Brian Anderson
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Agent Anderson - c. 197█

Player: Aphex_

Position: OMEGA-5 Investigator / Forensic Analyst

Demeanor: Anderson's laser-like focus on his current task is certainly something to behold; one could almost describe it as lunacy. It is this, combined with his forensic skills that make him a deadly force on the investigative front.

Nature: Agent Anderson's focus on the mission can sometimes be his downfall, coming off as sometimes downright psychotic for it; he seems programmed, in a way. His loyalty to the Foundation seems similarly programmed, unfaltering to a rather serious degree.

Description: Brian is a whopping 1.8m tall at about 75kg. He retains the dominant brown eyes and brown hair of his family linage, and wears no facial hair whilst keeping his head hair neatly trimmed.

While he typically favors suits in his field of work, Agent Anderson is not one to forego practicality over sense of style. While on site, he favors more casual t-shirts, sweatshirts, and denim jeans.


  • Physical Health: 12 (10 + Resilience)
  • Mental Health: 15 (10 + Determination)
  • Strength: 1
    • Athletics
    • Melee
    • Ranged (heavy)
  • Toughness: 2
    • Resilience
    • Determination
    • Antipsychic
  • Speed: 2
    • Acrobatics
    • Stealth
    • Ranged
  • Charm: 0
    • Persuasion
    • Bluff
    • Intimidation
  • Intelligence: 2
    • Perception
    • Insight
    • Logic
  • Education: 2
    • Science
    • Engineering
    • History
    • Survival
    • Medicine
  • Let Me Work: +2. Due to his ease of being overwhelmed by noise, Brian gets a bit snappy when his teammates get chatty. If they're nice and quiet for a certain duration, however, he gains +2 to Logic or Insight, depending on the situation (GM fiat).
  • Beat Cop: +3. During his days with the ███████ Police as a beat cop, Anderson got particularly good at running and chasing those skirting the law. (+3 to Acrobatics while chasing targets of interest all alone.)
  • See The Unseen: +3. As an Investigator, you learn to pick up on things unseen in day to day life. Comes in handy for the job, sometimes. (+3 to Perception while in an investigative environment (GM fiat))


  • SIG/Sauer GmbH P226 [Light]
    • Suppressor
  • Ithaca Model 37-LE [Normal]
  • Latex Gloves (varying colors, mostly black)
  • CBRN Coveralls


  • A collection of suits
  • Literature for Foundation Employees
  • (More Here ->)

Personal History:

Agent Anderson's full files are currently withheld at request by the Unusual Incidents Unit of the United States government. What is known of Agent Brian Anderson is based on his word; he is a thirty-one year old male from ███████, Michigan. He began his career with the police force in his hometown as a beat-cop, eventually graduating up to a forensic analyst in 197█.

Following his application and induction into the FBI- and subsequently the UIU- he distinguished himself as a great soldier and an even better investigator. In the following months, he was offered a contract with the Foundation- which meant access to better equipment, better pay, and far less red tape to hinder any potential successes in the field.


Agent Anderson is mildly autistic, and enjoys the company of domestic animals.


A-01: Cult of the Broken God Puzzle - A puzzle with no cypher. Kept on his desk in his office.





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