Aaron Brooks
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Agent Brooks in 1942, during Officer Candidate School.

Basic Info:

Player: madness_

Position: General Security/Ground Tactics Specialist

Demeanor: Amiable for the most part, but not against making threats (both veiled and not, depending on severity) to those who try to intimidate his family and anyone close enough to be considered as such. Will often taunt his brother (and anyone close enough to warrant it), trading quips like cards. Not one to shy away from taking command of a situation gone awry. Outside of his protectiveness and his humdrum banter, Aaron can and will put on airs of professionalism due to his previous military training.

Nature: Moral, cares for his teammates and his family deeply, but not one to hesitate in a time of crisis. Otherwise, much the same as what he naturally exudes.

Description: Aaron stands at 6’5, weighing 215lbs with most of them fostered in his arms and chest, and a swarthy complexion. With his brown eyes, a lantern jaw, buzzcut black hair, and crisp uniform when not in civvies (but his civvies are also crisp, mind you) Aaron is a clear depiction of habits ingrained from life in the Army. In a firefight, he may occasionally spout out orders from pure habit.


  • Physical Health: 7
  • Mental Health: 7
  • Physical Defense: 4
  • Mental Defense: 3
  • Perception: 5
  • Agility: 4
  • Strength: 5
  • Intimidation: 3
  • Melee: 4 (2+2)
  • Ranged: 4
  • Survival: 2
  • Sneak: 3
  • Academics:: 2
  • Return Fire: 4. RANGED Easing out from under or beside a shooting blind, decently veiled from attacks can give someone the advantage in a firefight. When getting into proper cover, already has +1. Every turn where he evades damage by rolling AGILITY at least one point higher than the opposing roll, he gets another point to the bonus.
  • A Knuckle Sandwich and a Bayonet, Lettuce, Tomato: 2. MELEE If he’s overrun by a charging melee opponent while in cover, Aaron receives a bonus to his melee attack, but only for the duration of the fight between the melee opponent and himself. If he’s sneaking up on someone to stab with his knife/bayonet, then the bonus will also apply here.
  • Ironsides: 2. PHYSICAL DEFENSE When protecting another teammate from harm, or receiving light damage from things like falling a relatively short distance (lower or equal to 30 feet), shrapnel wounds from explosions that didn’t explode within a 20ft radius of him, and the like, Aaron receives a PDef bonus of +2.
  • Swole Shakedown: 2. INTIMIDATION Being a hulking mass of muscle and angry faces can really turn someone into an authority figure. +2 to INTIMIDATION to human and animal targets after both he and the target roll STR rolls rivalling each other. If Aaron rolls higher, then he will receive this bonus.
  • Nothing Personal Kid: 2. STEALTH If he’s sneaking behind someone smaller than him in order to kill/incapacitate them, not just to trail them in order to listen in to what they’re saying or something of the like, then he will receive this +2 bonus. The bonus may not apply if he has previously been in a firefight (that put people on high alert), or had not killed/incapacitated anyone previously (using this spec in tandem) with three (or less) blows.


Combat Mission Gear

  • M-1951 Field Jacket - Functionally hydrophobic, as well as a windbreaker, the M1951-FJ is a practical jacket in the field for use against the elements. It also fares well against small shrapnel fragments.
  • M-1956 Load Carrying Equipment - Tactical webbing used in 1951 as a precursor to the ALICE pack, this one in particular is fitted with two drop pouches for spent magazines (which can be substituted with a custom double-stack shell bandolier) and a singular V-angled belt across the chest towards the left shoulder strap, easing access for a combat knife and adding a few more pistol magazines. Complete with the usual canteen carrier, slide keepers, and magazine pouches.
  • M1911A1 - A tried and true semi-automatic pistol useful for putting middle-finger sized holes in people. Kept in pistol holster inside the MLCE.
  • M2 Carbine - What it lacks in power, it makes up for in volume of fire. This variant of the M1 Carbine has a selector switch for firing modes. The general rule of dealing with people while one of these are in your hands is, “if it doesn’t go down with one round, the fourteen left in the magazine should do the trick.” Course, if fifteen don’t cut it, a 30 round mag ought to. Slung over shoulder when not in use, brought up against the shoulder otherwise.
  • M4 Bayonet - Self explanatory. Decent at running people through, with both edges sharpened differently. The “true” edge could be equated to a butcher’s knife, while the false is more accustomed to shaving if nothing else. Affixed to the end of M1A1 or inside the leather sheath on his modified MLCE.
  • M1910 Canteen and Cover - Stores a quart of water. In the canteen carrier of the MLCE
  • Military Model Fulton 1955 Angle Head Flashlight - When it’s dark and Aaron is currently something else’s prey, the Fulton is his go-to for illuminating a wide line of sight. Attached via metal clip to his MLCE’s shoulder strap.
  • Matchbox, small - Never know when you’ll need a light.
  • Extra Ammunition - Stored in various pouches among the MLCE.
  • 25 feet of Heavy Duty Rope - Rope has many uses!
  • Compass - For basic land navigation.

Civilian MIssions

  • M1911A1 - For covert interface with civilians, this is usually worn under a loose semi-formal coat (with belt holster) or a bomber jacket (with shoulder holster system). Four spare magazines are kept on the right side of his body with the gun at his left for an easier draw if he’s sporting a shoulder holster. Leg holsters are much the same, except slanted slightly for an easier time sitting down.
  • M4 Bayonet - For covert interface with civilians, this is sheathed and horizontally mounted to a clip behind his back attached to the belt holster.
  • USN Fulton Explosion Proof Flashlight - Bright, durable, and made specifically for use in caverns and mines with potentially explosive atmospheres (specifically, the aerosol forms of gasoline, petroleum, naphtha, alcohol, acetone, lacquer solvent, and also natural gas.), the only reason why this isn’t his main light is because it’s not an anglehead, nor does it have the capability to be attached to the MLCE webbing. Also good for clubbing people over the head with!
  • Wallet with fake I.D. - Can be substituted for any identification card the Foundation ships him out with.
  • Handcuffs, 2 - Easy to conceal and hard to get out of. For restraining humans and humanoids, and not much else.
  • None


  • Clothes
  • Pictures of him and his family
  • Pictures of him and his unit
  • Camping gear
  • His grandfather’s pocket watch, which has stopped working
  • Various posters for movies
  • M-1945 Haversack, now used for camping with his brother
  • Broken M42, given to him by a member of the Italian Resistance
  • Worn war memorabilia
  • His dress uniform, complete with medallions and ribbons

Personal History:

Born on May 4th, 1921 to Louis and Martha Brooks, Aaron lived in a dusty little segregated community in Arizona. The war had just ended, and his childhood wasn’t as harrowing as it could have been. His family could afford small luxuries, like a car and a radio. Two rifles, one for him and his father to go hunting with. Life was simple.

The Great Depression and a younger sibling changed that. Tough times called for more than one job in the household, and with his mother taking care of little Franky, that meant Aaron had to step up to the plate. He worked a variety of menial jobs to make ends meet for his family, from a busboy in a restaurant, to a farmhand for his neighbors.

After graduating high school, he decided that he’d rather move somewhere else than be stuck in Arizona. Unfortunately, with his family still too poor to move out of Arizona, that left Aaron with very little in the way of options. With the opinion that he’d rather drill for combat scenarios he might never see instead of watching another burning cross, Aaron went off to join the military.

He quickly rose through the ranks and became an NCO in his first three years. During his offtime, Aaron pursued a degree in Italian Language. Both his drill instructor and his first sergeant recommended he go through OCS to become a commissioned officer, and the latter was already writing him up a commendation for the company commander.

Six months after finishing his bachelor’s degree in May of 1941 one year early and being promoted to staff Sergeant, he received the go-ahead for integrated training with white officers in Officer Candidate School. This was a few weeks after the Pearl Harbor attack, since everybody was suddenly in a rush to get more commanding officers shipped out after the declaration of war.

Officially becoming a second lieutenant in 1942, and then a lieutenant in ‘43 Aaron was primarily a translator for captured P.O.W.s and couldn’t believe how much better they were treated in comparison to America's own colored troops. In ‘44, Aaron received a Bronze Star and a battlefield promotion to Captain for leading his men valiantly against a German counter attack.

He kept the rank of Captain and pressed on with his unit to advance on the enemy. Despite the courage and bravery of his men, rumors of wartime weakness by others in the Infantry Division had crippled faith in their ability to perform well. Then, in an ambush, Aaron was captured after being wounded by shrapnel caused by a bomb.

After spent the rest of the war in a hospital bed, he stayed 3 months in Italy to further recuperate. Aaron left the service to take care of his brother, who is his last living immediate family member. In 1946, Aaron brought Frank to California to hunt for new opportunities. Frank usually hunted, and Aaron worked odd jobs.

In 1956, after Frank went missing for two days during a hunting trip, Aaron donned a pump shotgun and prepared for a trek in the wilderness. Since he knew the area his brother usually toured when hunting, Aaron stumbled upon a few of the tracks and some blood stains across the ground.

Following the trail, he came upon a cave. Aaron found Frank’s rifle in the entrance to the cave. After slinging it over his shoulders, he continued on in and shone his flashlight around, trying to find another trace of Frank. The former captain found his brother, unconscious and bloody, between a group of stalagmites.

An opening in the ceiling of the cave illuminated Frank, until a gangly creature obscured Aaron's view of his brother. It was about six feet tall, and looked like a naked pale man. He fired when it leaned down to touch Frank, scattering a viscous liquid and strange flesh all over his younger brother. The creature fled, leaving wounded echoes in its wake.

Aaron fired again in the direction it fled. He promptly collected his brother and began fleeing from the cave, before the pale man came into view and screeched. Startled, he dropped (and rudely woke up) his brother and emptied his shotgun into the creature. It collapsed after the third shell, with Aaron making sure it wouldn’t get back up.

After exiting the cave, the two were beset by a few task force members who immediately took them in for questioning. Aaron was offered a job working for the Foundation because of his past prestige and subsequently vouched for his brother to be offered one as well. In the fall of 1956, the Brooks brothers were employed by the Foundation.


  • English
  • Italian


Served in the 370th Infantry Regiment, being one of the first replacements deployed from the 366th Infantry Regiment.
Originally was a staff sergeant before going into OCS (Officer Candidate School) and becoming a Captain.
Enjoys jazz.

THEME: Thank You Scientist - Invisible Man
ALT THEME: Jimi Hendrix - All Along the Watchtower

XP: 9

Name of Source/Purchase XP Change Date
Tall Trees Tall Man +4 4/15/2017
Anomalous Tip +2 5/7/2017
The Revolution pt. 1 +4 7/4/2017
Stones, Smoke, and Sicilians +2 7/15/2017
STR From 4 to 5 -10 7/16/2017
Birthday XP +8 9/8/2017
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