Amber Wilson

Name: Ambrose 'Amber' Wilson Jr.
Owner: Wixelt (loaned on occasion)

Position: Waitress
Birthday: Sunday 3rd November 1929
Purpose: Brother of Elliot Wilson. Possible future involvement in a run.
Nature/Personality: Cheery, Friendly, and overall a very positive human being (to a point). Basically a female Elliot in all but appearance and actual person.
Appearance: Amber looks like a slightly shorter female Elliot. She has mid-length dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, and often dresses in brightly coloured clothing. The style of the clothing varies, but mostly falls under the category of 'tomboy-ish' (or the 50s equivalent thereof).

Description/History: Amber was brought up alongside her older brother Elliot in a loving family home in England, so her life was fairly peaceful. However, in 1939, when she was 9 (and her brother was 12), World War 2 broke out, and her father, Marcus, left to fight for home and country. Unlike her brother, Amber felt no need to help the war effort (mainly because she was a little bit younger than him), and generally spent her childhood being childlike. On the occasions that her father would return home, he would show her and her brother various knick-knacks that he had collected from the trenches. Though she found them interesting, her level of intrigue was nowhere near that of her brother.

It wasn't long after this that her family received word from the front lines that her father had been killed in combat. Amber was devastated by this, and had to watch with further pain as her older brother threw himself into his studies as a coping mechanism.

Following the war; whilst her brother went along the path of advanced study to support the family (the same path that would eventually lead him to work at the Foundation); Amber, though fairly intelligent in her own right, chose to stay close to home to look after her mother, who despite being in her right mind, had not fully recovered from her husband's death (this would later become one of Amber's secondary reasons for not joining the Foundation).

Eventually; in 1954; Elliot contacted her about his new job, and offered her a position at the same organisation, believing she would be a valuable employee (that, and he just missed her). Amber initially considered it, but finally decided not to after being told a little more about the Foundation.

Since then, Amber has continued to look after her mother, keeping in regular contact with Elliot via letters.

Physical Health: 6
Mental Health: 6

Physical Defense: 3
Mental Defense: 5
Perception: 4
Agility: 3
Strength: 2

Persuasion: 1
Intimidation: 0
Bluff: 0

Melee: 2
Ranged: 0
Survival: 0

Sneak: 1
Academics: 4
Science: 2
Engineering: 0
Medical: 1

None as of yet.


  • Since Amber was born in early November, her Zodiac Star Sign is 'Scorpio'.
  • Elliot is extremely protective of his family, but Amber especially. Regardless of whether or not she is around, threatening her will cause Elliot to flip his shit.
  • When they were young, she and her brother would celebrate Halloween in full force, and would have really well crafted costumes. This was because one of Amber's favourite holidays was Halloween, which is still is to this day.
  • Despite being notably intelligent, Amber works as a waitress, because she's chosen to stay close to home to look after her mother.
  • Amber gave Elliot a cat as a present when she paid him a (belated) birthday visit. Said cat is somewhere between being a kitten and being fully grown. It is mostly white, but has tortoise shell patches, and is a little bit chubby. Elliot has named it Alan.
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