Admins and GMs

The Admins are those responsible for the administration of the game, overseeing its general functions and encouraging its wellbeing. They are those who make final decisions on matters relating to events both in and out of the game. Their responsibilities include:

  • Enforcing the rules of the game
  • Determining changes to the mechanics of the game, and maintaining game systems
  • Monitoring and managing the actions and activities of the rest of the GM team
  • Promotion of members of the player base to the GM team
  • Approving multi-run plotlines

  • DiePotato - A potato who's Unofficial Official Origins Grand Vizier actual official Head Admin and Owner. Is the OP (Original Potato). Is good at mechanics, being Wogglebug, and doing everything when there's no one else around because he has nothing else to do. Is bad at doing things and remembering what day it is. Don't eat he's spoiled.
  • Nemi - The delightfully quirky Nemi has ascended to Admin Admin-emeritus Admin! Nemi events will be as awesome as they are out there. Is definitely not secretly an owl-bear. Definitely a Diggle. Voted #1 Best GM.
  • ProcyonLotor - Procy is probably the only raccoon involved with this RP. He handles a good deal of administrative material, policy, and discipline, and is the Secret Admin.
  • Roget - Former head admin and owner of the wiki. He's usually a pretty nice guy with a high tolerance for newbies, but has a low tolerance for assholes. Hit him up with character sheets and the like, or any questions you might have about the game(as long as it isn't anything to do with numbers, because he can't into math). Likes to do lots of random incidents, usually spur of the moment. When he does a run, most of the time it's something super goofy, but he occasionally does something to rip your heart out in terrified fear just to show that he can.
  • Wogglebug - Mostly here for moral support, Wogglebug is primarily focused on keeping the site and userbase well-oiled and organized. Generally in charge of technical and mechanical matters. If you want something, or have any questions (especially technical), feel free to ask. Official Origins Grand Vizier.
  • DSJ - He's kinda good at things, apparently. Plays a lot of vidya, but only the good ones. Can help with character sheets, run proposals, and music, so long as you don't mind The Mountain Goats.
  • LadyKatie - An admin who does many amazing and (sometimes) mysterious things involving music and gaming!
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