Santiago Torres

Basic Info:


**Position: Assault and Security **

**Demeanor: Sarcastic but serious when needs to be. A smooth talker. **

**Nature: A tough nut to crack but Fun to be around once you know him **

Description:About 5'9 , Black hair, Of Spanish Descent, Brown eyes. Usually wears a T-shirt with Cargo pants Off-Duty with sneakers. Funky socks are a must. **

  • Physical Health: 7
  • Mental Health: 7
  • Physical Defense:3
  • Mental Defense:2
  • Perception:3
  • Agility:2
  • Strength:4
  • Persuasion:4
  • Bluff:3
  • Melee:4 (+2 From STR)
  • Ranged:5
  • Survival:2
  • Sneak: 2
  • Medical:2
  • "What thing I don't See anything" Rank(4) Description: Living in the slums was tough, And You had to steal to eat food. Sometimes you get caught. But a few lies can get things off your back.(+2 Bluff when Sneak Fails)
  • "Nothing A little Band-Aid Can't fix" Rank(4) Description: From his time living the slums of Spain, Getting Hurt was Common and He has learned hoe to Patch Himself Up. (+2 To Medical When The Damage undertaken to target of Healing is 2 or lower)
  • War, War never changes: Rank:(4) During His time at War, Santiago Has picked up a few things, Such as How to use a Rifle, At a good range. (+2 Range when Using a Rifle at a good range)


  • Colt Python
  • Enfield L1A1 SLR (Self Loading Rifle)
  • Box of Matches
  • 10 ft of rope (Never Know when you need Rope)
  • Flack Jacket (When in Use -1 Agility)
  • Machete


  • Picture Of His Mom and dad
  • Dog Tags from his time at war
  • A Necklace Consisting of one Piece of wood Shaped Like a Heart With the words "Te Amamos Hijo"

Personal History:

Born in 1932 To a poor Family in the little village of Murcia,Spain, Santiago was raised by his Mom And Dad. As he grew up, He Realized that his Parents where not the Richest and could not really support a child. As a result, Santiago Grew up learning How to steal(Which he was kind of bad at),And if caught how to get away with it(THAT he was good at). When Running Away from Shop Owners, Santiago Usually Got Hurt. if he did, he learned how to heal himself, As long if the injuries were not too Bad. When Santiago Was Old enough, he Decided that he wanted to become a soldier. He Trained for 2 Years in Italy to be part of the Korean war. When he fought as a squad leader, he made sure that no man in his squad was left behind, much less injured. He fought in the war, praised for his exceptional work in the battlefield. When he came back in 1953 he was a Decorated war Hero. He went to Spain to tell his parents the Good News. They where Overjoyed that he was Alive and Breathing. They Gave him A locket ( The one in possessions) and told him to Follow his Dreams. (Cheezy Right?) He Back to Italy learning the laungauge and mingling with the locals , Staying there until in 1958, The Foundation reached to him, offering him a job and chance to serve his country once more.


  • English
  • Spanish
  • Italian


XP: 0

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