William White
Colour Sergeant William White

Player: Quin

Position: Selous Scout

Demeanor: Observant yet somewhat jittery; always doing something with his hands, yet never misses a thing.

Nature: Constantly paranoid that he's going to be left alone, or that he's completely inadequate, both at his job and in his relationships. Overanalyzes everything, yet constantly makes terrible choices.

Description: Tanned skin and black hair swept across his forehead; dark brown irises almost indistinguishable from his pupils. His lack of musculature and his below-average height contribute to an overall unimpressive figure. His long fingers seem almost designed for the many instruments he plays, although his hands have so many scars on them it's a wonder they still function. He seems to find a new bruise or laceration every time he looks in the mirror.


  • Physical Health: 15
  • Mental Health: 12
  • Strength:
    • Athletics
    • Melee (3)
    • Ranged (heavy) (0)
  • Toughness 2
    • Resilience (5)
    • Determination (2)
    • Antipsychic (2)
  • Speed 2
    • Acrobatics (2)
    • Stealth (2)
    • Ranged (5)
  • Charm
    • Persuasion (3)
    • Bluff (0)
    • Intimidation (0)
  • Intelligence 2
    • Perception (5)
    • Insight (2)
    • Logic (2)
  • Education 2
    • Science (2)
    • Engineering (2)
    • History (2)
    • Survival (5)
    • Medicine (5)
  • Rhodesians Never Die: 3. Having been on both the giving and receiving end of war crimes does things to a man. Changes him. Some might not call him a man at all, especially when the ghosts of deeds past begin to haunt him. (+3 to hit when under 5 HP.)
  • Bush Hog: 2. Selous Scouts are reknown across the world for their woodcraft, especially their tracking. (+2 to rolls for tracking enemies.)
  • A Man Among Men: 3. With a lack of manpower in the RSF, the Scouts often recruited guerrillas into their ranks by treating their wounds and having heart-to-heart conversations. (+3 to Persuasion rolls to turncoat enemies who have received medical treatment from the Foundation.)


Surplus 'Gook' Chest Webbing

South African FN FAL, crest milled out and painted in brushstroke

Mamba Pistol


Succulents are scattered around Billy's personal quarters; a large green-and-white flag hangs on his wall, along with various posters proclaiming "Sit Nomine Digna" and "Be A Man Among Men!" On his desk, various firearms sit in different stages of cleaning and assembly, including a Browning Auto-5, an RPK, and an SKS. A radio set can typically be heard from the hallway, often blaring the tunes of Clem Tholet. On his walls hang several instruments, ranging from an electric guitar all the way to a hammer dulcimer. A picture of Billy's family in front of Salisbury Steel at his father's retirement party adorns his night-stand, along with a lamp and an alarm clock.

Personal History:

William was born in a small farmhouse on the border between the bush and Salisbury, Southern Rhodesia in late June of 1959, to a well-liked manager of Salisbury Steel. His mother was a third-generation immigrant, but his father had been hired straight from England in 1954, as the company made an attempt to raise the factory's production. When the UDI was declared in 1965, William's family was in full support of it. They enjoyed both a heightened social status and greater profits from the steel mill, as the United Nations sanctions increased Rhodesia's reliance on local resources.
In the later portion of the 60s, the Whites began to harbor sentiments against the nationalist groups. Before the end of 1972, the attack on Altena Farm occurred, wherein a distant cousin of William was wounded by ZANLA forces, these feelings grew stronger; by Christmas, all the eligible men in the family had enlisted with the Rhodesian Security Forces, but William, being only 13 at the time, could only sit back in helplessness.
On his 17th birthday, Billy lied about his age and enlisted in the RSF. Having practically grown up in the bush, his woodcraft was far greater than the average recruit. He was identified for further training and selected for service among the Selous Scouts. He took part in Operation Prawn, having had the idea to dress up a dead guerrilla as an RSF member in order to provide a distraction. He also took part in Operation Eland, where his cigarette went astray and set fire to the camp hospital, with patients inside. There were no survivors.
Following the end of the Rhodesian Bush War, Billy followed Garth Barrett to 3 Reconnaissance Commando, a division of the South African Defense Forces, until 1983, when he was recruited by the Foundation to serve at Site-15.


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