Anomalous Personnel Profile: Kiria Grindsler
Kiria Morgan Grindsler

Personnel Information

Threat: Low, on-caution due to external circumstances

First Name: Kiria

Middle Name: Morgan

Last Name: Grindsler

Age: 21

Date Of Birth: Circa. October, 1964

Profile Statistics

Height: 5 feet 6 inches

Weight: 150 pounds

Build: Athletic

Skin Color: White/Light Grey

Hair Color: White natural, Dyed black

Eye Color: Pale-pink

Blood Type: N/A

Race: E-0093-human Hybrid

Ethnicity: North American

Gender/Sex: Female

Biological Father: Unknown

Biological Mother: Ethel Sophitia Grindsler

Personal Details

Handler/Guardian: Leah Khosev, Psychology branch personnel

Favorite Color: Lavender

Favorite Food: Cheeseburger grinder with only mayonnaise from Walter's Pizzeria, in downtown Bronx

Anomalous Properties: Kiria Grindsler displays apparent lack of aging prior to reaching age of maturity. Primary anomalous properties manifest in simple telekinesis and telepathy of varying power. Grindsler displays superior strength and durability compared to an average human of similar build. Lacks the severe dermal degradation of E-0093 entities and does not leak black fluid. Retains a majority of human organs while simultaneously possessing black Tear ichor in place of human blood.


While primed for attachment to a task force, Grindsler displays no desire to use firearms or weapons of any kind. Possible pacifistic tendencies. Grindsler regularly signs in for attendance to lectures on medical procedures and psychology seminars on-site.

Kiria Grindsler appears particularly personable towards mundane personnel in the facility and towards younger anomalous personnel under Foundation care. She is irregular in that she possesses utility anomalous abilities though rarely utilizes her anomaly outside of testing scenarios. May prefer not to use powers to make her mundane coworkers feel more comfortable around her.

Due to the circumstances surrounding her biological parent in 1958. Ethel Grindsler went AWOL after an operation. While such an occurrence clashes with Kiria's personality, she has been given personal handler to ensure security.

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