Arena System

The Arena is a modified version of the one developed for Site-77 in the ‘50s. Rather than being its own discrete structure, this Arena exists as a series of Artificial Reality projectors distributed throughout the biodome. While they do not create an entirely virtual environment like the old Arena, they can temporarily alter the terrain and add obstacles or hard-light enemies. Any weapons are replaced with artificial copies that while they still sting, do no permanent damage (think paintball). Any hardcore mental damage or effects are replaced with mild nausea and disorientation. Basically, damage in the Arena is a somewhat abstract measure, and the arena tells you when you would be dead or insane. PvP is allowed within limits, for example ultimate paintball or exotic location boxing. However, any attempts to use the Arena to cover legitimate beatdowns or illicit activities, or as an outlet for destructive behaviors may lead to the session ending early and being reported to command or a therapist as necessary (In other words, no you cannot torture the NPCs or fellow PCs just because it isn’t real).

Variables are stored digitally on-site, and new ones can be built based on mission reports or built from scratch.

OOC this works as:
A PC in the Biodome can load up various enemies, obstacle courses, and/or environments. The player could then either GM for them self or have another player, or even a GM, do it for them. Once they succeed or fail (or if the PC just chooses to end it early) the simulation ends, with no risk or reward save the experience of it and the fun of playing. Daily-use abilities and such are not exhausted, one-time items are not used up, etc, and no items generated inside the arena can be saved.
As mentioned above, nothing inside the arena can do actual damage. However, anyone caught exploiting this rule to try to get away with their characters engaging in things like hardcore PvP, self-destructive behaviors, and generally behavior that would not be acceptable in the real game can still be penalized.

The Arena Variables are as follows:

(Note: Due to the conversion to Horizons, enemies and other variables may still be written up using old mechanics. Please be patient while they are converted, but feel free to try to run the same or similar things in the meantime)

  • Arena Environments - Locations. The size of these varies, but they are otherwise exact copies of the area at the time the Variable was created, barring sapiens and other unique conditions.
  • Arena Characters - Passive, friendly, or enemy NPCs. Copys of living baseline humans can not be made, and copies of other Foundation personnel is disallowed. Any sapients1 that are copied retain only incomplete knowledge, and can't be pressed for hidden information.
  • Arena Effects - Things such as high gravity, high magical density, stormy weather, and other exchanging conditionals.
  • Arena Scenarios - Particular conditions and events that have been pressed together into single Variables. Extremely hard to create or acquire.

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