Whether they're utilizing them, containing them or trying to eradicate them, the Foundation's existance spins around the anomalous. This is a selection of some objects and anomalies stored and used at Site-15

SCRANTON REALITY ANCHORS - These devices perpetuate normal reality within their area of effect, causing most anomalous objects to cease functioning or be severely reduced in functionality. Although some think that energy needs to go somewhere, it’s stable enough for the Foundation. However, due to rising concerns over their overall impact on reality, they are only to be turned on when reality-altering phenomena manifest, and are not to be left on for extended periods of time.

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ANOMALY SECURE PROTECTION(A.S.P) - A new passive security system installed for standardized containment. All Safe anomalous entities are placed inside these containment lockers in order to prevent their escape or from their effect causing any anomalous backlash at the Site.

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In addition, further measures can be found outside containment, in and around the site itself. Cognition-related methods have begun being used both to maintain security in restricted areas and as passive defense mechanisms against intruders. Frequent mental inoculation with code phrases is a fact of life for Site-15 personnel.

MARK VI AMNESTICS - These amnestics have been refined over years of study to be reasonably used by field agents in very specific circumstances, though testing is still being done on the long term impact. They primarily come in an aerosol can, but a light-based alternative has been prototyped.

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