Ayako Yoshida

Basic Info:

Player: Daedalus

Position: Private Contracter

Demeanor: Quiet. Very, very quiet.

Nature: Very reserved in matters not pertaining to the task at hand. Does not speak unless spoken to. Meditative. Despite her reserved demeanor, she enjoys a good fight

Description: 5"1'. Small build. Wears a dark clothing and hats that usually cover her eyes. Black hair. Covered from neck to ankle in tattoos.


  • Physical Health: 6
  • Mental Health: 6
  • Physical Defense: 4
  • Mental Defense: 3
  • Perception: 6 (Auto-fail if visual)
  • Agility: 5
  • Strength: 3
  • Bluff: 4
  • Melee: 6
  • Sneak: 5
  • In Plain Sight: 3 Assassination is a tricky business; while some might imagine a hitman skulking around the dark corners of a room, most of the time the best hiding spot is the one in plain sight. (While disguised, Ayako gains a +3 to all bluff rolls, which decays by -1 per use)
  • Feather Footfall: 4 The first thing Ayako learned about the killing trade is that it's often important that your target remain unaware of you, at least until it's too late. (After rolling a successful base sneak roll, Ayako adds +4 to all subsequent sneak rolls. She also adds +4 to her next melee or ranged attack so long as she is concealed, but attacking immediately negates the bonus to sneak.)
  • Escape Artist: 3 Sometimes things go south and you end up fighting someone wielding a sword or gun who, not wanting to die themselves, is desperately trying to kill you. Ayako has learned to study her opponent to better predict their attacks. (Every time Ayako successfully dodges an attack, she gains +1 to agility to a maximum of 3 until she's hit or the encounter ends, at which point the bonus resets.)
  • Oni's Blessing: 2 Ayako made a deal a long time ago; she wanted to learn the forbidden language that would give her control of the life forces and light. (Ayako can perform several 'miracles' that harm her as well as help others. Using the anomaly automatically breaks concealment)
    • Spirit Word: Lowers Enemy Mdef by roll halved for a single turn in exchange for Ayako also losing the same amount for a single turn. Negative total results buff the enemy's Mdef equal to the absolute value of the negative amount, while lowering Ayako's by the same.
    • Breaking Word: Lowers Enemy Pdef by roll halved for a single turn in exchange for Ayako also losing the same amount for a single turn. Negative total results buff the enemy's Pdef equal to the absolute value of the negative amount, while lowering Ayako's by the same.
    • Illusory Word: Creates a convincing illusion that can be used to boost another character's bluff, sneak, or intimidation by half the roll's value, at the cost of both an Mdef and a Pdef penalty for Ayako also equal to half the roll's value. This lasts for as long as the illusion does.
  • Oni's Curse: In exchange for the knowledge of these spells and how to properly use them, the Oni took three things precious to Ayako; A seventh of her vitality, a seventh of her soul, and her ability to see. While the first two were simple to hand over, the third was a bit trickier to find a workaround for. (Ayako relies on her sense of hearing to navigate the world around her. With every point of Phealth or Mhealth lost, Ayako loses to ability to concentrate and suffers -1 to Melee, Agility, and Perception)


  • A Shin guntō & sheath
  • Kaiken strapped to a belt
  • Wallet

List any equipment your character has purchased off of the Unlockable Equipment list or made through Crafting. You probably don't have any.


  • Wing Chun Training Dummy
  • Bloody Japanese officer's uniform
  • Tatami Mats
  • A Bonsai Plant
  • Paintings
  • Calligraphy equipment
  • Type 99 rifle
  • Type 26 revolver
  • Spare rounds

Personal History:

Ayako was born on 1920 in the city of Hiroshima, Japan. As the family couldn't support any children, she and her twin brother Hayato were abandoned at a small orphanage where they spent most of their childhood.

This relatively normal childhood would take a turn. In 1937, the increasingly militant Japanese Government begin exploring alternate means of warfare, such as using the myths of the land in a potential war effort against the Americans or anyone else who could threaten their expansion into the Pacific. They began to turn their gaze inward, looking to create unbeatable soldiers wielding the power of legends.

To this end, they began recruiting teenagers to participate in "experimental training", offering a hefty payment to those who volunteered. Ayako and Hayato, needing the money to leave the orphanage for good, were among the first to sign up.

The training was difficult; Ayako and her brother were trained in the arts of stealth, bushido, and the ways of the samurai to some unknown end goal. As the program continued it became obvious that not everyone would be accepted into whatever secret project the government had in store for them. Ayako's brother was one of these rejects, although he found use elsewhere as an officer in the Japanese army.

Ayako, meanwhile, was contented with helping her country. As she continued through the training, she became more and more enamored with the idea of the samurai; a noble warrior who fought for honor and prestige. For two years she trained hard, motivated by the words from the letters of her brother. She rose high above the other's expectations of her, and became one of the few to remain in the program once the end goal was revealed.

One night, she and the other acceptees were sent into a supposedly haunted section of a forest deep within the wilderness of Japan, being told that this was the last part of their training. They were told that they were looking for an oni, to bring back it's corpse.

Eventually, they found the creature. Ayako and the others fought long and hard against the creature, a few of them falling in the bloody battle. When the dust cleared, however, the group found themselves victorious. When it came time to deliver the finishing blow whether to the creature, it stopped them. It offered them money, power, magic… the last of which interested the Ayako.

In the end, they made a deal. Everyone gave something to learn one of the magic words that the Oni would teach. Ayako gave the most, however; A seventh of her vitality, a seventh of her soul, and her ability to see. With their deals done, the Oni hobbled back into the forest and the group wandered back to the waiting military outpost.

While initially angry at the loss of the Oni, the military recognized the group's usefulness as agents with their newfound abilities. In the years afterwards, the Empire of Japan used Ayako and her unit to assassinate several high ranking targets across China and Southeast asia.

However, when the war started to turn and with the loss of her brother during the campaign in the Pacific, she became disillusioned with the Japanese Empire and escaped back to Japan, living on the streets and hiding from the authorities. When the war finally ended, she turned to a life of crime to survive, working as an assassin for private contractors. Her abilites and skill was ultimately discovered by the Yakuza, who offered her safety in exchange for her services. She readily agreed and worked for many years as an enforcer for a crime family.

One day, however, during a routine job she discovered an instance of SCP-███ over which she had a major dispute with her superiors about. She objected the family using the anomalous object for their own use. With great difficulty and a lot of bribing, she managed to smuggle herself the object into the United States, where the Foundation intercepted and contained her.

Ayako was very cooperative and handed over the object willingly. Considering her anomalous properties and generally obliging nature, the Foundation considered recruiting her. After a barrage of psychological examinations. she was finally offered a position on the condition she become a US citizen.

She accepted, only requesting protection from the Japanese government and 250 USD.


  • English
  • Japanese
  • Chinese
  • Filipino


  • Allergic to dogs

XP: 0

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