Crafting Box

Combat Items

Item Name Item Description Item Effects
Prototype Forcefield Large Particle Accelerator A bulky-looking metallic ring crammed full of exotic circuitry, with a hefty battery attached to one side. A strip on the side of the ring lights up blue when it's in active use, and is otherwise an inert grey colour. When using the weapon it is equipped to, the player can declare that they want to use the effect of this item. They then roll Ranged against a DC of their Ranged skill + 1: on a success, the target of the roll suffers a -2 to Agility rolls made to dodge the attack as a result of the projectile's increased speed. This item can be used up to three times per run.
Oobleck Grenade A metal canister filled with non-Newtonian fluid that sloshes about even when it stands still. Smells faintly of lavender for unknown reasons. A player equipped with these grenades rolls Engineering to prime and throw the grenade. Provided they succeed, any opponent within a 10-meter radius of the landing site of the grenade has to make an Agility roll against the player's base Engineering to avoid becoming unable to make Agility rolls to dodge attacks for three turns afterwards.
Radio Silencer A silencer for an appropriate weapon of your choice, with the exception that two long, wiry antennae protrude from its end. Said antennae light up blue whenever you make a shot with the gun. Attacks made with this weapon can only be heard by enemies equipped with ways to detect radio communications. May interfere with player radios as well.
Antiperceptual Camouflage Bought in from the Singapore Armed Forces. A set of khakis with an irritating orange-and-black spot pattern on them that shifts whenever you're not looking at it. Itchy, uncomfortable and occasionally leaves black smudges if you rub it the wrong way. Enemies attempting to make a Ranged attack against you have to make a Perception roll against a DC of 5: failing this roll causes them to forget that you ever existed for a few moments.
Prop Nuke A cardboard cutout depicting a caricature of an atomic bomb. Flimsy as hell. Using this item forces everyone who can see it to make a Perception or Mental Defense roll against your Bluff: if they fail the roll, they now think you're wielding a functional atomic bomb. The illusion wears off after a minute.
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