Amelie Zelinka
Zelinka, est. 1957.

Player: Nemi

Position: Medic

Demeanor: Nervous, jumpy, uncertain, occasionally prone to emotional outbursts. Distrustful of others at first. Extremely loyal. Often sad and fragile. Becoming increasingly more confident.

Nature: Uncertain, uncomfortable, bleak, but veiling a generally sunny and good-natured self. Rather guilt-ridden, though it's mostly internalized.

Description: A slightly tall woman at 5'7", Amelie has a lithely athletic build and fair skin. Blue eyes, slightly wavy black hair. Soft, fey features, naturally a little sad. Soft voice, Czech accent.


  • Physical Health: 7
  • Mental Health: 7
  • Physical Defense: 5
  • Mental Defense: 5
  • Perception: 4
  • Agility: 5
  • Strength: 4
  • Persuasion: 4
  • Intimidation: 1
  • Bluff: 4
  • Melee: 5 (+2 STR)
  • Ranged: 5
  • Survival: 2
  • Sneak: 4
  • Academics: 3
  • Science: 3
  • Medical: 5
  • Engineering: 2
  • Surgical Strike: 3. RNG/MEL. Intense covert operations and unobtrusive security training has given Amelie a talent for surprise attacks. Amelie gains a bonus when attacking from surprise or from ambush using light and precision weapons at close range (such weapons meaning handguns, SMGs, and knives, as well as unarmed).
  • Witness Perfection: 3. AGI Amelie's patchwork body is quick and unusually limber. Bonus to Climbing, Jumping, and Acrobatics.
  • Private Practice: 3. MED Work as a Novavida nurse makes Amelie skilled in triage circumstances, but moreover ideal in assisting more qualified personnel in aiding patients. Bonus when ASSISTING ANOTHER in use of MEDICAL, or in TRIAGE and FIRST AID situations.
  • Determination: 3. PDEF/MDEF For all her mental fragility, Amelie is nonetheless shockingly durable and able to fight through pain and the like. PDef against minor damage, such as cuts, impacts, etc. Mdef against pain. Does not apply to gunshots and other heavy injuries.


  • Shell Jacket: A fitted jacket with high collar and integral hood. Treated synthetic fabric for resistance to weather, flame and corrosive agents. Insulation sustains body temperature for comfort in heat and cold while providing some protection against cuts and shrapnel. Plain white shell can be exchanged for various colours, including camouflage patterns as follows: Woodland splinter, desert splinter, oak-leaf, sand, grassland brushstroke, winter dotted. Includes external and inner pockets. White armband with red cross optional.
  • Fatigue Trousers: Dark grey fitted synthetic fabric leggings with side and hip pockets and panels for armor plate inserts. Treated for resistance to weather, flame, and corrosive agents. Insulation sustains body temperature for comfort in heat and cold while providing some protection against cuts and shrapnel.
  • Marksman's Gloves: Black leather-shell gloves with removable aperture for trigger finger. Meat of palm is padded for recoil resistance, knuckles contain padding, metal panels and protrusions for protection and offensive enhancement in CQC situations.
  • Armor Vest, M12, Modified: Modified aluminum-and-nylon protective gear using Doron plate (compressed fiberglass) body armor system with impact and cut resistant synthetic fabric shell. Provides modest protection to torso.
  • M-1956 Individual Load-Carrying Equipment: An effective design borrowed from the US army. Includes all elements with optional attachments: Combat knife sheath, entrenching tool cover, pistol holster, pistol magazine carrier. Shoulder mount for flashlight and cover for hand radio. Includes standard array of survival gear and rations.
  • KA-BAR Fighting Knife: Sheathed near left shoulder for easy access. Black handle, blackened matte blade.
  • Browning High-Power: Favored lethal semi-automatic pistol. 13 round double-stacked magazine. Chambered for 9x19mm Parabellum. Matte dark grey.
  • L34A1 Sterling Submachine Gun: 9mm, 34 round magazine. Whisper-quiet variant with integral suppressor. Can be loaded with rubber bullets for less-than-lethal. Highly reliable, highly accurate.
  • FN-FAL: Selective-fire battle rifle chambered for 7.62x51mm NATO. 30-round detachable box magazine. Underbarrel mount for flashlight, fitted for ELCAN optical sights. Painted matte dark grey, with optional fabric covers for camouflage.
  • Winchester Model 70 Bolt-Action Rifle: 5-round capacity .30-06 Springfield. Fitted with optics and suppressor mount. Used for marksman role. Painted matte dark grey.
  • Grenades: Assorted grenades are available, including M61 fragmentation grenades, smoke grenades, and gas grenades.
  • Remington 870 "Shorty": The classic pump-action combat shotgun with significantly cut down barrel length and stock for portability and mobility. 14" barrel, slanted pistol grip . Choke for regular shot dispersal at medium and longer ranges.
  • Zip Ties: Metal tooth design. Can include silver or other exotic materials to restrain supernaturals or beings with supernatural strength.
  • Medical Kit: Canvas satchel bearing red cross worn over ALICE system. Contains: Amyl Nitrate for cyanide contamination; Drops, Eye & Nose for relief & congestion in eye & nose; Ointment, Eye, M-1 for Lewisite eye contamination; Ointment, Pontocaine Compound for itching and pain; Ointment, Protective, M-4 (Dichloramine-T in Triacetin); Cotton pads; Solution, Copper, Sulfate, 10% for phosphorous burns; Hydrogen peroxide; 4-inch bandages; bandage compresss; adhesive absorbent compresses; a burn injury set; sterile needle and thread; tweezers; assorted surgical tools in plastic casing for field surgery as needed. She's pretty much able to treat nearly any conceivable common injury.
  • Crank Flashlight: A Grundig-brand flashlight. High quality, runs multiple hours with minimal squeezing of the charging handle. Often charged up then clipped to her vest.
  • Hand Radio: Foundation standard radio. Always assumed carry.


A black seven-string guitar with belt-clip amplifier. Gift from Markus. With home-made guitar pick from Basilio's son.
An ant farm. Gift from Herschel.
Madison's Colt Single Action Army revolver, his parting gift
The Lord of the Rings, Christmas gift from Sophia
A container of coffee. The GOOD stuff. Christmas gift from Basilio
Leatherbound, high-end Grey's Anatomy, Christmas gift courtesy of Kit
A pretty green dress with sleeves and thumb hooks, Christmas gift from Ethel
A Star of David necklace, a gift from Herschel. Mildly tarnished, but meticulously cleaned and shined.
Potted Lavender plant, gift from Dana
Super Cute Teddy Bear (Monsieur Fluffingham), gift from Dana
A Coat (Brushed brown, with silver fur lining), gift from Fae
M1 Carbine with Pump Action attachment for firing of wax cartridges; wax cartridges and dummy magazines for practice
Small Baby Dragon Plushie
Icelandic Fishery's Wooly Winter Hat
Nordic Good Luck Stone
Banganashi Spear-Head Sword, Gold, Leaf-bladed sword with geometric patterns
Blue Stone, from Basilio
Peppers and Coffee from Basilio
Photograph of Basilio and his Family
Picture of herself, courtesy of Evan
Acoustic Guitar, from Basilio
Elorean Typhoon Blade
"Magic" Pirate Moon Guitar
Mauser C96 Takedown Carbine (customized to work with less-lethal loads as well as 7.62 Tokarev, with case, from Will, birthday gift '57)
Oval silver locket with engraved flowers on silver chain, from Jo and Izumi (birthday gift, '57)
Bleeding Court Gold Choker with Garnets, (birthday gift from Will, '57)
Wooden Music Box (Birthday gift from Artyom, '57)

Personal History:

Amelie Zelinka is a medic and covert operative of Czech origin, as well as the twin sister to Artyom Elkin. Born in Prague, Amelie grew up in a poorer class under the German occupation first and then under the Soviets, resorting to thievery and petty crime to help the family get by.

She was eventually drafted by the Red Army, deserted, and through a very peculiar series of events ended up doing covert ops work and 'materials acquisition' work for Novavida, an English corporation specializing in medical science, with a nasty side habit of human trafficking and worse.

After uncovering what Novavida was actually up to, Amelie threatened to go public with the information, at which point Novavida agents recaptured her. Through extensive surgical and psychological conditioning, Amelie was repurposed as a Novavida security agent, until her liberation by Foundation forces in 1956.

After extensive psychological testing and deprogramming, Amelie was accepted as a Psi-7 agent.


Any languages your character speaks. English is required. Languages should be justified by background/academics.

  • English
  • Czech
  • Italian
  • Fragmentary French
  • Russian
  • Fragmentary German
  • Fragmentary Spanish


Very good knowledge of sign language.

Born October 10, 1923.

Amelie's parents are named Sabina and Edvard.

Amelie had at least three siblings: Andrej, Drahoslav, Artyom, and Eliska.

XP: 24

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Name of Source/Purchase XP Change Date
Site 19 Exp Transfer 10 Feb 12 2016
Timeless 2 March 12 2016
Pope on a Rope 3 March 13 2016
Warehouse 51 2 March 15 2016
ACAD 1 to 3, SCI 1 to 3 -14 March 15 2016
Been to the Year 1957 2 March 18 2016
Advanced Vulcanology 4 March 23 2016
Man Was Not Meant To Know 4 March 29 2016
Strength 3 to 4 -7 March 29 2016
Family Matters 2 April 1 2016
City of Love 3 April 3 2016
The One That's On A Boat 3 April 18 2016
AGI 4 to 5 -11 April 19 2016
The Scales of Truth 2 April 19 2016
Gods of Men 2 April 22 2016
Welcome Back 3 April 22 2016
Dauntless 2 May 17 2016
Soul Machines or Something 3 May 20 2016
RNG from 4 to 5 -10 June 3 2016
In God's Name 2 June 3 2016
Moonwizard Pirate Adventures 2 June 4 2016 Wogglebug
Conception 3 June 5 2016 Balthazaar
Finding SCP-994 2 June 14 2016
Finding Ferdinand 2 June 16 2016 LadyKatie
Birthday Exp!! 2 June 11 2016 Roget
Côtes de Genève 4 June 17 2016 Roget
SRV from 1 to 2 -7 June 19 2016 DiePotato
ENG from 0 to 1 -7 June 19 2016 DiePotato
Aztecs and Stuff 2 July 1 2016 Prior
Under the Sea 4 July 29 2016 Roget
Squid Heads And Statuary 3 August 01 2016 DSJ
Some Dream Stuff 2 August 5 2016 Soulless
William Dearheart Switt 4 August 27 2016 Nioki
killer roboclowns from wondertainments house of horror 4 October 17 2016 Roget
PDEF from 4 to 5 -11 October 21 2016 DiePotato
PDEF from 4 to 5 -11 October 21 2016 DiePotato
Engineering from 1 to 2 -7 October 21 2016 DiePotato
Christmas Bonus 6 December 25 2016 Nemi
Mirrors 3 January 9 2017 Daedalus
Double-Cross 3 January 14 2017 Talonair
Mirrors Pt. 2 5 January 15 2017 Daedalus
Unfinished 2 January 23 2017 Daedalus
Weird 3-GM Thing in Silverton 3 July 27 2017 Daedalus, DSJ, Fae
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