Beverly Wilson

Basic Info:

Player: Lumine

Position: Tracker/Documentation

Demeanor: Bev is usually a straight to the point kinda guy and often accidentally insults others but is an empathetic individual and quick to apologize as he knows how he usually is. He’s able to recognize when someone’s taking the piss out of him but never allows anything to get to him too much. He’ll be the first person to listen to both sides of an argument and mediate between them in order to keep whatever team he’s on functioning as to him he’d rather get a job done then mess it up with an issue.

Nature: He can be extremely straightforward and focused but cares more than he lets on. If he needs to deal with something he will but if it can be avoided so he can get a job done he’ll do it even to his own detriment. If he has a genuine concern for something of a non-personal he won’t hide it and will bring it to everyone’s attention even on the off chance it’s nothing. He often tends to ‘geek out’ over more rare species of animals should he encounter them as he previously used to track them down for a living.

Description: Roughly 5’5” and in his late 20’s to early 30’s with short brown hair and green eyes. Most of his outfits are simple and practical depending on the situation but he’s almost never seen without his trekking boots as he calls them. He has a few scars from being bitten or attacked by various wildlife while documenting them over the years. Particularly these are along his arms and has a few tattoos of the scientific names of every animal that’s managed to get a hit on him, next to their respective mark on him of course.


  • Physical Health: 7
  • Mental Health: 7
  • Physical Defense: 4
  • Mental Defense: 4
  • Perception: 4
  • Agility: 3
  • Strength: 3
  • Persuasion: 3
  • Intimidation: 3
  • Survival: 5
  • Sneak: 4
  • Medical: 3
  • Animal Instinct: 3. After spending most of his life looking for and documenting animals Bev can discover signs of and track most things that leave a trail from dung to footprints to even the slightest snapped twig. So long as it has left a trail he can find it. He gets a bonus to Perception and Survival when tracking animals or nonsapient, biological creatures .
  • Are we being hunted?: 3. Bev’s time spent alone in a variety of environments with predators everywhere has left his senses more attuned to potential threats or traps around him and made him more quick on his feet to escape them. He gets a bonus to Perception and Agility when he would be treated as prey by whatever is after him.
  • Blend In: 3. Bev’s experience out in the wilderness getting closer to animals has made him more than capable of staying off their radar to catch up to them, less likely to step on a branch, what kind of ground might give way or slow him down, etc. He gets a bonus to Sneak when dealing with animals or non-sapient, biological creatures .
  • Snapshot: 3. Bev has handled a camera most of his life and almost nothing he’s set-out to catch on film has managed to get away from him. He gets a bonus to Perception when going for a photograph of a moving target.


  • Three of his many cameras stored in a special bag he has for them.
  • His Trekking Boots
  • 100ft of Rope



  • Personal Collection of Cameras
  • Four Albums filled with the originals of every animal he’s photographed

Personal History:

Beverly was the adopted son of a biologist and grew up assisting his father in studying whatever he had brought into his lab. He was the seen and not heard type as he grew up and would do as told for most of his life, leading to a rather straightforward and to most a dull early life. His introduction to photography came through assisting his father in documenting some of his finds and slowly he gained an interest in the subject. His teen years became more rebellious as he’d ‘borrow’ his father’s camera to photograph any animals he came across on his walks out by himself. One day he’d seen something peculiar and managed to capture it on camera only to find out it was too blurry to confirm what he had seen though he could swear it was something not native to his region.

Upon reaching adulthood he got his own camera and made a personal journey to the amazon to start hunting down and photographing anything he could find. To his dismay an accident had occurred shortly after his arrival as the ferry he had taken had been damaged accidentally causing it to break down and capsize with some of the crew and passengers dying in the process with Beverly managing to make it to shore. He got his first scar that day from a bull shark while getting out of there. Nonetheless he survived fevers, being hunted by wild animals and poisoning from eating what he shouldn’t have. The experience lead to him learning to take care of himself and setting out again.

In the later part of his 20’s after he had successfully made many expeditions back and forth across the world hunting for pictures of any animal he could find he received a peculiar request from a client that referred to themselves as Scott Candice Perry that offered to pay him quite handsomely if they got the picture of something that frankly shouldn’t exist. To assist him they gave Bev basic details and a rough location. Beverly was up for the idea of it so set out while not knowing anything about his client and he did the impossible. He caught it on camera and not just one picture but many.

Upon returning home he was taken away he had found his his things packed for him and he was asked to work for the Foundation accepting the job as it would give him steady employment, would keep him busy and he might be able to work on his people skills beyond convincing them to give him something a tad cheaper. So now he works for the Foundation helping them track down creatures and if they don’t catch them he catches them on camera so they have a better idea what to look for.


  • English


People Bev has photos of:

  • Dana
  • Hanna
  • Carson
  • Kaltos
  • Sabina

XP: 2

Name of Source/Purchase XP Change Date
Soulless' Run +2 14/8/2016
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