Benoît Winfrey

Basic Info:

Player: Nanoro

Position: On-site barber/witch doctor

Demeanor: A slick, well-behaved man with a constant grin on his face. Rarely fazed by anything, and speaks with honeyed words. Smooth and suave overall.

Nature: Though Winfrey's mannerisms and appearance are carefully constructed, occasionally the man behind the mask may slip through. That man is honest, only having learned to lie to make a living and survive, and despite the whole "dark voodooman" act he is in fact far from being shady or malicious in any sense. One could say that he is a cleric in a warlock's disguise, kind and caring, even if rarely showing it.

Description: A lean black man somewhere in his thirties. Has exceptionally sharp-looking eyes and a cornrow haircut, accompanied by a neat stubble. Usually wears very neat and tidy clothes.


You have 36 points to distribute among Basic and Pseudo-Specialty Skills. Please follow the guidelines on the Game Mechanics page. Erase any skills you have no points in.

  • Physical Health: 7
  • Mental Health: 7
Basic Skills
  • Physical Defense: 3
  • Mental Defense: 6
  • Perception: 4
  • Agility: 4
  • Persuasion: 5
  • Bluff: 5
Pseudo-Specialty Skills
  • Melee: 3
  • Sneak: 4
  • Medical: 2
Specialty Skills:

You have twelve points to distribute among as many or as few specialty skills as you see fit (but at least three is almost always warranted). Remember to explain what each specialty entails.

  • Getting Out of Dodge: 2. There have been cases where the customer has been… Unhappy with the results, whether it was with Winfrey's barbering skills or spells. A lot of those cases involved sharp metallic objects. Winfrey gains a +2 to Agility when dodging stabs or slashes from sharp objects or weapons (including but not limited to: knives, sharp poles, claws etc.).
  • Placebo Effect: 3. Winfrey's trade, aside from haircuts, was also "magic" cures and spells. He has made bullshit an art in liquid, pill or powder form. He can use Bluff instead of Medical when using his own herbal remedies, with a +3 bonus to the roll. This skill replenishes Mental Health instead of Physical Health.
  • It's A Bargain: 4. Sometimes the client can take some convincing to make them buy the shark fin and baboon nose extract for their bedroom problems. Winfrey gains a +4 to Bluff and Persuasion when bargaining or negotiating.
  • Friends On The Other Side (ANOMALOUS): 3. Winfrey has been taught the ways of the voodoo. He may bargain with his patron spirit for favours, for an equal or greater cost. Mechanically, this allows Winfrey to use smaller sacrifices like an egg or a small dose of tobacco for cantrips1. Alternatively, he can grant himself or another player a bonus of up to +3 to any given roll, with the consequence of the recipient's next roll of the same skill gaining an equal debuff. This skill cannot be used to directly cause harm, or for evil causes.
  • Bad Luck Charm (FLAW): For his previous misuses of voodoo's power, the spirits of luck have looked upon him with an evil eye. In a run, he loses the "player's advantage": if he rolls equal to the DC, his roll is always treated as a failure.


  • stuff I guess I'll see about it l8r


List everything your character carries on their person here. Be reasonable.

  • His trademark razor
  • A worn leather top hat from ages past
  • A black suit with a large red bowtie and white shirt
  • Shoes, polished to a shine
  • A napkin, tucked away in his chest pocket
  • A pocket watch
  • Sacrifices (3 small bundles of tobacco or hair, 1 egg) in a small pouch on the inside of his jacket
  • A deck of tarot cards

And everything that they keep in their room at Site 19. Anything that's not listed here or in the section above will be difficult for the character to retrieve.

  • Various shady-looking books
  • A replica skull with a candle on it
  • Spare suits
  • A different bowtie for 6 days of week
  • Comfortable off-duty clothes
  • A set of barber's tools and the appropriate chair

Personal History:

List what your character's life has been like, from birth until 1954. The more, the better. Be sure that all of your character's skills (especially specialty skills) are explained. Higher skills need more justification.

(Uhh. Something something born in Haiti, grew up to be a barber. Found out about vodun later, found someone's notes on the matter, yada yada, saw a business opportunity, became a witch doctor which sold surprisingly well, still kept barbering because extra income and hair is good for voodoo stuffs, magic drugs also sell well. And uh. Foundation finds him out and makes a business proposal. Yeah. :d

i'll write this later I swear)


Any languages your character speaks. English is required. Languages should be justified by background/academics.

  • English
  • Haitian creole
  • French


Winfrey usually puts on some mascara and black lipstick to keep up his sharp and shady appearance. For him, impressions are important, and for a (mostly) phoney witch doctor doubly so.

XP: 0

How much XP your character currently has. Also list any XP you have received or spent, and where it came from or where it went.
Name of Source/Purchase XP Change Date
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