August Micheli

Basic Info:

Player: Recursive

Position: Botanist/Mycologist.

Demeanor: August tries to remain friendly and happy most of the time, to put people at ease since they will likely be slightly put off by his outward appearance. Thinking it is best for everyone to get along, he tries to resolve conflicts when they occur, even if it doesn't really sort it out in the long run. Under pressure, he has a tendency to let his nerves get the best of him, but tries his best to remain calm. He also gets a little queasy at the sight of blood, and has 'this thing' about looking at open wounds for any amount of time.

Nature: August tries to remain upbeat, even though he knows that there is basically no cure for the fungus that has infected his body, save intense intrusive operations that have an incredibly low probability of success, or something that would kill him as well. Above all, he fears that people will abandon him because, in his mind, he's become some sort of freak. As such, he strives to make them like him for him, not for what he looks like. August is dedicated to his work as well, hoping to make some sort of breakthrough that would let him go down in history, not as an anomaly, but as a valued member of the Foundation. In addition to this, August has incredibly guilty feelings about not contacting his family, who believe him to be dead from a freak lab accident. He also harbors ill feelings towards people who speak in ambiguous ways, as it was a blank, ambiguous box that he opened that got him to where he is now.

Description: August is around average height, and is in relatively good shape, if a bit skinny from the fungi leeching some nutrients from his body. His skin, however, might lead one to believe otherwise, as it has a sickly white pallor, with similarly pale greenish veins. Despite his age being merely 35, his hair is almost completely white or light grey, and his cheekbones are slightly sunken in. His eyes are a vibrant green color, though they seem to get paler when he is sick or weak. Typically, he wears a slightly oversized labcoat that reaches just over his wrist, where his tendrils pop out. These tendrils can extend to around half a foot, and end with a fork. To the casual observer, it would look like August has scars on his wrists, and his veins are elongating and creeping out.


  • Physical Health: 7
  • Mental Health: 7
  • Physical Defense: 4
  • Mental Defense: 4
  • Perception: 3
  • Agility: 2
  • Strength: 2
  • Persuasion: 2
  • Intimidation: 2
  • Bluff: 1
  • Melee: 4
  • Ranged: 1
  • Survival:1
  • Academics: 4
  • Science: 4
  • Medical: 2
  • The Fungus Among Us (Anomalous): 3. After an anomalous incident, August's body was infected with a bizarre and anomalous strain of fungus that formed a symbiotic relationship with their host. To fulfill their metaphorical end of the bargain, the fungus allows August to use it for various purposes. Using any of these skills (with the exception being the Shiitake Special) will drain him of .5 Phealth.
  • Say Hello to My Little Celium!: 3. Though he has a rather strong dislike of confrontation, August knows that sometimes push has to come to shove, and some people aren't going to back down that easy. However, they might have a second thought when they see those angry greenish tinted veins that give August that eerie look. And those tendrils, let's just say they bring to mind the worst urban legends about what aliens do when they abduct you. (Adds to INTIMIDATION and/or BLUFF)
  • Run Awaaaaay!: 4. Being slightly queasy when it comes to gory and gross things, August naturally gets a sort of rush when given the opportunity to get away, and preferably to a medic, if he has sustained some sort of injury. (AGILITY if August has just lost PHealth)
  • Mi-go away: 2. Another passive effect the Fungus has on August's body is a sort of natural defense against Mental attacks, as the Mycorrhizae that run through the tendrils through his body up to his brain help to absorb and effectively dilute mental attacks. (MDEF against psychic or mentally intrusive attacks.)
  • Anomalous Flaw- Mycological Misgivings: Despite being anomalous in nature, the fungi that have spread themselves out through August's body are still fungi, and as such are vulnerable to chemicals and extreme shifts in temperature. Upon coming into contact with any chemicals, or being brought near fire or anything very cold, the mushroom caps will instinctively retract into August's body for protection, and he will not be able to use any of his anomaly related specialty skills until he has gotten away from the hazard. In addition, should any caps be ripped off/cut off of August, it will take a minimum of 3 turns for them to grow back. In addition, as stated above, using anomalous skills other than Shiitake Special will leech him of .5 health. In soft rp, this translates to him needing a higher caloric intake than most people, and is also the cause of his seemingly faster aging. For obvious reasons, the fungi will not allow him to use his anomalous skills (with the exception of healing himself) if he is at critical health (2.5 PHealth or lower).


  • High-calorie nutrient bars. Lots of them.
  • A lab coat with long sleeves, in case the tendrils decide to peek out.
  • A lighter, just in case the tendrils are freaking someone out.
  • A pocketknife
  • A spare water bottle (He dehydrates very easily)

Muh shrooms ate all muh 'quipment.


  • Two small portable coolers, filled with midnight snacks.
  • A potted plant, overgrown with mushrooms.

Personal History:

As the child of two Italian immigrants in New York, Augustus Micheli had the odds stacked against him growing up in the Big Apple itself. However, despite the odds, August's parents made just enough to send him to college, where he thought to make a name and money for his family by researching and developing strains of fungi and plants that would be able to thrive in harsher environments. However, this research was unfortunately cut short when a sample from an unknown source found its way to his lab in college. Along with two others from his lab group that did not survive the infection, August was infected by a strain of what is now known as the Yuggoth Fungi. After reporting to a local hospital, he was picked up by MTF Phi-17, after being detected by an agent undercover in the hospital who determined that his symptoms were most likely anomalous in nature. From there, he was constantly monitored for nearly two months before it was determined that the fungi seemed to have stabilized and formed a symbiotic relationship with his body. After showing the ability to make contact with plant and fungal life, he was essentially drafted into MTF Phi-17 to help locate and contain any other strains of the fungus, before being sent to Psi-7 in Italy to continue his work there, as it was rumored a similar fungus had been sighted in Northern Sicily.


  • English
  • Italian


When August blushes or bruises, it turns a slightly green shade instead of purple or red. His blood also appears to be a lot lighter than normal blood.
If he sneezes, his tendrils have a bad habit of shooting unexpectedly out of his hands.
Ironically, his favorite food used to be mushrooms.
Dislikes insects of all kinds. Spiders on the other hand, he has mixed feelings about.
The Fungus infecting his body is commonly known to Foundation personnel as the Mi-go/Yuggoth Strain.

XP: 0

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