Artyom Elkin
Arty's old squad. He can be seen on the far left.

Player: DiePotato

Position: Defector Wetworker

Demeanor: On the outside Artyom looks bored at the world around him. His voice reflects much the same as his tone is dull most of the time, the only thing giving it any uniqueness being his accent.

Nature: Artyom's at best a man who's lived too much life for his relatively few years that he's been around. He's used to holding a callous nature around the front of him that he uses to remain abrasive and rude without caring in the end. On the interior, however, he's a genuinely caring man who's loyal to a fault and dogmatic in his statures. His stubbornness can know no bounds and it doesn't require much to go over that slight lip in himself that'll push him to be ruthless. Violence is second-nature to him (even though he severely wishes it wasn't) and he has no qualms about killing to save someone or something.

Description: Rail-thin, porcelain-pale man who usually wears an office suit nowadays. His brunette hair is looking a bit long and is beginning to show sings of greying but doesn't dip down into his smoky-blueish eyes. He often carries a pistol on his person no matter where he is. Voice is usually fairly neutral but is lined with a fading Russian accent. Has a variety of scars around his person, and his facial expressions generally don't range much farther then 'bland' and 'irritated' .


  • Physical Health: 7
  • Mental Health: 7
  • Physical Defense: 4
  • Mental Defense: 3
  • Perception: 4
  • Agility: 6
  • Strength: 4
  • Intimidation: 3
  • Bluff: 4
  • Melee: 5 (3+2 from Strength)
  • Ranged: 5
  • Survival: 5
  • Sneak: 4
  • The Silence: 5. Artyom's years training and participating in assassination missions for the GRU-P and KGB has made him able to make his body nearly silent and able to sneak up on anyone. These skills were even further honed in Siberia where staying quiet while hunting made the difference between life and death. This is however, useless if he is in a situation where his heart rate or breathing is too high to control such as being chased or extremely scared. (+5 to Sneak while his heartrate is currently at its lowest possible resting pace. This is immediately negated anytime his heartrate is increased such as when frightened, when in combat, or when he is doing anything that would raise said heartrate. It takes roughly 5 minutes to level out his heartrate after it's been spiked.)
  • One Stroke, One Shot, One Life: 4. During missions, Artyom was only ever allowed to go equipped with what he needed to quietly kill a target. Whether this was a Tokarev with one in the chamber and a potato or a rusted butter knife, he learned to kill quietly with what he had learning to use every tool he had to his advantage. However these skills are often reduced or even lost during confrontations. (+4 to MEL/RNG whenever Artyom attacks an enemy that he has passed a SNK roll on. This is reduced to +2 during combat situations that are caused as a result of the sneak attack (such as an enemy seeing Artyom stab a guy and then moving to engage). After the next attack the bonus is then reduced to +1 for the rest of the combat encounter. This cannot be applied to direct combat encounters.
  • Frosted Veins: 3. Artyom's time spent in Siberia brought him to the edge of life and back many times. He knows what it means to fight to survive which his disposition and countenance gives away. This makes strangers to him often quite uncomfortable and easy to scare or lie to especially when they're alone with him. (+3 to BLUFF/INTIM whenever Artyom is trying to scare/lie to a stranger he is alone with. This cannot be used during a combat encounter.)


  • Standard Issue Foundation fatigues.
  • Grey Soviet-style, wool Greatcoat
  • Black size 9 combat boots
  • A photograph of him as a child and of his parents given to him by The Guardian of The Forest. On the back scribbled messily is "Do svidaniya Lacey. It seems you will need a new teacher." Right next to that is "[Broken mirrors do not shine, but fractured glass can be repaired and be the repairer. You are a thousand thousand times better than you were, and are not who you have been. Keep on shining. Lacey.]"
  • Necklace with a four inch Larva King tooth hanging from it, given to him by Lacey. Inscribed on it in Russian are the words "shadow" and "fearless".
  • Gold chain necklace with half of a heart piece hanging from it.
  • Wedding ring
  • A worn and tried Type 1 AK-47
  • Silence Bomb
  • Intimidating Sunglasses
  • Standard Issue NR-40 Knife (Augmented)
  • SVT-40 Sniper Rifle w/ SCOPE
  • Bangle Blade
  • Heavily-modified and customized Winchester Model 70. Customized as such:
    • Barrel re-chambered to fire .45 ACP rounds.
    • Barrel heavily modified with internal suppression system that uses wet rubber baffles and wipes to reduce noise.

Mechanics: At longer ranges this rifle reduces the RANGED roll made for a shot with it by -2 but the shot is undetectable. At medium ranges a 4 SNEAK roll has to be made against hostiles PERC and there are no debuffs to RANGED. At close-point blank ranges the sneak bonus is -2 and there are no debuffs to RANGED. If the SNEAK roll wins the shot is undetected but if it fails hostiles are able to detect the shot. Due to the heavy stress diverting gasses has on the components, the internal baffles and wipes wear after 3 shots used (3 shots per run/event) with this weapon. After that all shots are detected as with any other firearm.


  • SVT-40 Sniper Rifle w/ SCOPE and sling (Stock has 3 notches)
  • Old!Nagant M1895 Revolver
  • New!Nagant M1895 Revolver. Gift from Gwen Bowman.
  • Another New!Nagant M1895 Revolver. Double-action Officer's Model, white wooden scales on the grip, and some subtle vine-and-flower etchings on the barrel's sides. Gift from Katherine Voss.
  • Tokarev pistol
  • Makarov pistol with a worn suppressor that no longer functions.
  • Civilian clothing
  • Two sweaters. Gifts from Lacey.
  • A sharpening stone
  • Small gun-cleaning kit
  • Pieces of black cloth
  • Needle & thread
  • An empty birdcage
  • A handful of pictures of family.
  • A large grey feather. Appears to be from an Eurasian Eagle Owl
  • SCP Foundation Trading card. Kevin Winsthrop. Of course
  • SCP Foundation Trading card. Cardacey. When did this happen?
  • SCP Foundation Trading card. Franklin Taylor.
  • Significant amount of papers regarding his experiences with chronosomatomia. The detail the memories he has experienced along with possible leads and connections.
  • Intricately carved silver bracelet. Given to Gwen Bowman for her birthday.
  • A lance
  • Arming sword w/sheathe
  • Crossbow
  • Dagger w/ sheathe
  • Leather armor
  • Box of classical records


  • Gem from the Banganash Run!
  • Alotta Banganash coins from Banganash Runs! (20000 + 60000 - 10000 - 5000 - 2500- 8000- 6000 = 48500)
  • Larva King tooth. Six inches in length from WotMQ: Evolutionary Boogaloo!(Commissioned Victor to make a knife of it. Agreed to make it of trench knife design from last war.)
  • Larva King tooth. Size of a human molar from WotMQ: Evolutionary Boogaloo!
  • Red gem from Wizardventures!
  • Light tunic from Wizardventures!
  • Mask from Wizardventures!
  • Fancy knife from Wizardventures!
  • Wavy knife from Wizardventures!
  • Destroyed golem piece from Wizardventures!
  • New mental scars from TWDFTD!
  • Two new knives from AoD!
  • A nice robe from AoD!
  • Hood & Cloak from AoD!
  • Shortsword from AoD!
  • Bracers and Shoulder armor from AoD!
  • Light crossbow from AoD!
  • Set of eight throwing knives from AoD!
  • Black mask with a clown design from PGTJ!

Personal History:

Born October 10th, 1923 in Czechoslovakia to Russian parents, Artyom was destined for war. His father, Vladimir, fought in the early days of the Great War and encouraged Artyom from an early age to learn aspects of battle such as firing his old service revolver and rifle.

Artyom however, never took after his barrel-chested father and instead took the slim, light physique of his mother Katya. Using his thin frame he was able to meld with shadows quite quickly usually using the skill to eavesdrop on conversations at a young age. His father quickly grew proud of him as he used his skills to efficiently hunt animals in the forest behind their small hovel.

Around the age of twelve his family moved to the Western District of the Soviet Union with the promise of free land and social equality in their minds. Artyom quickly learned of the Socialist Party and of their ideology towards social equality for all. Never quite understanding or liking the ideas of Communism, Artyom was often shunned by his peers for his lack of faith in the Socialist agenda and when the start of the Second World War came around years later he joined the military at the beckoning of his father as the U.S.S.R made an agreement to invade Poland with Germany.

Shortly after Germany betrayed the agreement made with the USSR, Artyom was quickly deployed to repel the Axis invasion in 1940. During the brunt of the battle Artyom's company was stuck trying to hold back the German front line. This was the Battle of Smolensk and the German advance had been halted by rain and in the meantime Wermacht forces decided to cause as much damage to oil and economic systems as possible, destroying buildings and businesses. During a patrol run around a nearby town his squad of four encountered a Nazi team. Only Artyom was left, his comrades dead, captured by the Germans.

After escaping the encampment with the help of a NKGB operative who was assigned to kill the officer that had been interrogating him. Artyom joined the NKGB afterwards as a low-level operative, training to work as a wetworks agent. After training under the man who rescued him in the art of assassination for a year he was promoted to a Specialist within the NKGB. He was eventually assigned to work for the new division of GRU known as the GRU-P which as it was explained to him "Used to deal with weird shit."

In 1949, after 10 years of working for the military, Artyom was finally offered leave and decided to return home to his family who had moved back to Czechoslovakia in that span of time. He returned to find his village burned to the ground and the Red Guard executing those the government deemed "Western idealists". Artyom killed fourteen soldiers before he was captured and sent to a gulag in Siberia. During his time there he was tortured and his mind was bent and broken using unknown methods causing his time with the GRU-P to be forgotten.

Shortly afterwards he escaped the gulag and lived in the icy, tundra of Siberia for years working his way back west to civilization his only companion being a snow fox he had saved from an owl. Eventually arriving in Moscow in 1953, Artyom found his old teacher Korsikov who had assigned him his targets. Giving him back all of his equipment the old man told Artyom the Kremlin had assigned him as an enemy of the state and advised Artyom to escape to the United States as a defector with the Cold War beginning to brew.

Artyom escaped across the Russian border and eventually made his way to a US Embassy in Great Britain where he was allowed to defect in exchange for information about the NKGB. Workers of the Foundation quickly caught word of Artyom through the military and, upon learning of his involvement with the GRU-P, immediately offered a job. Artyom, with nothing left to lose and wishing to work against the U.S.S.R and their agenda, took the job the weight of avenging his family on his shoulders.


  • English
  • Russian
  • Czech


  • Artyom loves animals!
  • Although Artyom was held prisoner by Germans he holds no malevolence to Germans (Unless they themselves were Nazi's)
  • Artyom really doesn't like derogatory terms towards Russians directed at him i.e. Ruskie, Red, Commie, etc. etc…
  • He knows for a fact that the GRU-P has memory-affecting items. While obviously imperfected because of his still existing memory of working at the Division it's advanced enough to eliminate all of the memories of missions with them.

Interview File
(The story of how Arty asked which way it was to the assassins office)
Incident at British US Embassy October 9th-10th 1954

XP: 28

Name of Source/Purchase XP Change Date
STR Buy +1 -8 ?
PDEF Buy +1 -8 ?
MDEF Buy +1 -8 ?
AGI Buy +1 -12 ?
Bangle Blade -16 ?
Augmentation (NR-40) -8 ?
RNG Buy +1 -11 ?
Silence Bomb -10 ?
Custom Suppressed Rifle -40 ?
Intim Shades -8 ?
SURV Buy +1 -9 ?
INTIM Buy +1 -10 ?
BLUFF Buy +1 -10 ?
Kneecapper -8 ?
Site-19 Transfer +188 3/5/2016
God's Work +2 ?
Slaves To The Hypnoboat +4 ?
Bluff Buy +1 - 9 10/28/16
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