A Collection Of Events Pertaining To SCP-7790

++++SCP-7790 Preliminary File

Item #: 7790

Object Class: TBC Keter (containment difficulty alone. Threat minimal to none.)

Special Containment Procedures: Uncontained. Sightings of SCP-7790 are to be reported to anomalous event officer Sean Loughbridge in room 2-44-5.

Description: SCP-7790 is a pink-red sphere, approximately seventy-five centimetres in diameter. SCP-7790 is completely intangible [Memo to Dr Shale, check this], although it seems to be effected by proximity to emotionally charged items. It will float [check clinical tone- Tellar] under presure from such items, and move around freely [This sentence flows like a brick river- Tellar]. Contact with SCP-7790 will cause the subject to be transported [we don't know this for sure- Tellar] to another location and possibly time. Further information is unknown.

+++Event E-7790-1

A small ground tremor occurs around wing P-7 of Site-19. Agent George Spiers reports this event as coinciding with an instance of SCP-7790 emerging from the floor of the Psi-7 common room. He then attempted to make contact with the entity via the applicaion of a rolled-up newspaper, to no effect.
The entity then passed through the south wall of the room and into the corridor. It is at this point that Agent Spiers determined the appearance of a skyline as being present in the surface of the entity. He proceded to make physical contact with the entity, at which point he experienced a translocation to the uppermost floor of an open-air stone tower. Here he encountered two individuals, one a heavily-armoured man of asian appearance (7790-A) who appears to have spoken some unknown language that Agent Spiers reports as sounding similar to chinese, the other a bald robed individual (7790-B) with his outer incisors replaced with canines1. The bald individual spoke modern english in single-word sentences.
7790-B is believed to have attempted a telepathic invasion of Agent Spiers, and was successful in extracting some information, the exact quantity and nature of which remains unknown. 7790-B displayed fear and knowledge of the foundation and instructed 7790-A to attack. Agent Spiers sustained minor wounds from this attack, and proceeded to injure 7790-A with his sidearm.
At this point 7790-B is believed to have attempted the first of two telekinetic attacks on Agent Spier's body, which was unsuccessful in creating more than a subdermal itch. 7790-B then threatened Agent Spiers, pointing behind him. Agent Spiers then turned to see a pile of corpses in the hundreds of thousands region, surrounded by an "adoring crowd", assembled in the middle of an "ancient-looking city". Agent Spiers at this point attempted to subdue 7790-B with his sidearm to no noticeable effect, at which point 7790-B caused the death of Agent Spiers through simultaneous rupturing of "several hundred" points on his skin.
Agent Spiers then awoke within the coridors of Site 19.

+++Event E-7790-2

In two simultaneous events, 7790-1 instances emerge both in the P-7 wing and by the Site-19 aqua training facility. Agents on hand were Spiers in the P-7 wing and Ibel (Douglass) as well as Dobbs by the aqua training facility. All agents were instructed to attempt travel through the instances if and when said instances began to move beneath the earth, and all three did so.
On emerging in the space beyond the 7790-1 instances all three agents2 found themselves within a large group of "asian men and women, phillipino looking. Easily a million of them, dressed in rags and smelling of [excrement]", overlooked by a large tower. Agent Dobbs attempted conversation with one individual, but he lacked any understanding of the English language and so no information was gained.

At this point a loud drum beat began and a series of screams started an estimated five hundred yards from the agents, along with the loud shouting ofan individual atop the tower. At this point the agents elected to attempt to escape their location. They had made slight progress through the crowd when Agent Spiers observed a group of soldiers equipped in the bronze age style climb down from a watchtower and give pursuit. Although they attempted to flee the area the agents made little progress, and were soon attacked by the soldiers, described s "humans, but bald and with too many fangs. Their outer incisors were canines, and they had these… overbites."

Agent Dobbs attempted to dissuade the soldiers from attacking, but there was no response and combat was quickly joined. Agents Dobbs and Ibel (Douglass) terminated two opponents with gunfire, at which point the remaining two engaged Agents Dobbs and Spiers with serated bronze weapons. Agent Ibel (Douglass) terminated Agent Dobbs' opponent with his weapon, at which point Agent Dobbs terminated the remaining opponent wih his sidearm3. The agents then proceeded to leave the crowd, which by now "reeked of blood".

On reaching the edge of the crowd the agents found that an exit had been provided for them through the surrounding guards, an avenue of escape leading to a long street4 at the end of which stood both a tall humanoid figure dressed in plate armour and a large wall of light the same colour as an SCP-7790-1 instance. This figure, SCP-7790-C, identified itself as "Derodok", and offered answers in exchange for a bout of combat. Agent Ibel (Douglass) engaged him in sword combat while Agents Spiers and Dobbs provided fire support. They were successful, repeatedly wounding SCP-7790-C with both gunfire and Agent Ibel (Douglass)'s blade, and SCP-7790-C provided the following information.

""The savior… his names change. I don't know what you call him in the future, but we call him the star regent. As for the plan. I can't imagine it matters to you where you're from, but it's our gift to him. Seven gifts to the king for the seven dead old lords. Seven titans of flesh, who will crush all who oppose Him beneath their tread."

At this point all agents made contact with the light and returned to Site-19.

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