Arena System

The Arena is a large structure of nebulous origin, located well below the site, beneath the mines. It was found by the teams originally sent to secure the mines, and has been left relatively untouched due to the inexperience of the local agents with such devices. This Arena is very different than the one at Site-19 – instead of consisting of a podium and gems, it instead is a much more complicated, high-tech system. There is a large main control room, outside of which sits a very large, square, iron gate. The gate is controlled from within the control room, using a large series of pulleys and levers which seem to work how you want no matter what you do with them. The variables are stored in the form of smallish tapes, held in spools, and have to be placed into the machines within the control room. There’s a big red switch in the middle console of the control room which activates the gate outside.

When a person contacts the Arena gate, they are materialized and apparently transported to a simulation of the environment (with given conditions) decided by the Variable(s) placed within the depressions on the podium. To leave, the person must make contact with the corresponding portal within the simulation, or lose consciousness/die/become otherwise unable to act. This transportation us visually the same, with the person rationalizing near the portal, with themselves and any items they carried in the exact same condition.

Variables can be created using a Sampler, a device which was found within the cavern surrounding the Arena. They are about a do it in length and cylindrical, made of a dual, lightweight stone. There is a depress-able handle on one end, and a series of patterned indentations on the other. The Sampler produces Variables when used, ejecting them from a small opening near the rear base.

OOC this works as:

A player character goes to the Arena, selects which enemy(s) they would like to fight in which environment and with which other variables, or some other sort of scenario, and proceed with the activity. The player could then either GM for them self or have another player, or even a GM, do it for them. Once they succeed or fail, they leave the Arena, with no risk or reward save the experience of it and the fun of playing. Any damage that is done is reverted, items are not lost, and mental damage is reverted in such a manner that the character is aware of what happened, but does not suffer from it in any way. Daily-use abilities and such are not exhausted, one-time items are not used up, etc.

There are many types of Variables, and up to 12 can be inputted at a time. These are broken up into:

  • Arena Environments - Locations. The size of these varies, but they are otherwise exact copies of the area at the time the Variable was created, barring sapiens and other unique conditions.
  • Arena Characters - Passive, friendly, or enemy NPCs. Copys of living baseline humans can not be made, and copies of other Foundation personnel is disallowed. Any sapients1 that are copied retain only incomplete knowledge, and can't be pressed for hidden information.
  • Arena Effects - Things such as high gravity, high magical density, stormy weather, and other exchanging conditionals.
  • Arena Scenarios - Particular conditions and events that have been pressed together into single Variables. Extremely hard to create or acquire.

Variables are created through the use of a Sampler on some component of the desired Variable. Biomass from a giant spider, the soil of the forest at noon on a Sunday, or the rain falling during a thunderstorm are a few examples. Scenarios can only be created by someone who fully understands the device, which is currently no one. The sample can be made of things that are not explicitly real, or of something that no longer exists, through the sampling of things closely related. A sample does not always yield the same Variable, and as always results may vary.

There are five Samplers available for checkout to the player characters, and they are virtually impossible to break. Checkout is free, just RP the character checking one out. Samples can be taken during any type of RP, provided the presiding GM is okay with it. As a note, you don't strictly have to sample something to add a variable, though it is encouraged.

Each Variable is to be given a page using the vari: category, and tagged as either AC, Environment, or Scenario. Effects can just be listed on the main effect page, as they tend to be brief. A standard form is given for the descriptions of Variables, and can be found on the various subpages.

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