Alfonso "Fonzie" Loreti

Player: Signor Slime.

Position: R&D Butt-monkey.

Demeanor: He thinks of himself as a cool, yet wholesome guy, but tends to pass off as meek and submissive most of the time. He has a great deal of difficulty making eye contact whenever he talks with most people, shifting his gaze around to encompass the person (as if "keeping his guard up").

Nature: When and if Fonzie warms up to someone, he can be incredibly affectionate. He likes to express his friendship (and sometimes, his romantic interest) through his art, which ranges from badly composed poems, to "classy" polaroid photos, to blobs of clay he calls "sculptures". He is immensely fascinated by the paranormal, but is very keen on the fact that his current position as a Foundation employee is extremely dangerous, yet he considers it a "blessed endeavor".

Description: Standing at 1.78m (roughly 5'10) Al has a lanky but toned figure, built mostly for speed and endurance, rather than strength, which he developed through the Foundation's fitness program. He still shows signs of his previous lifestyle though, mostly in his unkempt appearance. He has messy, shoulder length black hair which tends to "shoot" around in random spikes; sharp yet kindly features, and big, expressive green eyes (complete with dark bags underneath from mild sleep deprivation). His hands have the classic long "pianist" fingers, and he cares for them thoroughly, more so than any other part of his looks.

He generally dresses in comfortable clothing, preferring things like tracksuits and baggy slacks and shirts of "neutral" colors (such as white, black and gray).


  • Physical Health: 11
  • Mental Health: 11
  • Strength:
    • Athletics 1
    • Melee 1
    • Ranged (heavy) 0
  • Toughness:
    • Resilience 1
    • Determination 1
    • Antipsychic 1
  • Speed:
    • Acrobatics 1
    • Stealth 0
    • Ranged 1
  • Charm:
    • Persuasion 1
    • Bluff 0
    • Intimidation 0
  • Intelligence:
    • Perception 0
    • Insight 2
    • Logic 2
  • Education:
    • Science 0
    • Engineering 3
    • History 0
    • Survival 0
    • Medicine 0

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