that she finds interesting. Also a nightmarish killing machine.

Nature: Almost exactly as demeanor, but rather surprisingly dulled to scenes of horror due to living it and somehow coming through that test of resolve intact. Sometimes awkward, sometimes depressed, but always able to put on a good face and terrifying when she cannot.

Description: Average height, slim brunette with a persistent sickly look, probably early 20s. Large sunken dull red eyes, pale lips. Often wears a BROOKRIDGE ACADEMY sweatshirt. Soft voice, clear enunciation and lilting tone.


  • Physical Health: 7
  • Mental Health: 7
  • Physical Defense: 5
  • Mental Defense: 5
  • Perception: 4
  • Agility: 4
  • Strength: 2
  • Persuasion: 2
  • Bluff: 2
  • Survival: 2
  • Sneak: 2
  • Academics: 6
  • Science: 5
  • Engineering: 5
  • Medical: 5
  • Occult Academy Student: 3. ACAD Cait spent much of her life at a remote private boarding school quietly supported by elements of the Serpent's Hand. Curriculum included a great deal of discussion of the occult, whether arcane magic and alchemy or bizarre creatures and monsters. (Bonus +3 Academics regarding the occult)
  • Coagulation: 3. PDEF Cait's unconscious control over her own vitae renders her remarkably resilient. Cait gains a Pdef bonus of +3 against cuts, disease and poison while conscious and aware of the injury.
  • Numbness: 3. MDEF Cait's a blood mage. She has to have a strong stomach and great pain resistance just to use her magic- though she still feels fear and disgust, it just doesn't impact her quite as hard as it might others. (Bonus +3 Mdef against pain, fear, and revulsion.)
  • Blood Magic (Anomalous): 3. Cait is an exceptional, though untrained, blood-mage, capable of channeling the primal life energy contained in blood to various ends. Due to her lack of training and experience, she can only use her own blood as fuel for her spells, and so this flexible specialty can be unreliable and extremely dangerous. More specific rules are as follows.
  • The Flesh is Weak (Flaw): Blood magic isn't healthy. Aside from coughing up blood, Cait has hemophilia— if she passes out, she can't exactly control her bleeding from any open wounds anymore. Things can get nasty fast. On top of that, she's of typically very poor health physically and mentally.


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  • Clothes
  • Knife
  • Satchel o' Goodies (Flashlight, Radio, etc)


  • The clothes on her back
  • Simple silver chain necklace, a gift from her mother
  • Bloodletting ritual knife (recent make, wavy blade is stainless steel, scales are plastic)
  • A backpack! With a bunny on it.
  • So many books!
  • Writing implements
  • Notebooks full of whimsical doodles and school notes
  • A phone with which to contact Lisa and the SPACE MARSHALS!
  • A gigantic library full of occult lore and artefacts
  • Hermann's unstainable, self-repairing labcoat

Personal History:

Caitlin Marie Ashland was born on June 7th, 1935 to immigrant parents Edward Ashland and Keelin Ashland nee' Flynn. Both had emigrated to the United States from England and from Ireland respectively, and despite clashing religious beliefs found love and a fascination with the occult. The Ashlands, both scholarly sorts, soon managed to open a bookstore: King of Books, with a cheerful owl mascot on its storefront sign. King of Books was reasonably successful, and the Ashlands' pursuit of rare tomes resulted in attention from the Serpent's Hand. They were happy to ally with similar seekers of peace and knowledge.

The Ashlands were even more surprised to learn that their only child, the infant Caitlin, had tremendous thaumaturgical potential in her blood. And so the Hand offered to send Caitlin to the Brookridge Academy, a boarding school in rural coastal Maine, that doubled as a place of education for children with eldritch potential. The Academy, of course, was also something of a recruiting ground for the Hand, and thus well-warded, with a magically-talented faculty.

The Hand didn't abandon the Academy's role as a school, however. From primary school age and on, Cait spent fall through spring at the Academy, coming home to wander the aisles and help out at King of Books with her parents. She learned her maths, the sciences, arts, music, literature and even some athletics, with Cait being particularly drawn toward track. Though never particularly exceptional, she was quick and light-footed.

Shortly after Cait's twenty-first birthday her arcane potential finally manifested amidst a hail of bloody coughing and vomit. While this would normally have qualified her for the Academy's advanced studies program, roughly a more Hand-focused 'college' experience with particular emphasis on controlling her anomalous abilities, the mysterious fog that had drawn some of Brookridge town's residents into the sea returned.

Most of the students and staff died that night, caught entirely by surprise as the wards were quenched from within. Most all walked into the sea. By morning, the area still shrouded in darkness by the fog, the remainder near all died, then awakened and started looking for breakfast. Cait, a few other students, and two professors managed to barricade themselves into the administrative offices, while some other faculty members attempted to flee with their students to the boats. They perished on the way.

Cait's powers were tried by desperation and terror. Most of the other survivors had no occult potential at all, merely familial ties to associates of the Hand, and while the professors worked hastily to re-ward the office, Cait nearly drained herself dry keeping the survivors safe from the spawn of the Depths that had Called so many of her fellows to their dooms for sinister purpose.

It is then that the Foundation arrived. The Deep Lord that had orchestrated the atrocity escaped, but the survivors were taken into Foundation custody.

Cait's been active in Foundation service for several months now, having experienced tremendous physical harm in the process. This pain and frustration, compounded with all the loss she felt at the Foundation stealing her from her prior life, manifested itself in a split Cait— a queen of rose and blood and vengeance, and a broken shell fueled by raw willpower— which rejoined one another deep below the Site.


  • English
  • Italian (Site Transition Bonus)


Cait's got a lot of miscellany, as any twenty-one-year-old college student would. A bit too complicated to explain. Or rather, Nemi is lazy and would rather write little details as they come up.

Cait has access to Hermann's thaumaturgic library, a collection of occult tomes and objects collected from around the world. The hexagonal chamber features Dewey-decimal system organized books and number-catalogue organized scrolls, along with mysterious artifacts and great machines, the workings of each detailed in German. There's also Hermann's secret stores of peppermint candies.

XP: 16

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Name of Source/Purchase XP Change Date
Site 19 Transfer 26 February 12 2016
The Voice 3 March 16 2016
PDef 4 to 5 -15 March 21 2016
Mdef 4 to 5 -12 March 21 2016
Return to Troy 4 March 21 2016
Sweet Tweets 6 March 25 2016
Engineering 4 to 5 -10 March 29 2016
Like a Broken Record 4 April 16 2016
Missing Persons Case 3 June 9 2016
Kaltos' Folly Pt. 1 4 September 3 2016
Kaltos' Folly Pt. 2 2 September 3 2016
Slaves to the Hypnoboat 4 September 9 2016
Phantoms and Fountains 2 September 10 2016
Wumpus Hunt 3 September 18 2016
Science 4 to 5 -9 October 21 2016 DiePotato
Medical 4 to 5 -10 October 21 2016 DiePotato
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