ACo-Ho-3E, or 'Three' in the field (Note: Three's appearance has since changed)

Basic Info:

Player: DSJ

Position: Security and Assault, minor Scientific position

Demeanor: Looming, yet friendly enough. Not incredibly aggressive, but definitely stubborn.

Nature: She's divided as a person thanks to Novavida's mental tampering making violence so pleasurable, as before they were a very submissive and peaceful person, who would rather get teased and hit with rocks than stand up to a bully. That part of her, however, now hardly exists, and it only surfaces when her otherwise steadfast and bold personality fails her. Her interest in anatomy hasn't died off, though.

Description: Three is a middle-aged Korean woman that has aged gracefully and has pale green eyes. She dresses in a modified diving suit, refitted to her new body after the Factory dealt it to her, with armor plating on top of it when on patrol. She occasionally wears dresses when she's certain she won't be on duty.


  • Physical Health: 7
  • Mental Health: 7
  • Physical Defense: 5
  • Mental Defense: 4
  • Perception: 3
  • Agility: 5
  • Strength: 6
  • Melee: 6
  • Ranged: 4
  • Science: 3
  • BFG specialist: 3. As per usual, due to her enhanced strength, ACoHo-3E is entirely capable of using mounted guns independent of their stand. However, her training in doing so specifically relates to suppressive fire, as opposed to firing directly at a target. +3 to ranged rolls using any sort of mounted gun, to suppress a target. To clarify suppression, Three declares that she is making a Suppression maneuver over a targeted area. Until her next turn, targets in the suppressed area suffer a - HER RNG ROLL penalty to their attack rolls, and if they try to move or otherwise break cover they take a hit against her modified RNGed.
  • Rip and Tear: 3. Novavida's soldiers aren't built for light cuddling, but are built to kill their way to victory, by any means necessary. Sometimes, those means are tearing off an arm to beat someone with it. +3 to melee three times an event/run when aiming to maim or disable an opponent.
  • Once a Scientist, Always a Scientist: 3. Even though Three is hardly the person he used to be, she still knows quite a lot about anatomy and organs, in the scientific sense. +3 to science rolls about human anatomy.
  • Wetwork (Anomalous): 3. Due to Novavida implanting an anomalous locket that granted the wearer some level of aquakinesis into Three, she is able to manipulate water on a small scale. This more or less amounts to being able to move water she's directly in contact with, and not much further than that. The water also still has to fight against gravity, making any movement of it physically straining as well.
  • Would You Kindly?(Flaw): Three, thanks to her mental conditioning, has a hard time saying no, basically all of the time. -3 MDEF versus Persuasion rolls, for all rolls. This penalty cannot be negated, and applies to all persuasion rolls.


  • Oxygen tanks
  • M1919 Browning machine gun
  • Headlamp
  • Ammo bags

3 Incendiary grenades (+1 fire damage)


  • Modified bunk, made usable for him
  • Record player, and a few select records by the Ink Spots
  • Books on anatomy
  • Easel and set of paints

Personal History:

ACoHo-3E, formerly known as [REDACTED] was a scientist working for Novavida who ended up on the operating table due to a weak attempt to sabatoge a new line of experimenting for ethical reasons, the testing being the final thing they couldn't reconcile. After this attempt, they were experimented on in an attempt to create an effective underwater combatant, using Novavida's other combat units as a base.

Multiple anomalous artifacts were used on subjects in attempting to reach this goal, but the amulet was the first to practically work. However, it still wasn't sufficient enough until it was implanted partially into Three's skin, at which point they could finally effectively manipulate water, allowing them to move to field testing.

Eventually they escaped during one of these tests, by letting them-self sink and then running as fast as they could, parting the water slightly to allow them to move as quickly as possible. After running for a few miles, they were far enough away to walk. They spent an estimated 30 days walking under water until they reached shore, sustaining them-self off of barely fresh water, and small raw fish.

Once they emerged from the surf near a small Italian village, the Foundation was quick to arrive and contain them at Site-77, where he was eventually deemed an asset for Foundation use in the field.


  • English


  • She's an amateur artist
  • She finds being underwater heavily relaxing

XP: 9

Name of Source/Purchase XP Change Date
Tunnel Skirmish +2 10/23/16
Glacier Blowing Up +2 12/21/16
Dragged Blow +3 5/4/17
The Fearless Won And The Heart Is Fallen +2 6/2/17
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