Character Approval Guide

Hello, and welcome to SCP Horizons!

Here you will find a handy guide on how to get started if you’re unfamiliar with the format of this RP, or potentially even if you've never roleplayed before. Follow the tabs to find what you need to get started.

Also, if you are looking for the actual game-mechanics characters operate on, please refer to Game Mechanics.

As of 02/15/2019, all new Legacy characters (former Origins PCs or their offspring) are banned. Any sheet received breaking the rule of this ban will be rejected. Preexisting Legacy characters are exempt to this ban. The GM team discussed this in length prior to Horizons, and decided on an original period of two months following the reboot. This period was extended indefinitely until an executive decision could be made.

Typically, one of the first ‘boxes’ you will ever put your character into is their job on-site as well as their role in the field while on runs. As it stands, you have a variety of simple ‘boxes’ to fit your character into, but for now we will boil it down to the main four in terms of this RP;

Firstly, there is Security. This box of character types contains your combative characters (e.g marksmen, heavy weapons experts, and the like.), the sort of character types you will find in the field dishing out damage and generally being the front line of defense.

Second, we have Engineering. Typically you will find your computer whizzes and mechanics here, but you might also find a fair few combative-type characters as well. Engineer-type characters will usually alternate between fire support and their particular specialties within the Engineering stats.

Third, Medical- your traditional support role. You will not typically find much action in this box for your character. If you personally enjoy being more support-oriented with a little bit of action in-between, this is your best bet.

Fourth and finally, we have the Research/Social box, which covers your characters not found elsewhere in these simple boxes. Their roles are varied and broad-spanning, but are more often than not used on runs and events that are heavy on investigation and logic.

Now that we have these boxes somewhat defined for the sake of simplicity, it is a good time to try to fit your particular character concept into one of these boxes- don’t worry, they don’t have to stay there for long, we will expand on them later. Generally, if your character has a background in the military, combat, or just plain old toughness, you would put them in Security and center their stats around that job set. The same can be said for Medical if your character has a background in medicines or was formerly a medical professional. On the other hand, if your character concept is more brains than brawn (and yes, even the Medical characters), perhaps you would do better to put them in the Research/Social box, especially if they are particularly adept at staying hidden or talking in certain situations.

Now that the basic boxes are in place and you have (hopefully) put your character concept in one, we can take the time to expand the boxes out a bit more.

If you have any questions regarding this guide, please do not hesitate to ask after reading it thoroughly. Most questions for character writing and the like can be directed at any one of the GM team, particularly [LadyKatie], the mastermind of this guide. Questions on stats, skills, specialties, et. al. should be directed to [Cocoa] primarily, but other GMs are more than willing to help.

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