Alistair McNamara

Basic Info:

Player: Aiden Eldritch

Position: Containment Solutions Officer

Demeanor: Laid-back enough to look like a slacker, sedate enough to seem uncaring, benign enough to be tolerable.

Nature: Before the imposition of his current state, Alistair was used to putting in long hours and trucking through anything that hit him. Though his constitution might have stopped his ability to pull of twenty-hour shifts in the garage, his hardworking spirit's still there, if admittedly buried beneath a load of weariness. Alistair's meek benevolence isn't entirely the result of his anomalous exhaustion, either: while his hot temper might have been snuffed out by a lack of energy, his kindliness and absentmindedness have both managed to carry on from his original state.

Description: Alistair has a build that's muscular enough to be noticeable through the thick Air Force uniform he tends to wear, but not large enough to be actively menacing in any way. He wears his brown hair in a way that's less windswept than it is just mussed, and his eyes have permanent dark circles etched underneath them as a result of his condition. Noticeably, he has more than a couple extra teeth that shouldn't fit into that oral cavity, but aside from that little oddity there's very little strange about him physically.


  • Physical Health: 7
  • Mental Health: 7
  • Physical Defense: 3
  • Mental Defense: 4
  • Perception: 4
  • Agility: 4 (-3 due to anomaly)
  • Strength: 5 (-3 due to anomaly)
  • Persuasion: 3
  • Melee: 4 + 2 = 6
  • Ranged: 4
  • Engineering: 5
  • Safe and Sound: (3) Alistair's worked long enough as containment security to know how to use his naturally disarming personality to talk someone into coming back with them the peaceful way. Alistair gets a +3 bonus to Persuasion when trying to talk opposing combatants into standing down.
  • Neutralised: (3) That being said, sometimes things go wrong. Alistair's prepared to use force to subdue a target if it'll make the job easier for those involved. Before making an attack on a target, Alistair can declare that he wants to use this spec: if he would do more than or equal to 2 points of damage to the target, he instead renders them unconscious.
  • Close Keter Combat: (3) And in another minority of those cases, Alistair has to get close and personal with the thing he's trying to contain. When in melee range of an opponent, Alistair can roll Engineering to try and Immobilise them via hogties, grappling, etc. The opponent has to make a Strength (to shake him loose) or an Agility (to dodge him) roll to avoid becoming Immobilised. Immobilised enemies must make Strength/Agility rolls against Alistair's Engineering each turn to negate Alistair's allies getting a +3 bonus to attack rolls against them: if they succeed on their roll, they are no longer Immobilised.
  • Anomaly: Sleep Drifter: (3) But for all his niceties, the things inside get oh so hungry. And when they bite down on you, it's never pleasant. Alistair starts a run with 3 points of Insomnia: once per turn, Alistair can decide to:
    • transfer N of these points to a target until he reaches 0. If his target is a teammate OR an NPC who has consented to taking this burden, they immediately suffer a -N penalty to Agility and Strength. If his target is an unwilling NPC, Alistair rolls M. Defense against a DC of his target's M. Defense + N: provided he succeeds, his target suffers a -(N + 1) penalty to Agility and Strength.
    • transfer N of these points back to himself, until he reaches 3. Insomnia points on a target immediately return to Alistair when that target dies.
  • Disadvantage: Never As Tired: Owing to the tiring nature of runs, Alistair takes a -N penalty to Agility and Strength on them, where N is the number of Insomnia points he has. In flavour-soft RP, his anomaly manifests both as his typical tired demeanor as well as other characters seeming a little bit more exhausted around him.


  • A backpack containing:
    • Several rolls of duct tape
    • Flashlight
    • Pencil and paper
    • A small canister of machine lubricant
    • Bundle of paracord
    • Bog-standard handcuffs
    • A plush toy, for helping pacify child anomalies
  • M1 Garand rifle and ammunition
  • Browning Hi-Power and ammunition
  • Knife
  • Toolbelt containing most common tools: e.g. hammers, screwdrivers
  • Nada.


  • Rolls of blueprint paper
  • A couple textbooks on psychology, written in Hindi
  • Several burnt, recovered documents on the Andhra Pradesh sleepwalking program
  • An orange jumpsuit reading "E-9901"
  • Blueprints for various engine components

Personal History:

Alistair McNamara was born an only child to an Irish-American immigrant family in Arizona, 1922. Smart and with a canny eye for mechanical works, he soon took up work in the family's machine shop in order to support them through the Great Depression, later signing up for work with the U.S. Air Force at the nearby Davis-Monthan Air Field, working to service the run-down planes and make improvements to their performance where required.

In 1946, Alistair volunteered his services to a sleep study being conducted by Andhra Pradesh University's fledgling parapsychology wing, who were seeking military volunteers as part of an experiment regarding the possibility of controlled sleepwalking: that is, maximising productivity from recruits by having them be able to do tasks in their sleep. During the three-year conditioning program, Alistair got increasingly better at both his engineering ability and fighting as a result of the constant drilling and repetition, even picking up Hindi in order to hold more detailed conversations with the researchers involved.

Perhaps the constant routine drills were why those well-honed parts of him were spared when everything inevitably went wrong: with seven scientists and thirteen of the volunteers either dead or unconscious, Alistair was the only member of the experiment who survived, albeit in an almost zombie-like state of perpetual "hunger" as whatever entities bound to him took their toll on his energy and vitality.

Eventually, after two more years of training Alistair was able to use the entities slaved to him to pacify anomalies and attackers by putting them to sleep in the non-euphemistic way. For the rest of his years before 1958, he worked as a field containment officer before being served his papers and being instructed to join Psi-7.


  • English
  • Hindi, picked up during his time at Andhra Pradesh
  • Very, very poor Irish


  • Has tried ingesting caffeine pills to keep himself more alert. The only effect was a lot of nausea and the occasional bout of diarrhoea: to this day, he resents coffee or tea and instead prefers hot chocolate.
  • Drools when he sleeps.
  • Has done that thing where he confuses a pillow for a marshmallow and attempted to eat it.

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