Andrea "Hands" Ricci

Basic Info:

Player: Uasciozuva

Position: Ex-Infantry, Thief

Demeanor: Andrea usually comes across as a warm and welcoming individual, however his subconscious tendency to position himself favorably to lift things from unwary individuals, leads most that have experience with pickpockets to be quite wary of him.

Nature: Personable, hyperactive, slight kleptomaniac tendencies

Description: Andrea is an Italian man of 25 years of age, standing at just under 5 and half feet tall. His short brown hair is usually unkempt, regardless of his efforts to the contrary. His brown eyes appear dull in most instances unless Andrea is engaging in nearly any task regarding his passion, lockpicking. His ears are somewhat odd in that instead of sitting flat against his skull, they stick out from his head at an almost 90 degree angle, leading to much bullying and teasing as a child. His nose is crooked from being broken and improperly healed more times than he cares to or can remember. He never is sure which. His jawline is neither remarkably strong, nor remarkably nonexistent, instead it unfortunately had left him with a wide mandible giving his face an unfortunately square visage.


  • Physical Health: 7
  • Mental Health: 7
  • Physical Defense:4
  • Mental Defense:4
  • Perception:5
  • Agility:5
  • Strength:4
  • Melee:4 (4+2Str=) 6
  • Ranged:3
  • Sneak:4
  • Engineering:4

You have twelve points to distribute among as many or as few specialty skills as you see fit (but at least three is almost always warranted). Remember to explain what each specialty entails.

  • My Wallet! 4. Growing up on the streets of Venice taught Andrea at a young age how to…acquire things that he needed to survive. Bonus to SNEAK when attempting to steal from individuals that are present.
  • * Live long and prosper 3. Due to growing up in a rough area while living on the streets, Andrea has pieced together some basic first aid skills to keep himself alive. Gains a bonus to Medical when improvising treatment (only applies to splints and tourniquets). Does not work with standard equipment.
  • The Invisible Urchin 2. One skill Andrea learned quickly was how not to be noticed while moving in cities, regardless of who he…bumped into. Andrea gains a bonus to SNEAK when attempting to remain unnoticed within populated areas and cities. Only active while in inconspicuous garb and either traveling alone or moving through crowds.
  • How did you get in here? 3. Growing up without a home lead Andrea to break into his first abandoned house at 7 years of age. Since then he has practiced picking locks of a wide variety, just in case he desperately needed a roof over his head once again. Andrea receives a bonus to ENGINEERING when attempting to pick mechanical locks. Does not apply to electronic locks or locks with advanced anti-tamper designs.


  • Beretta Model 1934 Semi-Automatic Pistol This weapon was smuggled off base and stashed in one of Andrea's safehouses while he was in military service. Since being discharged, he has kept it on him at almost all times. 7 round magazine with 1 in the chamber for 8 rounds of semi-automatic glory.
  • Amateur lock-picking set: A set giving to Andrea by the street urchin that first introduced Andrea to the world of lock-picking, this set contains 3 bump keys, 2 torsion wrenches, 2 rake picks, 2 ball picks, and 2 decoder picks.
  • Small Flashlight: This flashlight is designed for covert utilization, focusing more on a small, dimly lit cone than lighting areas extensively for navigation. Nonetheless, navigation is possible utilizing this flashlight, as long as you don't mind tripping over most things in your path.
  • Knife: a standard Foundation issued knife
  • Short-range radio: standard Foundation issued radio
  • Canteen x2
  • Jacket: this jacket, despite appearing normal, hosts a wide variety of hidden pockets for concealment of small items. It has been somewhat poorly tailored to allow quick access to inside pockets. Generally used to carry Andrea's lock-picking set and to hide various items while sneaking/pickpocketing.


  • Spare Lock-picking picks: over the years Andrea has acquired a number of replacement picks and keys of various sizes, ensuring that he almost never goes anywhere without a full set.
  • Bug-out Bag: A bag containing 2 weeks of rations and water. 1 knife. 200ft of climbing rope(350 lbs max). 1 small flashlight. 1 large flashlight. 2 sets of replacement batteries for each. 3 changes of clothing (excluding socks and underwear).
  • Police Officers Badge: Thanks to some quick hands, Andrea…acquired a police officers badge from right off his chest in the town near site-77
  • Police Officers Watch: Thanks to some smooth talking and even smoother hands, Andrea is in possession of a watch from right off the wrist of an officer in East Westington, West Virginia.

Personal History:

Born 1932 in Venice, Italy to a family of 4, tragedy struck Andrea at a young age when his family's home and all of their possessions went up in flames. After several weeks of struggling to survive Andrea made a fateful decision, to rob people in the crowded streets.

After several unsuccessful attempts, numerous beatings, and a few broken noses, Andrea began to pick up on the subtle arts of pickpocketing. The ways to draw attention away from his hands while they slipped in and out of jackets, pants, purses, and bags. The way to hide and look like you belong even in places you most certainly do not. These skills would form the basis for the rest of Andrea's life.

By 17 years of age, Andrea was among the most successful pickpockets and petty thieves in Venice, with a small network of abandoned houses he had painstakingly adapted to contain relatively hidden areas for storing his ill gotten goods. Unfortunately he was caught red handed when he attempted to pickpocket a Carabinieri (military police, also police civilian areas), and given a choice. Join the military, or go to prison for a very long time.

Unfortunately his service lasted only a short 2 years before being discharged due to petty theft. He spent 9 months in the military prison before being released on good behavior. The next 2 years of his life was spent traveling Europe, with no end goal in sight.

Andrea's life would change for the better, however, when was contacted by an former street urchin that he used to occasionally share food with, Agent ██████. Andrea was subsequently hired by Agent ██████ to pickpocket a small steel pyramid from a well dressed man. The reward, he was told, would be immense. Unfortunately, after the successful lifting of the item, Andrea made what he would consider to this day to be the best and worst decision of his life, a decision that he was not aware that he was making until it had already been made. He span the pyramid like a top.

Subsequently, everyone within 15 meters of the pyramid, excluding Andrea, was affected by the items anomalous effects. All affected individuals, barring Andrea, were compelled to obtain the pyramid at all costs. This was accompanied by a general awareness of its location at the time it was spun. After successful retention of the item during the evasion of uncoordinated efforts of an estimated 13 individuals, Andrea was forced to kill for the first time when an previously undetected 14th individual under the items effects assaulted him with a broken bedpost. While suffering from 3 broken ribs, Andrea succeeded in contacting Agent ██████ via previously established communication methods. In order to prevent a potential information breach, all individuals involved in this event were detained. After extensive interviewing, Andrea Ricci was invited to join the Foundation, and allowed to retain his memories of anomalous events and items.


  • English
  • Italian


Andrea suffers from a mild form of kleptomania. Through effort, he no longer takes items that belong to most members of staff, however he is known to…acquire random nick knacks when out in the field.

Andrea has a sore point about the size/shape of his ears and is known to get aggressive or sulky depending on the level of teasing he receives about it.

XP: 2

Name of Source/Purchase XP Change Date
been-drowned +4 5/21/2017
Matinee +4 5/24/2017
Ranged 2 - 3 -8 5/25/2017
Witch Hunt +2 5/26/2017
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